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Book Related Home Decor - A Review of Various Product Ideas

With the holidays creeping up, gift ideas start rolling around in our heads.

For the avid reader, book-related home decor is an excellent choice. Generally speaking, home decor can be quite expensive, so you may want to pool your resources. 

You Can View a List of Suggested Book Related Home Decor Products Here

Book Themed End-Tables

You have to check these out. They vary in design and style, and some feature the base or tabletop in the shape and/or look of stacked books. They're quite pricy, so as mentioned above, you may need to pool resources to give one of these as a gift.

Area Rugs Featuring Book Art

These particular rugs come in multiple styles. The most common designs are the book-themed area rugs for children. You've probably seen many of those online. They're bright and colorful and ideal for a nursery, playroom, or even the classroom. Nowadays, they're a practical addition to the homeschooling work area.

There are other styles of book rugs suitable for an adult space. They feature original artwork of books or book pages on the rug. An adult-themed book area rug is ideal for a home office, home library, a reading room, or a bedroom designed with a book theme. 

Lamps Designed With Books

If an area rug or book-themed end table is too large an investment, take a look at these book-themed lamps. Some are sculpted with a prominent figure standing on top of a stack of books. Check out the prices; I think you'll be surprised at their affordability for a wedding shower or birthday gift. The likelihood that someone else shows up with one of these lamps is probably slim to nil, so you're sure to be gifting something unique.

Book Wallpaper, Murals, Art and Decals

When we consider book-themed decor, we generally think in terms of art pieces. You can find wallpaper that mocks the look of a library wall or go with smaller vinyl graphics. Wallpaper that looks like a bookshelf filled with books makes a stunning addition to a room decorated in a warm, deep, comfortable theme. You can view a larger variety of book artwork on the product page link above; however, here are a few examples to give you an idea of just how rich-looking these can be.

So, for that book lover in the family, you don't have to resort to just giving books as a gift - go for something different. The above product page also features several additional book-themed items not discussed here - be sure to take a look.

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  1. Oh Barbara you have given us a lot of choices in book related decor items. I think my favorites are the carpets with books around the edges. So bright and they would make a child's room just perfect with a special space to lay out with a good book. I do have a soft spot for reading and children. These rugs combine the two beautifully. Thanks for a comprehensive list of great items for the home with books at their core.

  2. I love books and you have chosen really lovely ideas here! Of course I like the book end themed end tables the most! I think a few well chosen pieces from your review would give a beautiful and individual style to a home. I can see these pieces being beautiful Christmas gifts and also wedding gifts for the book loving couple or a house warming present. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Gifts in a book-theme is a great idea. I love anything to do with books. You find such interesting home decor items, Barbara.

  4. As an avid reader, books are naturally a part of my home decor. They are a very important part of my life, for education as well as entertainment. Since I now read mostly on my Kindle, it is nice to still have the look of books around me and I can easily see how several of these decor ideas would fit my own personality. Truly an excellent gift idea for a book lover.

  5. I've always loved the look of a traditional library room, with hardwood paneling and built-in, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves filled with leather-bound books. Few of us have the luxury of such a room, so I love that your book-themed home d├ęcor ideas can help us create a similar look and feel in a den or living room. Great ideas for anyone who loves to read, regardless of the book format!

  6. Love these ideas - my favorite book decor are the category signs from the now closed and beloved Borders books!


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