Sunday, September 24, 2017

3 Charlie Brown Home Decor Ideas Because It's that Time of the Year!

Every year as we approach Halloween, these multi-generational classics return to us: Charlie Brown Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

If You're an avid Charlie Brown fan, Check out these Reviewed Creative Suggestions for Peanuts Home Decor

Charlie Brown Crib Bedding Featured Here:

It's not easy to find Charlie Brown Crib Bedding, however, if you're willing to go the route of custom made, there's a lovely set available through an Etsy Seller.

This particular set includes five pieces; the quilt, a dust ruffle, bumper pads, a pillow and a sheet. Of course items included can change, so it's best to contact the seller directly to confirm what's included and to request any additional pieces you may want.

Best of all, if you're into supporting products made in the USA, this seller is located in the US and ships within the US, to Canada and to Australia. Be sure to check it out via the above link. The set is super cute!

Charlie Brown Christmas Village Here:

If you want to start a Christmas tradition, setting up a Christmas Village each year is a lovely trend that the whole family can enjoy.

For 25 years we've included setting up a village as part of our holiday routine. It's a ton of fun for the kids when they're little and even when they're not so little. We go the whole nine yards with fake Christmas snow, houses, accessories, people and even trees for the snow.
Photo Via Pixabay

We place ours on the top of a mid height cabinet so that it's out of the reach of little fingers.

To make each piece visible, place various height boxes (we use the boxes of some Christmas decorations) on the surface. Then hide the boxes with the fake snow. Creating levels makes the village look outstanding from a distance and gives it more of a realistic feeling with hills and valleys.

Be sure to check out the Charlie Brown Christmas Village pieces at the above link. Collect them, it's a blast!

Peanuts Outdoor Halloween Décor Here:

Before the Peanuts Christmas Village goes up, collect various Peanuts Halloween pieces for the front yard. Make it a full time fall and winter Peanuts celebration. Put out the Halloween yard decorations, watch Charlie Brown's Halloween video, then Thanksgiving and finally Charlie Brown's Christmas!

There's something about fall that brings the Peanuts Crew to life.

Be sure to check out the original choices for the yard featured at the above link. You'll find a creative wooden Peanuts gang billboard for the yard, custom made by an Etsy seller. It's colorful and most of all unique!

Additional Creative Charlie Brown Home Décor Items on this Featured Pinterest Board:

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  1. Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang has become a classic part of the Fall season from Halloween right through Christmas. Lovely that there are so many ways to enjoy this timeless treat. Thanks for your featured selections, Barbara.

  2. I think everybody love the Peanuts gang! We have several Peanuts decorative pieces that we set out for Christmas. Watching the Charlie Brown specials for Halloween and Christmas are a part of our annual tradition too. I admit, I am surprised that we don't have Snoopy, at least, on some of our bedding. Unforgivable oversight! lol

  3. Charlie Brown is for sure a classic. I now enjoy watching these with my grandchildren and never get tired of seeing them. What great decorating ideas you come with Barbara. Here in Western New York we may not need the Fake Snow!!!


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