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5 Health Related Gift Ideas

Review of 5 Health-Related Gift Ideas

Especially during Covid times, health-related gifts are something to consider.

Some people may have had enough thinking about Covid and prefer not to be reminded of it via gifts. However, these items are practical beyond this crazy time.

Here's a List of Health-Related Gift Ideas

Product Page Featuring the Items Listed Below Is Here

1. A Pulse Oximeter

We recently bought a pulse oximeter; it's similar to this one. Ours requires two AAA batteries. After watching endless news reports on how tracking your oxygen levels with Covid is wise, I decided we needed to have one on hand. According to medical experts, Covid may cause your oxygen levels to drop quickly, so tracking is important. Fortunately, so far we've avoided the Covid nightmare here (knock-on-wood), but just to be safe, I ordered one. 

2. A Blood Pressure Device

Several people in my family have one of these on hand. I decided, yep, time for us to get with the program. I have the blood-pressure monitor app on my phone; however, it's a bit awkward. The Health App is handy when you're on the road, but an actual blood pressure device is nice to have in the home. On the above product page, you'll notice they range in price from lower to higher.

3. Face Masks

One year ago, would we have ever considered face-masks as a gift-thing? The world is slipping off its axis or something. Most of us have masks now, but a lovely gift idea is personalizing it to the user's taste. I would love something that fits my personality and likes. I'm too busy to hunt for them or make them; I need someone else to do it for me, lol.

4. Air Purifiers & Humidifiers

Not just during Covid times, but all year round, an air purifier serves a valuable purpose; it cleans the air. Since most of us resist purchasing what we consider 'extras,' this item makes both a thoughtful and practical gift. Who wouldn't love to get one of these? When you visit the product page (link is above), you'll notice they can be a bit expensive depending on the one you choose. When pooling resources, this makes a quality gift.

If an air purifier is out of the price range, consider a small table-top humidifier. They're especially useful for apartment dwellers. We purchased several a few years ago and gave them out as gifts. They were very much appreciated.

5. Adjustable Thermostats

We have one, as most people do. If a loved one or friend doesn't happen to have an adjustable thermostat, consider it a practical gift. Check out the Google Nest Auto Learning Thermostat as well. Ours is a different brand and not self-learning, but we use it for both heat and air conditioning. I have various times of the day stored at different temperatures. Very handy. Highly recommended.

Build a Personalized Health-Related Gift Basket

Consider making a health gift basket with cold and flu products, a thermometer, masks, healthy juices, boost, bandaids, vitamins, candles, creams, and lotions - throw in a book or two.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas <3

P.S. - I'm not a doctor or medical professional - These recommendations are strictly my personal suggestions.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


  1. Barbara, all of these are great ideas and very practical, useful and good for everyone's well being. This year along with other goodies, I will be adding masks to everyone's stockings, you can never have too many these days. But I love your other ideas as well. Thanks!

  2. When it comes to your health, having practical health-related gift ideas is a good plan. Believe it or not, I have not had a simple thermometer in the house for years, ever since my last one broke, and luckily have not needed one up to now. But recently a nearby store ran a sale on thermometers, which reminded me of this fact. Therefore, I immediately bought one. There are times, like now, where it pays to be practical. Good thinking outside the box, Barbara, and helping us remember practical and needed gifts.

  3. All great devices to have on hand and for sure perfect gift ideas. I never knew about the oxygen levels dropping with Covid. Good to know!!

  4. These really are excellent gift suggestions, plus they would be easy to ship direct from Amazon to the recipient since a lot of people will not be traveling this year. I bought a Pulse Oximeter for our home the first month of this pandemic. It broke immediately! You really have to be careful to select one that has excellent reviews. By now, I'm sure the cheaply made stuff (yet very expensive) has been weeded out somewhat. I think a health gift basket would be an excellent idea for anyone and I would include a bottle of rubbing alcohol! I clean our counter tops, door handles, etc constantly with it. Thank you for the great suggestions!

  5. Great gift ideas here! We all need these items in our medicine cupboards now and especially need reusable masks-you can not have too many! Even if you already have one or more of these items you always need another one or a back up. I would be happy with any one of these items as a gift. I love your idea of a health related personalised gift basket as well.

  6. There is surely no better gift than the gift of good health, and giving a gift to help keep the recipient well (or alert them to a potential medical issue as early as possible) shows them how much you care about them and their wellbeing. We bought a good-quality pulse oximeter a few years ago that still serves us reliably, and when our ultrasonic humidifier stopped working a couple of years ago, we once again researched our options thoroughly, since we depend on it so heavily, especially during the winter. We have been considering upgrading our adjustable thermostat to an auto-learning model as well. And I love the idea of putting together a "gift of good health" gift basket, especially this year! Great suggestions as always, Barb.


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