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The Age Of Adaline Movie Review

The fantasy romance movie, The Age Of Adaline, grabbed my attention from the first frame and didn't let go. Here's my movie review.
Like the fantasy romance movie genre? I didn't know that I did until I recently watched The Age Of Adaline. And then I watched it again. I was mesmerized by the characters and totally spellbound by the story. The movie grabbed my attention from the first frame and didn't let go. But that's what a fantasy movie, or any good movie, should do, right?

The Story

The movie tells the story of Adaline Bowman (played by actress Blake Lively), born in 1908, who at the age of 29 suffers an accident that renders her "immune to the ravaging of time. She will never age another day." While the thought of never growing older may be appealing, the realities of the situation create circumstances that require Adaline to make major adjustments in her life as the decades pass.

Keeping her secret isn't easy. During her lifetime, Adaline must pass up many close relationships, including the opportunity for true love.

The most important relationship of her life, though, is with her daughter, Flemming (played by Ellen Burstyn). I loved the interaction between the two where the younger actress took on the mothering role to the older actress. The relationship was absolutely convincing and very touching.

Without giving away too much of the story (the trailer gives away much more), I'll just say that during the course of this amazing movie lightning strikes and love prevails.

Who Should Watch This Movie?

If you like romance movies, choose The Age Of Adaline. I wouldn't call it a chick flick, though. In fact, while my husband didn't start out watching with me, he was drawn in by the drama (and Harrison Ford's voice) and enjoyed what he saw.

If you like good drama, a fascinating story, and beautiful actors who bring complex characters to life, give this movie a try. If you're not sure about the fantasy element, give it a chance anyway. Like me, you might be surprised.

The Age Of Adaline is rated PG-13. Nearly 25,000 Amazon reviewers rate the movie 4.4 out of 5 stars. It gets five from me.

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Happiness is Staying Dry & Warm in the Rain

Spring Rains Make Me Happy

I don’t know about you, but I know that I love a great rainstorm in the spring. As long as I have a way of staying dry and warm, while the pitter patter is happening, I am a happy camper. So, let’s review the ways that we can do just that and have some fun at the same time.

spring rains, rain boots, playing in the rain

Little Kids and Rain are a Great Combination

Little kids are wonderful when the spring rains begin.  They are in awe that it’s no longer snowy, cold and bitter outside.  If you are a big kid like me, playing in the rain was something I looked forward to sharing with my youngsters.  I can remember getting my kids dressed in their rainboots, raincoats and heading out the door with umbrellas clenched firmly in our hands.  Dancing in the puddles was the best part of any trip outside when the spring rains came.  Laughter and giddiness seemed to come over all of us and a good dose of Hot Chocolate when we came home was the best treat ever.

Now that I'm a Grammie I get to enjoy the fun all over again.

Now that my children are old enough to have children of their own, I make sure that Grammie outfits the Grandchildren in a way that will keep them dry and warm too.  The colorfulness of raincoats has changed a lot since my children were young.  Today’s styles are so bright that even a downpour of humongous proportions can’t keep them invisible to the eye.  That is a good thing for sure.  Not only do I enjoy watching them play in the rain, but I also enjoy seeing their surprise when Grammie decks them out with the latest and greatest rain gear ever.

Amazon has pages and pages of raincoats, umbrellas, and boots for the children.  My problem is that I can't decide which ones I like the best and which ones they will enjoy the most.  So just to show you a small sampling of the rain gear available I have picked out a few of my favorites.  

For the younger crowd (ages 3 to 6), there are Paw Patrol matching sets of rain slickers and umbrellas for the boys and Disney Princesses for the girls. These sets are both really cute, and the matching umbrella just finishes the outfit. If either of these styles or characters are not to your liking or your Grandchildren's liking, there are other characters available like Firemen, Frogs, Butterflies and so many more. The Ladybug ones happen to be a favorite of mine too. If your Grandchildren already have raincoats, then add a pirate umbrella for some added fun.

