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Fall Leaves Placemats & Tablerunners Reviewed

Fall Placemats
Like many of our Contributors, I love the fall and the beautiful colors of nature.  The yellow, gold, orange, and red leaves falling all around are simply stunning.

With the fall, we welcome cooler weather which tends to keep us indoors more and looking out the windows at the beautiful landscape.  That makes me want to bring some of the beautiful leaves inside, which I have certainly done in the past.

Several years ago, I was doing a bit of early Christmas shopping when I spotted the gorgeous fall leaves cutwork placemats.  There were only two left, but that was fine for my kitchen table, which only seats two.  

We removed our large kitchen table decades ago and replaced it with a couch & chair.  Not only does that provide comfortable seating in the kitchen, but it forces us to use the dining room, which was previously only used for holidays.

The fall leaves cutwork placemats are perfect for my husband and myself at our smaller kitchen table.  Plus, they provide really beautiful fall decor in the center of our kitchen.

fall placemats

Fall Leaves Placemats

Forest Blanket with Poly-Suede Cutwork Round Doily - 16 inch placmats (Set of 4)Forest Blanket with Poly-Suede Cutwork - 16 inch placmats (Set of 4)Check PriceMy fall leaves placemats are made of a faux suede material.  The cutwork design gives them a nostalgic look that appeals to us.  Our table is wood, a gift from my grandmother's home.  The wood table provides the perfect background for the fall leaves placemats.

When our daughter visited last fall, she commented on how pretty these placemats are on the table.  Normally, we all have very different decor preferences.  Apparently, these fall leaves placemats appeal to a variety of decor tastes. 

The current fall leaves placemats that are available are slightly different from mine in colors.  That is common with fabric due to different runs or fabric selection.  It could also be due to a different manufacturer.  Photography lighting can also affect an image.  Regardless, they are still stunning!

If you stop by my article about my grandmother, you will see the table in it's original place in her home.  That photo was taken on Christmas over 30 years ago.

Fall Leaves Tablerunner

Owenie Fall Leaves Table Runners,Thanksgiving Centerpieces for Tables, 13Inch x 34Inch Embroidered Maple Leaf table decor for Harvest, Autumn Farmhouse Decorations for Home Settings, Machine Washable.Owenie Fall Leaves Table Runners,Thanksgiving Centerpieces for Tables, 13Inch x 34Inch Embroidered Maple Leaf table decor for Harvest, Autumn Farmhouse Decorations for Home Settings, Machine Washable.Check PriceOur kitchen opens up to our dining room where we have the large dining room table that seats 8-12 easily.  Recently, I came across a fall leaves tablerunner that compliments my placemats.  That ties the decor in the two rooms together nicely.  

The tablerunner is not an exact match, but that is not really noticeable unless you place them side by side.  That doesn't matter to us since they are used on different tables.  Plus, there is something naturally eclectic about them not matching, just as hundreds of leaves don't match when blanketing the yard.

If you were going to use the table runners and the placemats on the same table, I would recommend buying the exact same pattern all at the same time.  

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  1. Very pretty placemats. Nothing says 'Fall' decor better than images of the gorgeous Fall Foliage nature gives us each year around this time. Thanks for featuring my Harvest Time Home Decor article in your fall table decor feature.

    1. I love that article Elf! I was more than happy to include it here. Thank you for your kind comments. I enjoy have the pretty fall colors in my kitchen.

  2. Love you cutout leaves placemats. They give such a wonderful fall feeling to your kitchen.

    1. Yes, they do Mary Beth! I really like the cut-out design on our wood tables because it allows the table to shown through the open areas in the design.

  3. Oh these are very pretty indeed. A nice way to celebrate Autumn without the chills you get outside. I love it.

    1. lol about the chills from outside! I certainly get to feel that enough just letting Merlin out as needed. I really do love having the warmth of color & interior.

  4. I absolutely love these! They are spectacular. I want them lol. Also a great idea to shrink down your kitchen table to encourage more use of the dining room.

    1. It works better that way for me and our family Barbara. I hated being off in the kitchen cooking, while everyone else was chatting in the den. Now, with the couch & chair where the large kitchen table used to be, they can sit and chat with me. And, yes, I love using my dining room table. Once I thought about it, it started to seem redundant to have two tables in our home since the kitchen opens to the dining room. Thank you!

  5. Your autumn leaves placemats and table runner in those lovely fall colors are just beautiful! They really evoke the feel of the season. And how special to have your grandmother's table in your kitchen! Putting the couch and chair in the kitchen was such a smart idea, allowing you, your husband and your son to be together when you're cooking. And I love that it "forces" you to enjoy your dining room, and its beautiful table, every evening, instead of "saving" it for company. We all deserve to enjoy our "best" china, room, etc.!

  6. There are few things I love more about autumn than lovely fall leaves. How wonderful to decorate your home and kitchen with these lovely placemats and runners. They would be perfect for Thanksgiving, too. Your kitchen chairs are very similar to mine. I have a solid oak clawfoot table with four of those chairs.

  7. Oh I Love the fall leaves cutwork placemats!! I adore Autumn/Fall colours and that design is lovely. It does look especially good on your beautiful wooden table. As the days get colder and the nights draw in Autumn decor like that and the table runner help to make a home cosy and warm.


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