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Tips And Tricks To Make Holiday Fudge

Christmas and the holidays mean one word in this house - Fudge! It was and is the annual tradition to make fudge for the Christmas holidays. Fudge is not difficult to make, but does require strict attention to the recipe for a successful fudge dessert. I have compiled a few tips and tricks to make fool proof successful fudge for the holiday season.

making fudge

The Original Fantasy Fudge Recipe is my favorite fudge recipe. It is tried and true. A smooth and creamy consistency that melts in your mouth. This is fudge made with marshmallow creme in a jar - old school with the original recipe ingredients. The recipe on the jar of today is slightly different from the original and as always, Grandma knows best when it comes to recipes. 

Fudge Tips And Tricks

One cooking tip I have learned through which is now probably hundreds of times making fudge (disclaimer: the annual Christmas fudge tradition has transitioned into making fudge a few times a year, so I am not 100, but have probably made fudge at least 100 times through my fudge career) is the boiling time.

stirring fudge ingredients

Perfect, creamy, melt in your mouth fudge with this recipe requires five minutes of rocking and rolling boiling. Not a second more, not a second less and the fudge comes out perfect. 

The second cooking tip I have learned is to stir stir and stir. While the ingredients are boiling the fudge must be stirred constantly or the bottom will burn on the pan. Not only does this ruin the taste the pan will be absolutely horrendous to try and clean. Just when your arm is exhausted is not the time to walk away from boiling ingredients - keep stirring!

stirring fudge ingredients

The third cooking tip I have learned is to split the cooked fudge into two batches: one with nuts and one without. Fudge lovers are definitely in two distinct groups as to if fudge should be with or without nuts. I prefer fudge without nuts so am very partial to leaving the nuts out entirely. This is a large recipe so there is plenty of fudge to make 3/4 of a batch without nuts and 1/4 batch with nuts or vice versa.

holiday fudge

Fun Fudge Recipes From The Savvy Age

What else can you do with Fudge? Alot! Fudge is such a hit for the holidays with a little experimentation I have found fudge is also quite versatile. The favorites fudge spin off recipes so far: 

Fudge Christmas Cutouts

shaped holiday fudge

Fudge Cups - Snickerdoodle Fudge

snickerdoodles fudge cups

Fudge Balls

fudge balls

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  1. I DO love fudge- Christmas and anytime - so this article was a delight to read. MY favorite fudge recipe comes from a decades old candy cookbook and uses Baking Chocolate (Cocoa) for the chocolate) and I HAVE to have plenty of walnuts. LOL. Any candy and/or sweet treat I eat has to have nuts, in MY opinion. :) I think I remember tasting the marshmallow creme fudge before -- it IS good. But, fudge any way you make it is definitely a Christmas tradition.

  2. My mother made the Fantasy Fudge recipe my entire young life and we all love it. I made it for years before I started making the easier microwave fudge, which is not as good, just faster. I love you cut-out fudge ideas. What a beautiful presentation of a really delicious treat. Now that you have reminded me of the Fantasy Fudge, I'm adding the ingredients to my current grocery list so I can make it again soon!

  3. When I was younger and still did my annual holiday cooking and baking extravaganzas, making and giving batches of festively decorated fantasy fudge was part of my tradition as well. Fudge can be positively addI give to those of us who have a sweet tooth! Thanks for sharing your foolproof tips for making fantasy fudge.

  4. There are a number in my family that love fudge, I am not one of them though, and I have never made fudge before. So your tips are written for me for sure. Maybe I need to try that this year as my other half really loves fudge! It would be a surprise for his Christmas and one he'd love for sure. Thanks Tracey for giving me a little fudge nudge!

  5. Oh my gawd, this Keto queen is drooling. The thing I miss the most, is my mother's fudge! I'm going to have to take a bite or two over the holidays if she makes it after reading and looking at this! Mom taught me to make fudge years ago, and it's so freaking delish!

  6. I Love fudge! Thank you for your detailed instructions and tips on how to make delicious fudge. It would make a lovely gift as well as a great treat !

  7. Thanks for all the tips. Just in time for my fudge making.

  8. I remember holidays in the kitchen as a child... all that fudge stirring. A person sure does work for that fudge if placed in charge of the spoon. It is worth it! Fudge is such a great holiday gift. Thanks for the tips!


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