So Many Styles

Let’s just say that in reviewing all the possibilities, of keep youngsters dry in the rain, there has to be at least a few hundred different choices and possibilities.  You can spend a lot of time trying to find the right one to match your child’s or grandchild's needs or wants.  Or you can ask the parents what their children really like and narrow down your search that way.

Playing in the rain never looked so good or was so much fun.  Add a pair of rainboots and even the deepest puddles will be a temptation for them to jump into.  That’s part of the fun of playing in the rain.  Finding the puddles that you just know you need to see, with your feet,  just how deep they are.  Slowly moving into the middle making sure that your rainboots are tall enough to keep the water out.  But, if they happen to fill up with water, it’s usually a quick trip home to dry out. 

I bet you will have a hard time getting the Grandchildren to come indoors, but maybe a great mug of Hot Chocolate will entice them to come in out of the rain.

hot chocolate after playing in the rain, warm cocoa, treat after playing outdoors

What about the Big Kids?

Now for the grown-ups, there might be some other requirements to staying dry.  One of the tricks  I learned early on, is not to stay too close to those little ones jumping in the puddles.  Depending on how deep the puddle is, the resulting splash might be more than expected. 

But, and here’s the big BUT, grown-ups like playing in the rain too.  At least I do and I’m sure that I’m not alone.  Tell me that feeling rain on your face in the spring isn’t one of the nicest feelings ever!

And there are some pretty neat and beautiful umbrellas out there for us bigger kids too!

If you need some encouragement to get outdoors on a rainy day, just remember how much fun it was when you were young!  It isn't too hard to muster up those feelings all over again.  

Spring is here and the spring rains are needed to make everything grow, don't waste the opportunity to have some fun and relive some memories.

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Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern Reviewed

Modern Baby Blanket To Crochet

Napping baby image from
I recently crocheted a project using a crochet baby blanket pattern from Yarnspirations. It was so much fun that I thought reviewing it for you here today would also be a great idea. 

What I loved about this pattern was that it had a more contemporary look to it and a little whimsy, too. You see the blanket is mostly a solid color with the words #NAPS centered in the middle of the blanket. These types of blankets are often referred to as "graphghans". 

I think most will appreciate that the pattern is so versatile and you have the option of doing it in any color combination that you choose to. As you will see in the video tutorial the pattern is shown in black and white which could be used for either gender of baby. I opted for a pretty princess pink yarn and did the wording in a lime green. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of the completed blanket before I gave it to a new Mom as a gift. 

The video gives good instructions for making the blanket and was quite helpful to watch before I began my little project. You might find it helpful to visit the Crochet Crowd page that shows both the tutorial for the blanket and a very good tutorial on doing graph work with the tapestry technique. You can find that page here.

Not only did I think this crochet baby blanket pattern was cute but I also had never used the tapestry technique before. So, this was a learning process for me. It was really simple to do and honestly did not take much time. I found it useful to sit at a table when I came to the area where I needed to work the graph for the letters. I could put the graph on the table and mark off the rows as I crocheted.

It turned out so adorable and it inspired me to create my own graph for a blanket for the holidays. I will show you the completed project when I am finished. Instead of the #NAPS for a baby, I created a graph with the words #SANTA. I will be doing it in a pretty Christmas Red with white lettering.

Even though I have been crocheting for many years, it is always fun to try something new. I think if you love to crochet that you will enjoy working with this pattern. If you do not know how to crochet and really do not want to learn, you could probably find a friend who could make the blanket for you. 

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Crow Lake Book Review

Crow Lake is Mary Lawson's debut novel. It immediately went to the top of Canada's best sellers lists just days after it's release. Crow Lake is described as a "deceptively simple masterpiece" and I agree with that description. The survival story of the Morrison children, Luke, Matt, Kate, and little baby Bo, is a story that will stick with me for awhile.

Crow Lake by Mary Lawson

In a remote farming community, in Ontario, families remain for generations making a living on the land. The farms pass down from generation to generation. The dating pool is slim, and the future dreams typically consist of marrying someone within the community and raising their own children.  

