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Home Made with Love, Christmas Crafts to Blow Your Mind

Christmas has already exploded on the scene and I usually don't jump on board until the First Week of Advent!  But, if you are crafting, you need to start before then!  Cricut, a product review!

christmas tree and christmas stocking on the mantel

Cricut is a platform that lets you make and style so many different materials that you can use to enhance the decor in your home for just about any occasion.

Because we are so close to Christmas, we will focus on this holiday for now.  Rest assured though, that Cricut is not just for Christmas.  You can craft all kinds of things for other holidays too.

So what exactly is Cricut?  

Cricut is a machine that cuts several different types of materials, from fabric, to vinyl and even some thin wood products.  You can cut letters, designs, logos and so much more with this handy machine.  

Paired with your computer, you can make your own designs and within the day have a whole series of items made with that design splashed on T-shirts, mugs, windows and more.  Your imagination is the starting point.

Personalized gifts are easy and the WOW FACTOR is what makes your gifts stand out.  

Do you need inspiration?  There are limitless possibilities with a Cricut, but if you are stumped there are literally hundreds of Videos available to twig your imagination into overdrive.

Any new technology can cause some trepidation, but once you own a machine you will find many videos on YouTube to help you get started.  There are so many videos available and also  help from Cricut itself.  There are idea books, downloads and more to help you organize and execute your first project without any difficulty!

I'm sure you have seen those beautiful signs with Quotes that just make your heart melt!  Well you can make your own using the Cricut machine.  

Merry Christmas written on chalk board

Cricut even has it's own blog, so that if you are stumped or need some extra encouragement, it is right there for you! 

You can join the Cricut family and open an account.  That will help you to see what is possible with your new machine. They will keep you informed on all kinds of new techniques and materials.  Everything from wall art, decals, t-shirts, mugs, greeting cards and more can be done with your new machine.  

The only thing that will be necessary is a willingness to learn and the time to execute your ideas.  Once you get started though, I'm sure you won't be able to stop!  

Just think of all the Holidays that you can make special with a touch of your creativity and the help of a Cricut.

Chirstmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Spring, July 1st or 4th, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and so many more holidays.  And then there are the special occasions too that will have you crafting something wonderful.  An engagement, wedding, baby, new home, new job.  Birthday markers like 20, 30 and beyond, all of them are crafting times and a great way to use your new tools.  

I don't like to spend my money on a craft that I will only do once!  Cricut is a craft that you will do all year long and for a myriad of reasons!  

The beauty is, that if you can imagine it, you can also craft it and make it your own!  There are endless ways to make your home and surrounding a reflection of your own personal tastes.  Grab hold of some wonderful ideas and run with them.  I bet all your friends will be amazed at what you can do.

miracles quote

You might even find yourself using your spare time to create beautiful things to make and sell.  Before you know what happened, your hobby has now turned the corner and you could be enjoying self employment.  You just never know what can happen when you start to create with your Cricut and show the world what you have made.

The picture used in this post is my niece's home!  She has made signs, stockings and pillows to help her fill her home with Christmas!  And that is just a small sample of the things she has made.   What is stopping you?

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Happy Holidays and Let's Get Creating Some Beauty!

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  1. Interesting review, Olivia. I have often seen ads for Cricut, but never really knew what it was all about. Thanks for the introduction to it. It sounds like your niece is really enjoying her cricut crafting.

    1. My niece takes crafting to a whole new level. She is amazing. No holiday goes unnoticed and she loves her Cricut. I love that I get to play with it too. Once you are past the "scared" factor, it really is a lot of fun. The results are very professional looking too!

  2. Excellent review of the Cricut Olivia! I enjoyed watching your shared video. I can see there are a lot of reasons any crafter would love owning this machine. Sure would make cutting letters and designs a lot easier. Without the videos, I would certainly be intimidated by the machine and uncertain what to do with it. Thank you for this closer look at an awesome craft machine.

    1. There are so many things you can do with this little machine. It is not a "cheap" affair, but if you put it to good use, I'm sure the price will be offset in no time at all. Professional looking results are within everyone's reach. This is one powerful little machine with endless possibilities.

  3. Olivia, I own an older model electronic cutting machine from a competitive brand (a Silhouette Cameo) that I bought and then was too intimidated to use, lol. Your wonderful review is inspiring me to break it out again and start making some Christmas crafts with it! The Cricut Air 2 is a newer, more advanced model than mine, with more powerful capabilities. It would make a wonderful holiday gift for a crafting enthusiast!

    1. Oh Margaret, I hope you do break out your machine and start to use it. Someone as talented as you will have really nice things made in no time at all. I'm sure that even though you don't have the Cricut, you could still make some things just as nice and use Cricut pages for inspiration, if you feel you need it. There are endless ideas out there!

  4. Olivia, wow, thank-you! What a great gift for the crafty ones in the family! I've never heard of this. Anything original in the gift department is a big win to me. I'm not a crafty-gal, but I know several who are. I think this one is going to be an option for a few of them.

  5. This is the first time I have heard of Cricut Olivia!Thank you for this review. I can see it is a wonderful gift or purchase for anyone interested in crafting. The ability to make such lovely personalised gifts is wonderful! More people are wanting to beautify their homes and give unique gifts and this would be fantastic to achieve that.

  6. I keep hoping Santa will bring me a Cricut. The possibilities excite me. Your niece is so talented!

  7. I'm not crafty in the least so you've introduced me to a new item. It looks like your niece has had a blast with it.


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