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Me Before You Movie Review

Me Before You movie review
There are movies that touch you and remain in the back of your mind for long periods of time. The characters popping into your thoughts at unexpected moments, like old friends coming to visit. In my opinion, Me Before You is that kind of movie. The characters, setting, and message touching me deeply. Yesterday I went to pick up a movie my daughter-in-law recommended to me. Next to it was this movie that I've already seen several times. But I picked it up and will be visiting with young Will and Louisa again today.

"You've only one life. It's actually your duty to live it as fully as possible" - Will Traynor

Me Before You

Me Before You is a movie about the unexpected turns of life, living that life, and how our lives touch the people around us.  

Will Traynor (played by Sam Claflin) is an adventurous, wealthy young man living a wild and wonderful life. During the first moments of the movie, we see that he and his fiance are experiencing some degree of a happy and privileged routine. In those same first few moments of the movie, we see that familiar and happy routine changed beyond repair.

Will is hit by a motorcycle and became paralyzed.

Meanwhile, Louisa Clarke (played by Emilia Clarke) is a chatty, expressive, and happy young lady working at The Buttered Bun tea shop. "Lou" with her non-stop smile and gentle way is immediately engaging. In the first few moments with us, she is let go from her job and her entire world changes. However, she is very different than Will and his fiance. Lou's entire world consists of her long-time boyfriend, living at home with her family, and helping support that family financially. 

Lou is sent by an employment agency to interview with Will's mother.  The job is advertised of a sort of care-giver but Mrs. Traynor's motives are slowly revealed as the movie progresses. Will is intentionally cruel when he and Lou are introduced, something that doesn't seem to surprise his mother or his nurse/physical therapist. 

The story continues as we watch Lou and Will sort out the employment arrangements and as Lou and Patrick (her singularly-focused boyfriend) sort out their relationship. Lou's family is clearly very close and caring, but dad's job loss and the seemingly poor economy in the small town cause some discomfort. For example, Lou's sister, "the smart one", goes to college and Lou seems to resign herself to being the one to remain home and care for the family. Despite the pressure of carrying her family's financial burdens, her smile remains.

Predicting the Ending?

Midway through the movie, I felt I could predict the ending. And I was a little annoyed. I thought it was going to end in a cheesy, "Cinderella", fairy tale manner and that irritated me. But Louisa, Will, Nate (the handsome nurse/physical therapist) and the beautiful setting had me hooked. I felt myself warming up to Will's stuffy and seemingly cold parents. I continued to watch to the end. 

I am glad I did. This movie was not a remake or a freshening up of something that has already been done. 

I laughed at moments and I cried for a very long portion of the movie. And I was shocked that I had NOT predicted the ending. It was not a cheesy ending.  This drama/romantic movie had bits that reminded me of Pretty Woman, but without the prostitution. And of The Bone Collector, but without the serial killer. But best of all, this story of Louisa, Will, and everyone around them was honest, touching, and thought-provoking. Despite the heavy topic, and my tears, I felt uplifted at the end. 

Will challenges Louisa to live boldly. If that is the only thing we take away from this movie, that is enough.

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  1. Well, now I'm intrigued. Sounds like the actors really do make the characters and the characters really make the story. I'll add this to my "watch with a box of tissues" list.

  2. You definitely got me interested and I love romantic comedies the best so this is now on my watch list. Thank you!

  3. Another excellent movie review and recommendation! You made me wish I could take the day off, or at least the morning, and watch the movie now. It will have to wait for a wee bit, but I am already making my plan to watch it this evening. Like you, I tend to like straight talkers and I definitely love a great romance.

    1. Well, I have returned to tell you that I did watch the movie last night. I cried like a baby! Sam Claflin is a fabulous actor. He is one of my favorites these days, so I knew to expect a wonderful movie. However, I didn't expect the movie to end the way it did. I am sure some of the scenes will stay with me for a very long time.

  4. I just finished the book and I LOVED it. I can't wait to see the movie! Remember to bring tissues!! You will cry.

  5. You have grabbed my interest, Dawn Rae. I will have to add this movie to my "To Watch" list.

  6. oh, thanks for this, will have to add this to our watch list; good to read reivews on movies so we know what to watch! And what you said about predicting endings, my kids get frustrated with me because 20 minutes into a movie I can usually tell where the movies' going, whodunit etc ... lol

  7. Well, now you have got me interested. I've not seen this one and your compelling review makes me want to see go out and get it now. I'll be looking for this movie for sure. Thanks Dawn!

  8. Okay I will bite, this sounds just like the kind of movie I would love. I already like the picture on the cover, that red dress just speaks to me. Now I'm sure that the movie will too....Thanks for a great review Dawn Rae.....I look forward to a nice evening being entertained.

  9. I loved this movie and I'm glad that one of my friends warned me to take tissues - very enjoyable.

  10. Sounds like this movie might break my heart. Great review.


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