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Reviewing Beginning Soap Making Molds

My soap-making adventures began recently. Two weeks ago I wrote a Beginning Soap Making Supplies review recommending melt and pour soap bases for people like me who have wanted to make soaps but are intimidated by the hot and cold processes that use lye. It is true that soaps made with those processes can more easily be textured or their colors swirled. That made me feel as though I would be missing out on making pretty soaps. I was wrong. I cannot do color swirls as easily with melt and pour soaps but I can make beautiful soaps using these silicone molds.

If I am making soaps for myself, the simple rectangular molds (as pictured in my previous post) are perfect. But when thinking about making soaps for gifts or for sale, I quickly wanted more interesting molds. 
I made the decision to purchase more silicone molds since the rectangular bar soap silicone mold made such nice soaps. 

The reasons I purchased these most recent molds:

  • Silicone molds produce smooth soaps 
  • silicone molds come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs
  • the withstand the heat of the hot soap bases
  • they do not crack or break
  • soaps are easy to pop the finished bar out of the flexible mold
  • I have not yet learned how to measure the soap mix to fit into a "loaf" pan - I do not feel as concerned about having the right amount of "batter" for these single-bar molds
  • the silicone is super easy to clean. I pick off any larger bits of soap remaining on the tops of the mold (the "overflow" or drops of soap I left behind) then I run the mold under hot water. Voila, the mold is clean and ready for the next use.

My first choice of fancy molds were the flower molds. And I couldn't be more pleased. With these soaps I shave a bit of a solid color bar (using Shea or Goat Milk base) I made (using the plain single bar molds). Then pour over those shavings with a clear soap base. 

I think the flower molds are gorgeous! And I've only used the flower that looks like a Dahlia thus far. This mold includes three different flower styles. To me they appear to be a sunflower, a daffodil, and a dahlia. 

I also purchased the ocean waves silicone mold. It produces a larger bar of soap with a "wave" or engraved style top. In this example, I used one of the clear bases and stirred in fragrance, bits of tea leaves, and a mica powder that creates sparkle. 

I do not feel experienced enough to give the instructions for using Melt and Pour soap bases. There are many tutorials online (written and video). I strongly recommend watching a variety of tutorials before diving in. 

Many people enjoy receiving or buying handmade items. Crafts such as soap-making is a great way to spend quality time with kids (note: the melted oils are HOT, please supervise children closely). Whether you have considered making soaps for yourself or for others, these molds add something special to your project. 

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My Beginning Soap Making Supplies review. I was happily surprised at how few supplies it takes to make Melt and Pour soaps. However, once you begin, if you are like me, you will soon want many different molds, fragrances, and bases. 

The holidays are approaching. These Easy Christmas Ornaments from beads have been a favorite and a requested activity over the years. Kids (and adults) love using tri-beads and pipe cleaners to make these beautiful ornaments. 

Margaret wrote a wonderful step-by-step tutorial showing us how to make beaded, dangling earrings. Her earrings are a beautiful Romantic, Beaded Heart pair but you can use a variety of bead colors and shapes.                                             

Our own Ms. Sylvestermouse also loves crafts and making things. Her Ebay store, House of Sylvestermouse, is a great place to find "a variety of crafts, craft kits, patterns, books, and supplies...".  I especially like the beaded craft kits and the cross-stitch kits. Oh, if only there were more hours in each day... 

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If you want to give handmade items as gifts but do not have the time or inclination to make them, there are plenty of options from our contributors and friends.

Ms. Elf creates crochet (including amigurumi animals) and needlework gifts and offers them for sale at CoastalCrochetCrafts.  Ms Elf's daughter-in-law also has an Etsy shop names Cute PurseNalities that offers "handmade purses, lanyards, coin purses, and table runners".  The seasonal prints are adorable and I especially like the season print purses/tote bags. 

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


  1. The flower and wave top soap molds create really pretty soaps. What fun you are having in your new soap-making venture, Dawn Rae. Appreciate you sharing your beginning steps in using the melt & pour soap base and a variety of decorative molds.

    Also, thank you for sharing the Etsy Shop links for me and my DIL. Us DIY crafters always enjoy the process of creating something new from favorite craft supplies, like you are now learning to do with your soap-making.

    1. You are very welcome Ms. Elf. And I am having a lot of fun with soaps. I make some mistakes and make some really ugly soaps that I'll never show anyone. But at least I've never be out of soap. Haha.

  2. Oh, Dawn! I love that dahlia soap. It is so pretty! The ocean waves soap is pretty too. It reminds me of a kiwi :) The silicone molds are awesome. I have used silicone molds for cakes and they really do turn out lovely, as well as easily. Your soaps would make a wonderful gift, or even an addition to a gift basket.

    You may laugh to know that the Christmas tree wreath ornaments that my mother & I made by your ornament tutorial are hanging from my crystal candelabras in my dining room. Does that mean I have a jump on decorating for Christmas? Sad it say it does not! I neglected to put them away last year when I boxed everything up. Therefore, they have graced my dining room table this entire year. They are still just as pretty as the day we made them. A lovely memory!

    Thank you for featuring my Ebay store. I'll have to start looking for the silicone molds for soap making to include in my inventory. They are a craft I have never tried, therefore I never considered including supplies for them in my Ebay store.

    1. Ms. Mouse, you are very welcome.

      I am touched to know that your Christmas ornaments are hanging in the diningroom. Out in the open where they should be! (I left my kids' ornaments out for an entire year at a time. Such precious memories).

  3. Those are absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful hobby and gift for people. I love the Ocean Waves soap. There are so many designs to choose from - this could get addictive!

    1. Thank you Barbara. I can definitely feel the potential addictive quality of soap-making. There are SO many things I want to try.

  4. Oh these are so pretty Dawn, like Barbara, I'm sure these can become the new addiction. When you see how pretty they are, you just know that you won't stop there. I would love to get on your "gift list" ! I love pretty soaps and these are phenomenal.

    1. Thank you so much Olivia. I am hoping to get good enough to give them for gifts. I'll keep my ReviewThis friends in mind.

  5. Dawn, your handmade soaps are just beautiful! I frequently look at silicone soap molds with beautiful patterns, like yours, for molding polymer clay, and after reading your last review of soap making supplies for beginners, have been wanting to try my hand at this wonderful craft. I had no idea that mica powders could be used in soaps!

    Also, thanks so much for sharing my easy tutorial for making elegant beaded earrings. Handmade, one-of-a-kind earrings are one of my favorite gifts to give to the special women in my life, and they are always appreciated - as are you, my friend!

    1. Thank you so much Margaret. And you are very welcome. Your earrings are gorgeous! It is earrings like those that make consider wearing earrings again.

  6. I love the flower silicone soap mold!Soap making has been a bit of a mystery to me and you are helping me to de-mystify it!

    I have very sensitive skin and often think it would be lovely to make my own soap. Also it is nice to have pretty soap even if you cannot have a lot of perfumes etc in it.

    Soap making looks a wonderful craft to learn and those pretty soaps would make gorgeous gifts!

    1. Thank you so much! I sure hope you are able to give soap-making a try. There are many recipes for fragrance-free, sensitive skin, and etc. I'm sure you could find something that worked well with your skin.

  7. Oh... I am so impressed with your soaps. Wow! So beautiful. Who wouldn't be thrilled to receive such a gift? Perfect gift for these times when soap is so essential. I love those mold designs.

    1. Thank you so much! You know, it has been fun to make and use "prettier" soaps during these times that I wash my hands a million times a day.


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