However, the Morrison family is celebrating - in their subdued Presbyterian farmer way - their eldest son's acceptance into teacher's college. Mr. and Mrs. Morrison drive into town in order to buy a suitcase for their eldest son's pending trip to university. Except, Luke never goes to university.

Mr. and Mrs. Morrison are killed in a tragic traffic accident, leaving distant relatives and local community members to care for Luke, Matt, Kate, and baby Bo. This story brings new meaning to the familiar phrase, "it takes a village".  Just how exactly will these four children either remain together to fend for themselves or be separated and raised by family members who have plenty of their own struggles? There are hard decisions to be made.

This is not a fast-paced dramatic thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Instead, it is a deep, and rich tapestry of sibling rivalry, family dynamics, the working out of how things should be. Survival is not always easy, but it is easier when surrounded by people who love you. From little Bo banging on the pots and pans, to the violent and volatile Pye family nearby, to Kate's summertime weeding of the neighbor's garden, we watch and wonder how things are going to turn out.

Kate Morrison

The story is told through Kate's perception - as reported in her childhood letters and her memories. As well as played out in her adult relationship with her boyfriend, Daniel. Kate idolizes her brother Matt. During the portions that Kate, the child, is relaying the story of the children's survival, it is clear how much she idolizes him and yet there are things she does not understand. Adult things. Adult things that make our idols do things we don't understand. 

As an adult, there are still things that she doesn't yet fully understand. Kate does not understand the decisions that were made and why. Kate has gone to college and has become a zoologist. She lives far from that remote farm home. She is sure about the things she examines under the microscope but she is not fully sure why she does not easily invite her boyfriend home. But Daniel has made her aware that she is a barrier to their full relationship. Kate is also not sure why it is so hard to go home. 

This story of siblings, tragedy, family, community, and redemption is a slow-building tale that comes to a satisfactory and meaningful end. Or perhaps, it is just the beginning.

Crow Lake by Mary Lawson

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Area Rugs that Can Bring an Inspirational Message into a Room

Find Rugs with Words via
Inspiration in the Most Unconventional Places

The area rugs of today aren't the area rugs you used to see at your grandma's house. Nope. Today the choices are wide ranging and absolutely unexpected.

When we think of motivational and educational messages, we normally add them to a space by using prints or wall decals. However, today you can find area rugs featuring inspiring words ranging from spiritual to comical.

An Original Gift Idea

Choose an inspirational rug with words for a gift. There's a solid chance the recipient won't already have one. In fact, they've probably never seen one.

Inspiration doesn't have to always be serious and tutorial in nature. It can also be light and fun and still deliver a profound message.

Best of all, you're giving a practical gift that will actually be used to enhance the décor in a room.

A Motivational Area Rug featuring Virtues to Live By

Find inspirational words featured on rugs that speak to the positive traits we should work towards.

Feature a motivational rug in an office, den, teenagers room or even a foyer. Greet those who enter with words that reflect what you believe in and who you are.

Best of all, you can teach without speaking. Those who enter your space won't be left guessing about what you believe in or what you're motivated by.

Whether we speak words of goodness or just display them, they make an impact.

So the next time you're looking for an original gift, think about giving an inspirational carpet .... they don't fly, but they can help spread words of love, which can help the spirit fly, so in that sense, they're magic.

Put love on the floor to complete your décor.

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Go Bananas! Reviewing Banana Treats & Toys for Banana Day

Source: Pixabay
Banana Day is held annually on the third Wednesday of April.  And August 27 is Banana Lovers Day. 

Many colleges and universities celebrate 'Banana Day' with a variety of events, including games, trivia, a bunch of banana concoctions to eat and drink, and students dressing up as a banana or a gorilla.

West Chester University in Pennsylvania began an annual BANANA DAY in 1996.  That year 3,000 bananas were given to people on campus and over 50 hours of service contributed to the community. Since then it has become a morale and school pride booster for everyone. 

