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Reviewing Right Behind You by Rachel Abbott

 The idea behind this book is just horrifying for any parent, let me paint you a picture .....

Reviewing a suspense filled novel by Rachel Abbott - Right Behind You
Purchase Right Behind You by Rachel Abbott on Amazon - photo by Lou16

Imagine you have a young child and one day the police come to your door to arrest your partner for child endangerment, at the same time a social worker and another police officer inform you that your daughter has to go with them and you can't accompany her because you may influence what she says.

Wouldn't you go out of your mind with worry about your child as well as wondering if you knew your partner as well as you thought and going over every little detail that you could think of?

Now let's say you wait and you don't hear anything so finally you decide you're going to call the police station because, seriously, your daughter must be worried not being with her mum for so long.   The next thing you discover is the police have no record of your partner's arrest and certainly don't have your daughter.   It was an elaborate ruse to kidnap your child and now you have to work out why - will there be a ransom, was your partner involved?

This book was a real page-turner and if you enjoy suspenseful fiction then you will absolutely love this.   I did work out who was behind it before the book revealed which I found very frustrating, but that's something I'm known for with both movies and books!

This book gets a big thumbs up from me, although I am very glad my daughter is an adult now, the author's idea is truly terrifying to any parent and I'm not sure I would've wanted to read it had my own daughter been a pre-schooler.   That's how good it was.

I have never come across Rachel Abbott before but I will certainly be looking out for some of her books in the future.   I actually got the kindle version of this book for free as I have an Amazon Prime account.   I love having a Prime membership because I can try different authors and even different genres of books for free before purchasing more books.

Rachel Abbott has several other books available in book form, in Kindle form as well as audiobooks, in fact, a couple of them are available for free if you decide to trial audible (I don't have this yet, but a number of people have been telling me to try it).

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  1. Oh Louanne, this book sounds like a real heart stopping type of novel. I don't think I would want to be a parent of a young child and be reading this either. I was a worry-wart kind of parent to begin with, so didn't need any encouragement that way. But, now that they are grown, I imagine I would really enjoy this kind of story. A heart stopper and page turner are my kinds of books. Thanks for a great review.

  2. What a scary situation to find yourself in. To have your child taken away for reasons stated would be upsetting enough. But to then find out it was a ruse to kidnap would be terrifying. I see this is Book 9 in Rachael Abbott's Tom Douglas thrillers series. Love having a whole series to read when you discover a new favorite author.

  3. This book would definitely horrify me, or any parent. Now that my children are grown, and I don't have grandchildren, I could probably read it without being terrorized. While it is a work of fiction, we do know children are stolen or kidnapped in real life. That makes the storyline even more frightening. Like you, I love being able to find books for free as an Amazon Prime member. I did take Amazon up on the offer to try their Kindle Unlimited for 2 months for 99¢/month. I don't know that I will keep it once the price goes up to 9.99/mt, but the price was right for a trial.
    I think I just might read this book Lou! Normally, suspense books aren't my cup of tea. I tend to like to sleep without nightmares, but I am intrigued by your review and recommendation. I want to know who was responsible and if the mom gets her daughter back unharmed.

  4. This book would absolutely be one my mother would want to read. Thanks for the review, I'll add it my list of books for her.

  5. This sounds absolutely terrifying, Lou! Not something I could read (I'd have nightmares for days!), but it sounds like a remarkable work of fiction for fans of this genre!

  6. This sounds like a compelling scary read and perfect for people who love suspense/thriller novels. Thank you for a great review!


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