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Happiness is Staying Dry & Warm in the Rain

Spring Rains Make Me Happy

I don’t know about you, but I know that I love a great rainstorm in the spring. As long as I have a way of staying dry and warm, while the pitter patter is happening, I am a happy camper. So, let’s review the ways that we can do just that and have some fun at the same time.

walking in the rain

Little Kids and Rain are a Great Combination

Little kids are wonderful when the spring rains begin.  They are in awe that it’s no longer snowy, cold and bitter outside.  If you are a big kid like me, playing in the rain was something I looked forward to sharing with my youngsters.  I can remember getting my kids dressed in their rainboots, raincoats and heading out the door with umbrellas clenched firmly in our hands.  Dancing in the puddles was the best part of any trip outside when the spring rains came.  Laughter and giddiness seemed to come over all of us and a good dose of Hot Chocolate when we came home was the best treat ever.

Now that I'm a Grammie I get to enjoy the fun all over again.

Now that my children are old enough to have children of their own, I make sure that Grammie outfits the Grandchildren in a way that will keep them dry and warm too.  The colorfulness of raincoats has changed a lot since my children were young.  Today’s styles are so bright that even a downpour of humongous proportions can’t keep them invisible to the eye.  That is a good thing for sure.  Not only do I enjoy watching them play in the rain, but I also enjoy seeing their surprise when Grammie decks them out with the latest and greatest rain gear ever.

Amazon has pages and pages of raincoats, umbrellas, and boots for the children.  My problem is that I can't decide which ones I like the best and which ones they will enjoy the most.  So just to show you a small sampling of the rain gear available I have picked out a few of my favorites.  

For the younger crowd (ages 3 to 6), there are Paw Patrol matching sets of rain slickers and umbrellas for the boys and Disney Princesses for the girls. These sets are both really cute, and the matching umbrella just finishes the outfit. If either of these styles or characters are not to your liking or your Grandchildren's liking, there are other characters available like Firemen, Frogs, Butterflies and so many more. The Ladybug ones happen to be a favorite of mine too. If your Grandchildren already have raincoats, then add a pirate umbrella for some added fun.

So Many Styles

Let’s just say that in reviewing all the possibilities, of keep youngsters dry in the rain, there has to be at least a few hundred different choices and possibilities.  You can spend a lot of time trying to find the right one to match your child’s or grandchild's needs or wants.  Or you can ask the parents what their children really like and narrow down your search that way.

Playing in the rain never looked so good or was so much fun.  Add a pair of rainboots and even the deepest puddles will be a temptation for them to jump into.  That’s part of the fun of playing in the rain.  Finding the puddles that you just know you need to see, with your feet,  just how deep they are.  Slowly moving into the middle making sure that your rainboots are tall enough to keep the water out.  But, if they happen to fill up with water, it’s usually a quick trip home to dry out. 

I bet you will have a hard time getting the Grandchildren to come indoors, but maybe a great mug of Hot Chocolate will entice them to come in out of the rain.

hot chocolate after playing in the rain, warm cocoa, treat after playing outdoors

What about the Big Kids?

Now for the grown-ups, there might be some other requirements to staying dry.  One of the tricks  I learned early on, is not to stay too close to those little ones jumping in the puddles.  Depending on how deep the puddle is, the resulting splash might be more than expected. 

But, and here’s the big BUT, grown-ups like playing in the rain too.  At least I do and I’m sure that I’m not alone.  Tell me that feeling rain on your face in the spring isn’t one of the nicest feelings ever!

And there are some pretty neat and beautiful umbrellas out there for us bigger kids too!

If you need some encouragement to get outdoors on a rainy day, just remember how much fun it was when you were young!  It isn't too hard to muster up those feelings all over again.  

Spring is here and the spring rains are needed to make everything grow, don't waste the opportunity to have some fun and relive some memories.

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  1. There really are a lot of fun raincoats and umbrellas for children. Because we walked to school during our elementary years, raincoats were a necessity. Today, as an adult, I tend to grab an umbrella, but I still prefer one with a lovely design.

    1. Was those were the days. Kids today still like to play in the rain, thank goodness. I was watching some of them this morning as they were making their way to school and you could see they were waiting for the puddles to form. I love a pretty umbrella too and there are some really nice ones available.

  2. I remember getting colorful rain gear for my kids. My daughter had a bright orange raincoat she loved when she was small. As an adult, hubby & I loved walking in the rain on a summer day.

    1. You didn't stop to play Pat? My hubby and I get right into it still. We are like little kids, I just can't chase him as quickly as I used to.

  3. I remember dancing in rain storms when I was little, my dad letting us, and my mom not too keen on the idea - those were the day. Love the umbrella and raincoat suggestions here too.

    1. Barbara, are you sure we weren't separated at birth? My father too, would let us and encourage us to play outdoors, my mother wouldn't come out in the rain at all, she was afraid that we would get her soaked from head to foot, much like we were. lol

  4. If you love rainstorms in the spring, Olivia, you'd really enjoy being at my house right now - it's pouring! I remember when our boys were little and would go outside after a storm, prancing around, in their boots of course, in the puddles before they drained away. I just love rain boots and look forward to picking out a pair for our little Jack in a year or two when he's old enough.

  5. I'm afraid I prefer staying warm and dry in the house during heavy rains, but I do enjoy walking in a light rain. I usually just wear a jacket and a hat that keeps my glasses dry when I walk in the rain. One of my favorite times of playing in the rain wasn't play at all. Jason and I were out in our ponchos trying to get trash cans under the rain spouts from the gutters so we could collect the rain. He was having the time of his life. That's what made it fun for me. They didn't have such cute rain gear for kids back then. I would have loved to get him some of those Kidorable outfits I've seen.


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