Fine Art Print Available on Etsy

Banana Facts

Bananas can give an instant and sustained boost of energy to your body.   It is the reason it  has become the number one fruit for today's leading athletes.  Three small bananas can provide enough energy for a strenuous 90-minute workout.  It's also good for many health reasons, making it the perfect staple in our daily diets.

There are almost 1000 varieties of bananas in the world, with the most well known one being the Cavendish banana, which is the one grown for export.  Bananas are grown in some 150 countries and produce about 105 million tons of fruit every year.  Did you know that bananas are botanically a berry?

Banana Costume

Banana Costume by The Costume Cafe

If you want to dress up as a banana for National Banana Day,  Sara Carter makes adorable costumes in many styles and sizes.  Here's her banana costume for kids.

Sara, a midwestern girl now living in Austin, Texas, loves to create unique costumes for kids that fit well and allow them to move freely.  She thinks most costumes should be able to come on and off easily and be layered over street clothes.  Her specialty is costumes that look good enough to eat... 

Sara's food-related costumes from infant size to adult can be found in her Etsy Shop she calls The Costume Cafe.

Banana Play Food

Besides being a delicious fruit to eat, bananas can also be fun as a plush toy.

Kawaii Plush Bananas on Etsy

Monkeys Love Banana Day

Cute Crochet Monkey

When you think of bananas, one's thoughts naturally turn to monkeys who love bananas.  My crochet monkey would love to eat a banana if he were real.  Instead, he'd enjoy joining a child playing with soft toy bananas at a playtime tea party.

Mark the monkey measures 12 inches tall (8 inches tall in a sitting position) and about 3 inches across. His tail is 6 inches long. He is crocheted with tan and a variegated yarn called Artist Print in shades of brown, green, purple, blue and burgundy.  Monkey is available in my Etsy Shop Coastal Crochet Crafts.

Other Banana Days

April brings us National Banana Day, but that's not the only day we celebrate the banana fruit.

  • February 23 is National  Banana Bread Day.  With this delicious homemade banana bread recipe from Sylvestermouse, you don't have to wait until February every year to enjoy this tasty banana treat.
  • And Mary Beth of MBGPhoto here on Review This shares a different banana bread recipe using sour cream and frozen bananas.
  • Olivia Morris tells us all about National Banana Day in her article here on Review This
  • March 2 is National Banana Cream Pie Day
  • And.... August 27 is National Banana Lovers Day

So be sure and enjoy bananas in ALL its forms on these special days.... and every day!

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Somewhere in Time Movie Review

Somewhere in Time Movie Review
Somewhere is Time is one of my all time favorite romantic movies.  It is hard to believe, but it was released over 35 years ago.  To this day, I can hear Elise (Jane Seymour) calling out through time to "Richard" in my mind.  The agony and desperation in her voice is heart-wrenching. 

Scenes from this movie were long ago impressed on my mind and they haunt me to this day.  The exquisite and beautiful Jane Seymour reaching out in time to the young and handsome Christopher Reeve is an unforgettable image of timeless love.

In case you haven't already seen the movie, allow me to introduce you.  If you have seen it, I recommend watching it again.  The beauty of a romance that erases the walls of time is just as poignant and gripping today as it was 37 years ago.  Perhaps even more so.

The exquisite and beautiful Jane Seymour reaching out in time to the young and handsome Christoper Reeve is an unforgettable image of timeless love.

Synopsis of the Movie Somewhere in Time

The opening scenes of the movie take place at an after play party on May 19, 1972.  Richard Collier, a young play-writer, is celebrating the success of his play with friends when an elderly woman approaches him.  She gently places a beautiful pocket watch in his hand and softly says "come back to me".  Then she turns and leaves the building.  Since Richard has never seen her before, he is somewhat mystified by her gift and words.  

