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Three Ways to Hide Clutter

Yep. It's that Time of the Year ... We Look at all our 'Stuff' and Think, "It's Time for a Tidy"

Of course, half the battle is admitting there's a problem! After that it's twenty five percent action and twenty five percent organizational and creative storage solutions.

Even though our clutter is organized, most of the time we're just sick of seeing the neatly stacked piles of life that take away from the overall look of our room.

The solution is equal to the mess you're dealing with: Simple mess, simple solutions, horrendous gut wrenching disaster ... major project.

If you're dealing with a relatively simple mess, here are three ways you can hide clutter:


Today's room dividers are inventive and artistic. They not only give you a practical way to hide clutter, they also double as art.

When you check out the choices of room dividers available you'll notice the wide range of art scenes featured on them. They come in designs from landscapes to cartoon characters, making them ideal for any room in the home or office.

These are particularly useful in a bedroom that doesn't have a closet. As an example, if you're using a standing hanging rod to hold clothes, put it behind a room divider and it doubles as a place to privately change clothes and it hides the clutter.

Storage Bench Featured on Funkthishouse

If your clutter problem is more about the miscellaneous items that never seem to find a home, use a bench as the main gathering place for them.

Whether it's shoes, school books, extra blankets and pillows, seasonal clothing, or photograph albums, a storage bench is a magnificent piece to tuck them away into.

Not only is it a place to hide the mess it's also an extra spot to sit. There are many places you can use a storage bench; the master suite, a child's bedroom, the front foyer, the family room, in your home office or even in the garage.

There are numerous storage bench designs to choose from, so be sure to check them out. You'll find additional styles when you visit the page featuring the above storage bench.


What? Yes, that's right, they really do exist. Of course this solution is certainly more involved and will require at least intermediate DIY skills, or you'll have to have someone put it in for you ... BUT it's worth it, they're super cool!

They really are as described, an actual bookcase that either swings inwards or outwards leading to a secret room or other space in the home.

If you have a small office in the corner of room and would like to hide important or private papers from prying eyes, then put one of these James Bond creations in .... I mean how many people do you know that have one?

There are a number of designs to choose from. They vary in style, color, features, size and type of wood. You'll see more bookshelf doors when you visit the above featured Hidden Door Bookshelf.

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  1. Wow, that hidden door is very cool! We have a storage bench similar to the one you've pictured above and it is a lifesaver. The drawers hold what might otherwise accumulate on top of a dresser, with no visible clutter! It's one of my favorite pieces of furniture in the house.

    1. We need three of these to hold photo albums, I would love to get them just for this reason as I'm about to reorganize the hallway closet. Sounds like you're getting excellent use from your storage bench.

  2. Love the hidden door/bookshelf door. What a unique idea for both storage and decor.

  3. Of course I love all of these ideas, but I especially love the bookshelf door. How cool is that! I have often thought we needed the bench close to the back door we use daily to hide shoes and to have a place to sit.

    1. Cynthia we used to have one at our front door, really useful for the older set who sit to put on shoes, we no longer have it there, and now I need it lol

  4. What clever ideas to hide clutter. I really need all of them as I live with an artist! Love the hidden room behind the bookcase one!

    1. Heather, oh that would be a great idea for an artists hideaway storage area, would be ideal for you

  5. I want the hidden door too, only it would have to hide my entire house at this point! :-D But these truly are good suggestions for hiding the odds and ends of our lives that we all have. Nice going, Barbara! Sharing.

    1. Nancy, lol! I think I'll call that the front door on my house haha - thank you :)

  6. As always you have the best ideas. I just Love that bookshelf door, something right out of a movie.

    1. Eugene thank you :) - it's a real James Bond door isn't it, lol

  7. yep, that bookcase door is my favorite too. now if i just had a room to put it on!


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