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5 Tips to Consider when Creating a Pink Themed Room in the Home

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With the exception of a little girl's room, pink can be a tricky color to choose as a theme.

The problem with using pink in a room is doing it in a way that doesn't make it seem childlike (when that's not your intention).

Unless you're trying to recreate Barbie's Dream-House, review these five tips before adding pink to a room:

1. The Easiest Way to Include Pink is to add Accent Pieces in Pink

If you don't have your brave pants fully on, then try the leap into pink by adding pink pieces to compliment the space. Use things like throw pillows, blankets, lamps, side-tables, bean-bag chairs, flowers, ornaments and more to carry the pink-load.

2. Choose the Shade of Pink Based on the Mood you want for the Room

Blush (soft pink) makes a lovely neutral choice. It can work as a base just as light tans, whites, and greys do. Simply use a very soft shade of pink (even skin toned pink) on the walls, floors or ceiling. Use complimentary colors for the furniture, drapes, and other accessories. If you're going for a bold, aggressive or sexy look, then richer pinks are your choice. You'll see numerous examples of soft pink and deep pink rooms in the Pinterest Board below.

3. Pink Walls in a Main Room
Photo via Pixabay

Rich pink walls can also work in a Dining Room. Pink is actually an upbeat, calming and festive color so it makes sense to include it in a room where people gather. You can use hot pink or lighter shades, both work. Try bronze accents to create a balance and spread the visual load. If you choose a deep rich pink color, try softer grey tones for furniture and/or accessories to soften the impact. The trick is to create balance. With a softer pink on the walls, black dining room furniture works. Pink and black can look outstanding together.

4. Use Black, White, Leopard or Floral as Contrasts

Patterns look lovely against a pink backdrop. The challenge is mixing and matching them. For example, a pink tree branches wall decal can work in combination with black and white patterned items in the room. The trick is to mix pattern sizes. If the pattern on the wall is tight, and smaller in it's look, then a bold wider, less busy pattern is the better choice for the black/white mix. The sharpness of black again helps to distribute the visual load in the room.

5. Use Pink as a Backdrop on a Wall Unit

Whether it's a wall unit or a large shoe cabinet, paint the back of it in your choice shade of pink and choose a contrasting color to match the space for the rest of the furniture.

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  1. Love the color Pink. But I've never used it in decor. Even my little girl had Blue as she wanted Holly Hobbie. I have seen people use it in such a soft Pink that you couldn't tell it wasn't White though and it gives a soft glow. That's what I would most likely do.

    1. Heather, a blue room for your little girl's room must have been lovely. So much you can do with blue as well. I do love the light airy blush pink décor the best in all of the above.

  2. I happen to love pink. In our previous home, I painted to main bathroom paint, made floral shower curtains and a frame for the large bathroom mirror in the same floral material. When we sold the house, the buyers made that shower curtain and mirror frame part of the contract offer. Since they offered the full asking price for the house, I had no choice but to leave my work behind with new owners, along with some of the other curtains I had made for that home. I really like that room on the pinterest board above with the pink drapes and white upholstered furniture. A lovely room indeed. I use more burgundy in our current home, but it is still a choice based on my love of pink. Just one that the men can better appreciate.

    1. That's flattering! They wanted your work included with the house, such a compliment. I love the softer pink rooms as well. In the '90's I had dusty rose practically through my entire house but after seeing how light blush pink looks, I wouldn't hesitate to include in a decorating project

  3. Our guest bathroom has rose pink accents. I love the look. Thanks for all your suggestions

    1. Mary Beth it looks great as bathroom décor for sure, must have look lovely

  4. Such cute ideas Barbara!!! I love the pink and white striped chairs, the long Pink curtains that have the X type smoking, and the pink rug! I love Pink roses!

    1. Thanks Sherry, have to agree with all of that, and I do love pink roses as well, so pretty and soft

  5. Pink & Black were my class colors in high school..... so I know they go together. :-)

    Excellent suggestions for incorporating pink into your room decor. I can really picture how a very pale pink on walls would soften a room. Thanks for your suggestions, Barbara.

    1. Pat, those pale blush pink walls are so nice aren't they - especially with light airy blush pink drapes and soft blush chairs - so nice when the whole room is done in this shade of pink


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