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7 Creative Ways to Utilize the Space Under Your Staircase

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When we're doing a re-design or trying to figure out how to add another useable space to our home, rarely do we think to use the open space under our staircase.

So long as there's a floor and wall area under your stairs and you're willing to tackle a re-do, you're only limited by your imagination.

Let's Review Seven Creative Ways to Use Your Staircase Space:

1.  A Pantry - What a Cool Idea

If you've always wanted a kitchen pantry but lacked the space to put one in, your staircase (upper or lower) can serve as the perfect place to store your kitchen goods. Be sure to scroll through the Pinterest board below to check out exactly what it could look like. Have the exterior match your walls, include a door, lighting and put multiple shelves around the space. Include a rolling tray for portability.

2. An Indoor Dog House - Check out the Gorgeous Design Ideas Below

Cut-out a doggy door to create a full fun dog house under the stairs. Finish the space off any way your heart desires. Add a large soft comfy bed for your fur baby, add lighting and decorate the outside wall with your doggy's name and other personal doggie decorating details. Leave it open for Fido or add a mini-doggie-barn-door as featured in one of the doggie stair case rooms below!

3. An Extra Sleeping Area - When Space is at a Max, Make more Space

When guests come to visit, a sleeping station under the staircase can serve as an alternative area for the kids to use when their room is being used by company. The kids will love to cozy-up in the cubbie under the stairs. Add lighting, book shelves, leave it open to the room or add a barn door to close the space off. Be sure to check out the artistic examples featured below in the Pinterest Board.

4. A Desk Working Area or Homework Station - Perfect for Under Lower Level Staircases

Of course you can create a desk station under an upstairs staircase as well. Depending upon the space you're working with, add a smaller desk with shelves above and below, or add a wrap around desk that includes a few chairs so that more than one person can use the space at the same time. Below you'll see several desk-stair design ideas.

5.  A Washroom - When Space is a Premium

When you need an extra washroom but have no idea how to fit it into your limited space, then be sure to assess whether it can be added under the stairs. Assuming plumbing isn't an issue, add a toilet, sink, flooring, trim, a door and d├ęcor and you now have another washroom. You'll see an example of washrooms under staircases below as well.

6. A Reading Nook - A Place to Quietly Read and Write

Include a comfy built-in couch with soft cushions, a throw blanket, shelves stacked with your favorite books, adjustable lighting and you're all set! You'll see several examples of just how cozy these areas can be featured in the Pinterest Board below.

7. Storage - There are Many Design Ideas for Extra Storage

Below you'll notice a number of different storage ideas for under the stairs. You can build just shelves, partial shelve or both shelves and drawers. You can finish the look with elegant trim, add doors, or make the storage drawers and shelves pull out for easier access.

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  1. Clearly, I need at least 3 staircases in my house so I can do all of the neat things you have shared that I would like! I want that pantry! I love the idea of a daybed and bookcases, yet I still need my existing coat closet. It really is a nice size area that often goes to waste. Now, I am daydreaming about a pantry!

    1. Cynthia am totally with you! I wan that pantry too. If things go as planned we will be into major renos hopefully next year, and I'm trying to figure out a way to use the stairs. Our stairs aren't open so it requires some unconventional thinking.

  2. These are very clever ways to utilize the extra space underneath a staircase. I would never have thought of some of them. I like the idea of bookshelves, and also a small desk area. I once lived in a townhouse and the space under the stairs was enclosed for a storage area. Helpful, except for the fact that they had just one door, so the space under the lowest part of the stairs was difficult to access and there was no light. Once again you have given us some wonderful ideas for ways to make our homes more livable and comfortable. Thanks, Barbara.

    1. Pat, it's good that they thought to use it though. I do love the reading nook idea as well, it's one of my faves, and the indoor dog houses are so cool!

  3. Love so many of these ideas! In our old house, the space under the stairway was accessed from the opposite side, i.e. the bedroom side rather than the living room side. That added additional storage space inside the bedroom closet, creating a closet within a closet. No wasted space!

  4. What wonderful ideas. My father-in-law made excellent use of the space under the staircases in his home. He built a large pantry that was right off the dining room. It was large enough to walk into. He made a storage area under another staircase that went to the third level suite. A staircase does waste a lot of space one can convert to a useful area as suggested in this post.

    1. Barbara, excellent use of space for sure. It's more common now to see space maximized so your father-in-law was clearly ahead of his time!

  5. Wow!! What fantastic ideas. I love all of the pictures. We have a complete bath room under our basement steps. I didn't do it but the person who did was really thinking, must be related to you!! Thanks for such wonderful ideas.

    1. lol, that's a great use of the space for sure - I'm so in the mood to supervising a reno these days !


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