 Somewhere in Time (Collector's Edition)Eight years later, Richard is a writing a new play, or at least trying to write one.  It is not coming together easily for him.  Even listening to his favorite soothing music, Sergei Rachmaninoff's "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini", is not helping.  Out of sheer frustration he decides to take a trip, to get away from the monotony of the routine of his life in Chicago.  He simply starts driving with no apparent destination when he spots the Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island, Michigan.   For some inexplicable reason, he is drawn to the hotel and signs in to stay one night.  The elderly bellboy, Arthur, thinks he recognizes Richard, but a lot of people have come to the Grand Hotel since 1910 when he first arrived there with his father.

When Richard goes to dinner, there is a 40 min wait, so he starts exploring.  He discovers a picture of Elise McKenna in the hotel's Hall of History and is captivated by her beauty.  He wants to know more about her.  He goes to the local library to research Elise McKenna and found she was a great box office draw in the early 1900's.  She was born nearly 100 years earlier in 1885.  When he finds a photo of her in her later years, he realizes she is the woman who gave him the watch at the party back in 1972.  Now, he must know more!

He located the home of the biography writer to get more information on Elise.  The writer had a collection of McKenna's personal items, including a dress from her last play and a book she was particularly fond of on time travel.  He found out that Elise had died the same night she had given him the watch.  

Somewhere In Time (1998 Re-recording) <br> You can hear the beautiful redition of Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini , along with John Barry's score hereSomewhere In Time (1998 Re-recording)
You can hear the beautiful redition of Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini , along with John Barry's score here. Purchase if desired.
As he continues to explore Elise's belongings, he is drawn to a music box designed as a replica of the Grand Hotel.  When he opens the lid, he is surprised and further intrigued to hear it plays "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini".

Later, when he is back at the hotel, he searches for the hotel registers from 1912 and finds his signature in the register confirming what he already suspected.  He was a guest at the Grand Hotel in 1912.

He immediately went into action.  He bought a suit from around 1912, cut his hair to match the style of the early 1900's, purchased 1912 money, and returned to the Grand Hotel.  He removed everything that was current day from his sight and made a recording to help "hypnotize" himself to travel back to June 29, 1912.  He laid on the bed, played the tape and started the process of traveling back in time.  Back to 1912.  

Back to the Grand Hotel of 1912  where she preformed, and back to her.

The exquisite and beautiful Jane Seymour reaching out in time to the young and handsome Christoper Reeve is an unforgettable image of timeless love.

He closed his eyes and woke up in the past, 1912, but in the wrong hotel room.  As soon as he escaped that room, he went in search of Elise.  He found her walking by the lake and approached her.
Her first words to him were "is it you?"  He answered, "yes".

The exquisite and beautiful Jane Seymour reaching out in time to the young and handsome Christoper Reeve is an unforgettable image of timeless love.
One of my personal favorite scenes in the movie is when Elise is having her photo taken after her final performance at the Grand Hotel.  Richard enters the room and right as she looks at him, the photographer captures that expression of love on her face.  That photo is the picture that is hanging in the Grand Hotel's Hall of History. 

The exquisite and beautiful Jane Seymour reaching out in time to the young and handsome Christoper Reeve is an unforgettable image of timeless love.

Somewhere in Time Movie Trailer

Add Somewhere In Time to Your Romantic Movie Collection Today!

Learn more about the man and his journey back to love!

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Review of Tips to Photograph Florida Birds

Black Skimmer

Discovering Florida Birds

This past year I have really gotten interested in photographing birds, so it is only natural that when we were planning a trip to Florida I also planned on discovering a new variety of birds to photograph.  I started out by purchasing a good bird book on Florida birds and spent some time reading and studying the different types before our trip.  I found that many of the birds common to my area of the mid-west also resided in Florida.  Many birds that I commonly see in my own backyard such as the: Cardinal,  Robin, Goldfinch, Starling, Robin and several different woodpeckers also call Florida home. Florida, however, also has a wide range of birds that I never see in the mid-west and it was this set of birds that I was interested in photographing.  I started my exploration by going to a pier near where the inlet joins the ocean.  On the first day I saw a lot of Rock Pigeons and several Brown Pelicans.  I was just leaving the pier when the colorful bird in the photo above flew in and landed on the beach.  I thought he was very unusual looking with his distinct black and white coloring and the bright orange at the base of his bill and orange legs.  With his distinct colorings he was easy to identify in the bird book.  My book states that he is 18 inches and has up to a 3 1/2 foot winspan.  We were in Florida a month and this was the only time I saw this bird.  I feel fortunate to have been able to get a good photograph.

