Thursday, November 12, 2020

Review of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Updates


Jupiter Lighthouse with cloudy skies
Jupiter Lighthouse with Cloudy Sky

I really love the  new features of Lightroom and Photoshop that came with the updates in October of 2020.  Most of the time I have found that I have to practice several times and try to remember all of the steps for a new feature.  However, with these new features I read a summary of the changes once and right away I was able to use the new features.  They were that easy to  use.  In this post I will give you some examples of my three favorite new features.

Sky Replacement

One of the really fun new features in Photoshop is the sky replacement.  You could always replace skies on photos, but in the past it required you to remember several different steps in Photoshop and it was hard to select just the right amount of sky.  With the new sky replacement all you do is pull up "Sky Replacement" from the drop down menu and the sky is automatically selected.  You then have a wide variety of choices on sky replacements or you can create your own skies.  In the photo of the lighthouse above and the three shown below I replaced the skies with the selections already built into the system.  Each replacement only took seconds.  Which of these skies do you like best?

Jupiter Lighthouse with pretty blue sky background
Jupiter Lighthouse with Blue Sky

Jupiter Lighthouse with a rainbow

Jupiter Lighthouse with Rainbow
Jupiter Lighthouse with sunset sky background

Jupiter Lighthouse at Sunset

Color Adjustments in Lightroom

With the new updates in Lightroom, color adjustments have never been easier.  First there is a color grading panel that gives you opportunities to separately adjust colors for the midtones, shadows and highlights.  They are very easy to use, I suggest opening the color grading panel in the develop module and experiment with what each of the color wheels will do for your photograph.

In the  photos below I replaced the color of the flowers.  This was accomplished in just minutes using the adjustment brush.  I clicked on the brush, set the size of the brush I wanted and then adjusted the color in the hue slider.  Next I brushed over the parts of the photo that I wanted to change the color and just that easy I turned the pink flowers into a orange colored flower.

pink flowers
orange flowers
The photo above shows the original pink flower.  In the photo to the right, I easily changed the color of the flower with just a few simple brush strokes.

Neural Filters

I find it fun to try out different filters on some of my photos.  With the latest update, Photoshop added a new section of filters.  They are found under the filter tab and then under Neural Filters.  They are very easy to try.  Just click on the filter you want to try and you will see a preview of what your photo will look like with that filter. There is also a button to select if you want to preserve the color and another if want to focus on the subject.  Along with those two choices there are several sliders that let you determine the amount of filter that you want to apply. In the photos below, I applied four different filters to the same fall scene.

fall scene with wheelbarrow and fall flowers

wheelbarrow of pumpkins and gourds with fall flowers

decorative fall wheelbarrow and flowers

fall scene with fall flowers, pumpkins & gourds

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  1. Mary Beth, it is amazing how many ways you can change a photograph in Photoshop. From background skies to color adjustments, it seems you can do just about anything you want. And all the updates to Photoshop and Lightroom are easy to see in your examples in photos. It also looks like you had fun trying out all the choices. :)

  2. First, your photos are gorgeous! It always helps to start with beautiful pictures. Photoshop has always been a bit more work that I really wanted for the few adjustments I felt needed to be made to my photos. However, for the very first time ever, I am tempted to buy Photoshop. I love what you have done to these photos! The sky changes are remarkable and I trust you completely to judge the ease of those manipulations. The wheelbarrow cards are totally awesome!

  3. Wow, Mary Beth, I'm so impressed with these new features and how you're using them! Of course, your photos are always wonderful without these types of bells and whistles, but how awesome to be able to change the color of the flowers, or the background of the lighthouse, so dramatically and easily! And the examples of the neural filters you showed make my fingers itchy to play with that nifty tool. Thanks for a wonderful review!

  4. Wow Mary I love that you can change things so easily. Sometimes you can picture a sky and the colors on the picture are just washed out. With this new Photoshop it looks like you can bring that sky to what the eye really sees. Amazing! But you could also make all kinds of new plants to throw off some seasoned gardeners. Haha! Great Review Mary Beth!

  5. Those filters make such a difference on each photo - gorgeous! And I love the sunset photo as well; that's beautiful. I admire those interested in photography, I find it a bit confusing (operating the camera). It's such an art-form to master this. Congratulations on all your photographic achievements; so pretty - nice legacy for the family too.

  6. Mary Beth... i love your holiday card! It's beautiful!!!

  7. It is amazing to learn what you can do with Photoshop and Lightroom. You have gorgeous photos anyway Mary Beth and I love how you were able to enhance them and create different moods and looks. You have a beautiful Zazzle Store and I love your holiday card!

  8. I love your photography quests. You are always learning, stretching, experimenting, sharing. I find it endlessly entertaining to "play" with new photo editing features. Love what you are achieving, Mary Beth. That rainbow sky really caught my eye.


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