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Success After 60 - Is It Possible?

Success After 60? Yes, You Can Do It - Many Have

I'll start off apologizing in typical Canadian fashion because, yah, this review about age is a bit self-serving; I turned 60 this year - and - I'm just getting started. 

I personally live by that famous quote we've all heard: "It ain't over, 'til it's over." Actually, older-me believes it's never over; we keep growing and learning even after we transition, but that's for another day.

Are you familiar with some of the famous people who built their dreams after the age of 60? Here are just a few to inspire your aching bones.

Three Outstanding Souls Who Exemplify the Cliche "Age is Just a Number"

  • Grandma Moses: She was born Anna Mary Robertson on September 7, 1860. She began painting at the age of 78. She was known for her rural scenery paintings. In 2006 her painting, "Sugaring Off," sold for 1.6 million dollars. Yep, proof right there, "it ain't over even when it's over!" She also lived to see her paintings sell for substantial amounts for her time (the 1930s) before passing on.

  • Harry Bernstein: He enjoyed fame very late in life as a successful published author. On June 30th, 1910, he was born in Stockport, England, living 'til the ripe young age of 101 when he passed away in Brooklyn, New York, on June 3, 2011. Do you know when he wrote one of his first published successful books, The Invisible Wall: A Love Story That Broke Barriers? The loneliness of losing his wife of sixty-seven years was the catalyst of this book. He started writing it at 93 years old! The book was published in his 96th year in 2007. He wrote and published The Dream in 2008, The Golden Willow in 2009, and What Happened to Rose was published posthumously in 2012

  • Fauja Singh: His absolute tenacity has garnered him the nickname the Sikh Superman. He's the oldest living Marathoner. He was born on April 1, 1911, in British India, and at the age of 109, continues to reside in the United Kingdom. The terrible personal family losses he suffered in the 1990s redirected him back to his first passion, running. In the over 90's bracket, at the age of 93, Singh completed a marathon in six hours and fifty-four minutes.
Hidden Dreams by Barbara Tremblay Cipak
In the Poetry Book - We Will Have Morning Smiles

What I've Personally Done For This Older Body, Mind, and Soul:

Last year, for whatever reason, at the age of 59, I felt "time." What I mean by that is I felt a powerful urge to do the things I've wanted to do in life but hadn't gotten off my butt to complete. So from last year, and now into 2020, I jumped in with both feet and committed to self:
  • I self-published a 50-year collection of a book of my personal poetry work.
  • I published a series of personally written riddle books and created the website I'm currently writing book six in the series.
  • Keto saved my health. I lost over 60 pounds from 2019 to 2020. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 56 - and I was sick. Almost immobile. Today at 60, I feel ten years younger than I did at 56. Proper food and mild exercise are a part of my life every single day. It has taken a great deal of discipline, but feeling healthy is more important to me than eating the wrong foods and being sick.
  • I work very hard on body, mind, and spirit. Spirit (soul work) is just as important to my day as eating and exercise.
I'm not trying to be self-righteous - like I've had a perfect life or something. I haven't. Life has been filled with almost endless challenges. The difference for me at this age is accepting what has happened and moving forward. Always, always moving forward. After all, our time is limited.

The last page of my poetry book features a closing message to my kids. This message includes a quote that I feel perfectly describes life when times get difficult:
"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete" by Buckminister Fuller (1895-1983) American Architect, Systems Theorist, Author, Designer, Inventor and Futurist


15 Personal Life Lessons I've Learned During These 60 Years of Living:

1. Don't give up.
2. When we're tired, rest. 
3. When we need support, seek it from the safe arms of friends and family. 
4. Love with all our hearts. Tell those who matter that we love them.
5. Find the good in others. 
6. Live a life of service to others, big or small, it doesn't matter. Even the smallest contributions to another can brighten a day - something as simple as a smile or a kind word. 
7. Guard our souls. There's a saying, "don't become that which you rail against." 
8. Watch our thoughts and choose our words wisely.
9. Forgive. Forget about grudges and vengeance; they're a complete waste of energy and ultimately damaging to our soul. Accept that people will make mistakes, just like we'll make mistakes.
10. Find a way to reach our kids. Stay connected. This can be the toughest task. Do it anyway.
11. Read and advance our learning. Never stop.
12. Tolerance, compassion, kindness, and empathy are essential to the human condition. Live by those principles most or all of the time.
13. Fight temptation. Fight it hard. Dark/negative energy (whatever you decide to call it) is hunting us down every second of every day. It doesn't let up. We mustn't let it have our thoughts or our actions. We need to train our minds daily to recognize when we're slipping and put ourselves back on track as quickly as possible. We need to be proactive and kick that useless darkness out of our life-field.
14. When we need to cry, cry. Get those issues out; put them on paper, talk to someone, music, lyrics, art - whatever helps us release the pain.
15. Accept responsibility for our lives and for where we are in our life. Be honest with ourselves.