Bird Book for Florida

Here is the book that I used to identify the birds I photographed in Florida.  It is laid out with sections on birds of various colors.  That made it easy to find a bird from my photo.  It also has a great index in the back to cross reference various birds.

Birds at the Beach

When taking a walk on the beach I was delighted to see a wide variety of birds.  When I had been to Florida in past years I had noticed the gulls and the little birds that ran in and out of the waves, but I had never really realized how many different varieties there were.
When I took the photographs and then went back to our condo to look them up in the bird book, I found there were several different types of gulls and the little birds could be sanderlings, terns, or perhaps even a Ruddy Turnstone.  I learned to pay attention to the size and shape of their bills, the color of their legs, their basic shapes and their colorings.  Even when I had all these characteristics figured out I learned within each specie there were different colorings for summer vs winter birds, breeding vs non breeding and male vs female birds. Identifing these birds was sure more complicated than it first appeared.
Below are two of the different gulls I photographed and identified.
Laughing Gull

Ring-billed Gull
The small little birds that seem to run in and out with the waves are always fascinating.  Here are a few I captured in photos.
Royal Tern


Ruddy Turnstone

Birds by the Lakes

I also took several walks around nearby lakes and found some very interesting varieties of birds.  Some of these I had to work a bit harder at identifying.

This bird is a Little Blue Heron.  It is 24 inches and is a dark slate blue color.

This next bird is a Double-crested Cormorant.  I had a bit of trouble deciding on this bird, but after Looking at both of these photos I narrowed it down to a Double-crested Cormorant.

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Reviews of Picture Books for Teaching Difficult Math and Science Concepts

Picture Books Clarify Science and Math Concepts 

Big, small, tall, fast, heavy, old -- what do these words mean? Maybe each person has a different idea about them. Author and artist Robert E. Wells wrote a series of books, The Wells of Knowledge Science Series, that illustrates these concepts. Although they seem to be about math, math is so tied to science that readers will learn a lot of science as they grapple with math concepts. Even though these are picture books designed for children, I confess I also learned a lot from them. 

Reviews of Picture Books for Teaching Difficult Math and Science Concepts

What's Smaller Than  Pygmy Shrew?

Reviews of Picture Books that Help Children Grasp Difficult Math and Science Concepts

What does the word "small" suggest to you? A marble? A bee? Robert Wells introduces his world of the small with a pygmy shrew, which is three inches long. He then challenges readers to think of what's smaller. He contrasts the shrew with an elephant, which in comparison makes the shrew look very small indeed. He then contrasts the shrew with the ladybug, which is smaller yet. 

Then he introduces the creatures that can only be seen under a microscope -- the ones you might find in a drop of water. He explains what cells are and then shows us the animals with only one cell -- the paramecia and amoebas which are both protozoa. Wells' imaginative drawings will bring them to life for you and younger readers. Before Wells is through, he has explained and drawn bacteria, molecules, atoms and their parts, and has challenged readers to guess how many atoms are in a pygmy shrew. There is a small glossary at the end to help children remember unfamiliar words. 

Is a Blue Whale the Biggest Thing There Is?

Reviews of Picture Books that Help Children Grasp Difficult Math and Science Concepts

In this book, Robert Wells explains to all ages the relative sizes of large from a blue whale all the way to the whole universe. The opening picture shows an elephant, horse, and lion standing on a pier watching the tail of a blue whale that is larger than all of them combined. Then he shows the same animals looking at a jar that contains 100 blue whales. He then puts two such jars on a platform with the animals between them. 

