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Review of Florida Beauty

Florida seascape photo by mbgphoto
Florida Seascape
Forida has always been one of my favorite states to visit.  As a child my family would often take a trip to Florida in the summer.  Living in the midwest, I found Florida to be wonderful.  I loved everything about it from the beaches to the palm trees to all the wonderful sights to see.   Swimming in the ocean was a special treat for my siblings and me.  

Now, as a senior adult, I still love Florida, although I am now fond of going in the wintertime to escape the midwest cold.  

With Florida in the news so much because of hurricane Irma, I thought I would write an article on the beauty that is Florida.  My heart and prayers go with the people in Florida as they recover from this latest tragedy.

Facts about Florida

  • Nickname- Sunshine State
  • Capital- Tallahassee
  • State Flower- Orange Blossom
  • Third most populous state
  • Flattest State
  • Tourism biggest money earning sector
  • Known for juicy oranges
  • Golf paradise

What I love about Florida

I am an avid photographer and Florida is a wonderful place to take photographs.  On the rest of this page I will tell you about my favorite things about Florida and show you the photographs to illustrate my points. I will also share links to different articles that I have written on Florida.

Palm Trees

Palm trees are one of my favorite things in Florida.  Each year as we enter the state, I look for my first palm trees.  Usually I find them at the Florida Welcome Center.  Here is an article I wrote on photographing Palms. Palm Trees in Paradise
Florida palm tree photo by mbgphoto

Florida palm trees photo by mbgphoto


Florida has some wonderful tropical birds along with many that we also see in the midwest in the summer. During our visit in 2017 I worked on photographing as many different birds as possible.  Here is an article I wrote for Review This on photographing birds. Photographing Florida Birds
Black Skimmer in Florida photo by mbgphoto

Brown Pelican in Florida photo by mbgphoto

The Ocean

Did you know that no matter where you go in Florida you are never further than 60 miles from the nearest beach?  For someone who loves the ocean that fact alone would make Florida a favorite place.  In my younger days I loved to play in the surf, now I enjoy a nice long walk on the beach.  There is something so calming just watching the waves come and go.
Seagulls flying over the ocean Florida photo by mbgphoto

Here is an article on photographing at the seaside.Seascape Photography

Seashells on the Beach

I'm not sure why, but I find it fascinating to look for seashells at the beach.  I never tire of looking for a new kind of shell.  Here are some seashells at Coral Cove beach on Jupiter Island.
seashells by the ocean in Florida photo by mbgphoto

Sunrise over the Ocean

There is something quite amazing to watch the sun rise over the ocean.  Each day in Florida I wake up early to catch the sunrise and each day it is different.  Here are a few of my favorite photos from past years.
Florida at sunset photo by mbgphoto

Florida pier at sunset photo by mbgphoto

sunset over the ocean in Florida photo by mbgphoto
Here is an article I wrote on photographing sunrises. Photographing Sunrises


I am a really enjoy visiting lighthouses and Florida has several that I have visited.  We stay in Jupiter each March and they have a wonderful historic red lighthouse that I love to visit.

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  1. Some beautiful photographs Mary Beth. Florida certainly sounds like somewhere my husband and I would both love as we like being near the water, my husband just finds it easier to relax near the ocean whereas I love photographing anything coastal especially seagulls!

  2. I have loved Florida ever since living there in the early 60s. Your beautiful photographs bring Florida alive for anyone who has never seen it and a nice memory for those of us who have. My favorite photo here is the one of the seagulls flying over the rocks and waves.

    I hope the damage from Hurricane Irma is soon repaired and Florida soon returns to its sunny and lovely state.

  3. As always, your photos are stunning and what a beautiful tribute to Florida! Our family has always loved Florida too. Many wonderful vacations have been spent in the gorgeous Sunshine State. I certainly join you in your prayers that the residents of Florida will quickly recover. It certainly takes a very resilient person to live there.

    My favorite image on today's post has to be those awesome seagulls with the rocks. What a really cool photo Mary Beth!

  4. lovely photos - Florida is like our second postal code for most Canadians. It's a beautiful state; an absolute holiday destination.

  5. I always love your photos. I wish my local beaches had as many shells as you showed in your photo of shells on the beach. Ours here tend to be tiny. Here near the California coast I've never lived more than half an hour from a beach. Still I don't get there often enough. My favorite thing to do at the beach is take a photo walk.


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