I'm currently advancing my soul by reading the best selling book gifted to me by a friend, "Your Second Life Begins When You Realize You Only Have One" by Raphaelle Giordano

I'll end this article with this moving song, inspired by the famous Paradoxical Commandments, "Anyway, by Martina McBride." If viewing this article via mobile, you can listen to the song on YouTube here.

"You can chase a dream that seems so out of reach, and you know it might not ever come your way, dream it anyway" - lyrics.

"This world's gone crazy, and it's hard to believe that tomorrow will be better than today, believe it anyway" - lyrics.

"You can pour your soul out singing a song you believe in, that tomorrow they'll forget you ever sang, sing it anyway" - lyrics.

All the best to you, do it anyway.

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  1. Beautiful and very well written. Thanks for a thoughtful and inspiring review.

  2. I've said this many times as I got older "If I only knew then what I know now" I love and agree with every one of your 15 person lessons especially number 15. I certainly believe in that famous quote "It ain't over, 'til it's over." Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. I appreciate how you pulled out number 15. That one is one I repeat often - we have to step up, look in the mirror, take responsibility for our actions, forgive ourselves when required and work on self versus trying to change others. I don't know, maybe that comes with age or something lol. Thanks Sam.

  3. A heartfelt message we can truly believe in, because it comes with love from your heart, Barbara. Thank you for sharing this powerful message with all of us. This is perfectly presented at a time when we all need an extra little dose of love, caring and consideration - some of which we can learn to give ourselves. Thanks.... and HUGS To You.

    1. Thank you for your kind words - you keep me calm too - you're online presence is exactly that, calming - something this world needs a little more of. <3

  4. What a beautiful and inspiring article Barbara! I have always appreciated your outlook and influence. Your patience, thoughtfulness, and willingness to let each individual be who and what they need to be, without judgement, has always been admirable. In all the years we have worked together, I've never heard you speak an unkind word against anyone. Your calm influence affects everyone around you. You are truly a delight in my life every day. It hasn't been so long ago since I told a mutual friend I would do a certain job only if you would commit to it as well. I knew I needed your influence. You are so easy to love because you love so easily. Thank you for being you,and for being our friend.

    1. You take my breath away, what a beautiful statement - I'm truly moved. You are all those things to me as well. I too have never read or heard you speak negatively about others - a quality I truly admire. I trust you in all aspects of life - you're a gracious soul who works hard for all of us. Love you back.

  5. Barbara dear, this post really spoke to me! As I’ve told you many times, you have been, and continue to be, a huge source of inspiration, encouragement, and positivity in my life, and I’m deeply grateful for your friendship. By making an all-in commitment to yourself - your health and wellbeing, your goals, your dreams, and your values, you have changed not only your own life for the better, but also the lives of all those who know you. I love and appreciate your sharing your list of your top 15 life lessons, and agree that number 15 is SO important! Your extraordinary strength of character, kindness, positivity, centeredness, courage, and commitment to live without regrets and according to your beliefs fill me with equal parts admiration and inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing so much of your beautiful soul and spirit, in this wonderful article and elsewhere.

    1. Thank you dear friend. You are everything you just wrote and more - maybe that's why we've always connected. We are travelling the same energy fields, and for that I'm truly grateful. Like-minded souls are such a soft place to land in this busy, crazy, antagonistic world. Kindred spirits can be rare as well. The way you've taken charge of your life's direction, both physically and mentally is also incredibly inspirational to me. I'm grateful to live when you live; it' comforting.

  6. Barbara, I'm so glad you wrote this and I know that it will resound with many people. Growing in all it's forms is a life-long endeavor and we are called to make it the best experience every day. You have nailed that down well. Thanks for a wonderful review that makes people stop and think and then grow!

  7. A powerful tribute to overflowing with life in the midst of change and challenges. I so appreciate who you are and how you lift up everyone who crosses your path. Thank you for you... in all your 60ish glory.

  8. This is such an inspiring, moving and heartfelt article. I love your 15 Personal Life Lessons. Especially at the present time they are very valuable lessons to live by. The three outstanding souls are amazing! Just shows that we do not have to give up beyond a certain age, in fact we can grow and flourish! You are an inspiration as well with all you have achieved and set your mind to. Beautiful article Barbara. Thank you!


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