With the animals still standing on the bottom platform, Wells draws a stack of platforms ten high and then on the next page puts them on top of Mount Everest to show how small they are in comparison. By this time the animals are no longer visible. Wells goes on and on until he reaches the universe itself, having introduced numbers in the millions and billions along the way. Even adults will find this book, and others in this series fascinating.

What's Faster than a Speeding Cheetah? 

`Reviews of Picture Books that Help Children Grasp Difficult Math and Science Concepts
This book explores speed from that of the ostrich and cheetah to the speed of light. I love the illustrations which show the race between some children, an ostrich, a cheetah, a swooping peregrine falcon, and a propeller plane. Soon the children, ostrich, and cheetah are in the plane with a frustrated falcon trying to catch up. The falcon then lands on the tail of a jet and passes them. 

Readers then learn about the speed of sound and space travel as all the characters get into a rocket ship. Just as we see a meteoroid whizzing by, we learn that all of us have something that's even faster – something we can hold in our hands. The book concludes with is a chart comparing how long it would take at all the speeds from runner's feet to light to get from the earth to the moon.

These Books Are Great for Unit Studies in Home Schools

The Wells Knowledge of Science Series is Ideal for Unit Studies

When I was homeschooling, I was always on the lookout for engaging books that targeted visual learners. These books fit into that category. Jason understood what he could see better than what he only read or heard. He was a hands-on kind of child. He also loved animals, and all three of these books have some animal characters.

 One of more of these books could fit into a unit study about light, sound, astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics or transportation. Instead of just reading a definition for a word like protozoa, a child will see a large illustration showing its relationship to other objects it is part of, as well as things that are part of it.

See all the books in The Wells of Knowledge Science Series, which are recommended for ages 7-10. I believe they are good also for those over ten who want to understand these science concepts. The pictures are imaginative and fun and keep science from being dull. I suggest you get a physical edition rather than a Kindle edition because your children will want to pour over these books. I wish I'd had these for my own children, but they weren't written yet back then.

Find more of my reviews for picture books at Books to Remember.

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Reviews of Picture Books for Teaching Difficult Math and Science Concepts

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Clorox Disinfecting Wipes With Micro-Scrubbers

Perfect For Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom sink image from
Today, I would like to review the Clorox Disinfecting Wipes with micro-scrubbers for you wonderful readers. I absolutely love to use these handy wipes to clean my bathroom but they also work in other rooms in the house.

I have used the regular Clorox wipes for quite a few years and was delighted when I found the ones with the micro-scrubbers! One side has these little bumps in the fiber to better attack that nasty soap scum that develops on the sinks and shower. 
One thing that I have always loved about the Clorox disinfecting wipes is that these little cloths  kill 99.999% of bacteria that may be lurking on our counter tops and other surfaces in our homes. Cleaning with them can destroy cold and flu viruses and even staph, e. coli, Salmonella and Strep! 

They are so convenient to use, too. Just pull a cloth or wipe from the container and begin to clean. It is that easy. Once you have finished with the wipe just toss it in the trash. 

I also love that these wipes do not smell like clorox bleach but come in scents that are not so offensive. I particularly like the citrus blend. 

The wipes work well in the kitchen especially when something sticks on the stove-top or counter. Those little scrubber fibers help to loosen the dried on mess and clean the surface without leaving a scratch. I love that!

I keep a container in each of the bathrooms and in the kitchen at all times. I also have one stored with my cleaning supplies for when I am cleaning any of the other rooms that might have a surface that can be cleaned with the wipes.

In our home I find them very convenient to use when I need to do a spot clean or when I am deep cleaning a room. They work well on glass surfaces, toilet seats, enamel sinks, faucets and my stainless steel sink. I have not really found a surface that I can't clean with them. If you haven't tried the micro-fiber scrubber wipes; I can highly recommend them to you. I think you will be pleased with the results you get. 

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