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Deluxe Spicy Shelf for Spice Organization in Kitchen Cabinets or Pantries Reviewed

Spice Organization
Two years ago, I added gripper clips to my cabinet pantry door for easy access to the spices I use most often. They are truly fabulous and convenient. However, I still had dozens of spices, seasonings, baking extracts, powders, etc. tucked away and often lost in the depths of my pantry.  

I've had a carousel tray on the top shelf of my pantry to at least keep the spices all together, but the small containers somehow managed to flip off the carousel and get lost.  Or worse, they would keep the carousel from turning and cause an avalanche of spice containers.  Of course, that always happened when I was cooking and trying to find something quickly.

My son often heard me complain about my pantry cabinet and spice organization.  This past Mother's Day, he surprised me with the Deluxe Spicy Shelf.  I was thrilled!  I had never seen one before, but the picture on the box looked totally awesome and perfect for my needs.  Then, I opened the box!  Yikes!!!  The number of pieces to assemble my new deluxe spicy shelf intimidated me immediately.  I set the gift aside to construct "later".  Even I didn't realize "later" meant 5 months later.

Assembling My Deluxe Spicy Shelf

Deluxe Spice Shelf
Knowing the holidays were fast approaching and I would soon be seeking out those least often used spices, I set aside an afternoon to assemble my much needed organizer shelf.  With no small amount of dread, I opened the box once again.

Imagine my utter shock that it took me less than 30 minutes to assemble the shelves, remove the content from my pantry, and set it all back in completely organized, easy to see and so much easier to find a specific item.  I was so giddy that is was all accomplished in so little time that I considered putting it all in alphabetical order.  I stayed my hand there though because I wanted the things I would need for Thanksgiving toward the front.  Extra, unopened spices went to the back, but I can easily see them!  

As you can see in the photo below, I even found a great use for my carousel.  It has been serving me for so long, I didn't have the heart to toss it.

Spice Shelf

Because my cabinet pantry is so deep, I set one shelf in front of the other, instead of stacking them.  As you can see, that is perfect for me.  My short spices now tower over the taller bottles.

Because I have a few economy size spice bottles, I set them just in front of my carousel.  They are very easy to lift out and grab what I need from behind them.  No more tearing the cabinet apart to find one small bottle.

Spicy Shelf Organizer

 Spicy Shelf Deluxe - Expandable Spice Rack and Stackable Cabinet & Pantry Organizer (1 Set of 2 shelves) - As seen on TV Deluxe (Spicy Shelf Organizer)Check Price


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  1. Isn't it a thrill when you get everything organized. Once I got my spices all set up I wondered why I didn't do it sooner! Mine is a bit different but the same principle Thanks for an informative review.

    1. It is truly amazing how much of a difference it makes! I can quickly grab with I need now without the painstaking search through the cabinet for something I know I have. I did laugh to discover 3 bottles of sage in my pantry. I had no idea I was a sage hoarder :)

  2. Always great to get organized, especially in the kitchen. Spices always seem \to be the most difficult to store in a way that they will be easily accessible. This deluxe spice shelf looks to be the perfect solution.

    1. It is wonderful Elf! It make cooking for this Thanksgiving sooooo much easier.

  3. Ahh the spice cabinet, I think everyone's needs help, mine included. This sounds like a great organizer and I'm glad you were the one that put it together! Now I know that it will take me less than a day to do it too. I'm not that handy. Anyways, this sounds like something my kitchen needs and will ask my live in chef if it's something he'd like. Bet the answer is yes!

    1. I must tell you, I wrote this review before Thanksgiving so it would be ready to post the day after Thanksgiving. Having had the entire holiday to use my new organized spice shelf, I can say it is absolutely fantastic! I can easily see what spice is where and lay my hand on it immediately. Well worth the 30 minutes it took to snap together and reorganize my spice shelf. Wish I had done it years ago!

  4. This spice storage unit is brilliant, Cynthia and well reviewed by you! Finding the spice you want here in my house is no easy feat!

  5. What a fabulous son to have heard your fervent desire to get those spices organized (and to have purchased just what you needed). Such a great gift.

  6. Your son always seems to buy you such thoughtful gifts, Mouse! One of the best gifts I've ever received was the floor-to-ceiling (!!!) herb and spice rack my husband made for me by removing the never-used fold-out iron from the shallow built-in cabinet in our kitchen and adding lots and lots of shelves made from glass louvers rescued from an old door. Being able to find - and get at - whichever herbs or spices I need in seconds is such a joy! I imagine you feel the same way about your wonderfully organized and easily accessible herb and spice collection. I think anyone who has an extensive selection of herbs and spices in their cabinet or pantry would be thrilled to be given this organizer (especially if assembling it for them is part of the gift, lol)!

  7. I WANT ONE!! Put another way, I need one of these. What a fantastic tool to help keep the cupboard organized. It seems the spice cupboard issue is impossible to solve sometimes, but this handy gadget should do the trick. Now, if I could just keep my husband from buying those giant spice containers from Costco! I need a tracker trailer in my kitchen for those.

  8. From your photos it looks like this is a very versatile unit. I certainly need a better solution than I have now for organizing my spices. This just may be it.

  9. Oh this looks so useful! I love well organised cupboards and larders. I would love one of these.There is just something so satisfying about being able to know exactly where all your spices are and how many of them you have! Your son is a very thoughtful person to choose this as a gift for you.


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