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Warm Toes and Funny Socks are a Great Combination

Summertime has ended and it's now time to get out the woolies!  Cold feet are one of the first things I notice when the weather changes!  Here's a great Gift Idea!

Not many of us like cold feet and for me personally, it is the first thing that I notice as the fall becomes a fact of life.  I hate having cold feet! Add a pair of socks and I'm feeling warm well into the evenings after sundown.  Toasty toes are something that I really like.  
toes in the sand

In the summer months that's not a problem, but once October rolls around, I'm scrambling to get my tootsies into something that will keep them and me happy. 

Bring on the socks!  

The days of putting your feet into a pair of boring socks are gone forever.  Today, many of us are choosing to use our feet to help tell our story! 

There are so many choices and some really fun ideas to keep the word "BORING" out of your sock drawer.  

My son's wedding a couple of years ago, was a great time to let loose, even though it was a very formal and "special" occasion, they still wanted to add some fun.

All the groomsmen were outfitted with Socks with Star Wars themes on them!  Both the Bride and Groom loved Star Wars, so it was fitting to add  little "Space Extras" into their day.

men modeling socks

Novelty Socks have taken the market by storm.  Today you can get socks to show support for your favorite team or sport.  You can get socks that have funny sayings on them and lots with colorful patterns.  The best thing is that these are not just for the kids anymore.

These socks come in adult sizes for both men and women.  Oh children can still get some wonderful socks too!

Funny Socks really make a great gift for almost anytime of year. Even funny socks will be useful.  They aren't too expensive either.  So you can have some fun without breaking the proverbial bank!

When my grandchildren were younger I would buy them socks that were colorful and full of many different designs.  Sorting socks after washing became a game and some fun for them too.  It's so much easier to sort socks when there's a bold design on them, then just your regular white, grey or black sports socks.

Funny and Bold socks are just so much fun compared to what we have been used to.  Designs cover every holiday, sports teams, lifestyle choices and so much more.  You can even have socks custom made just for your and your family.

My best friend gifted me a pair of socks last year.  Looking at them you wouldn't think they were too outlandish, but when you see the soles of the socks, you just have to laugh.  She knows me far too well.

You can get some idea of the socks that are available on the link below.
Novelty Socks for the Whole Familynovelty socks

Novelty Socks are a great gift idea all year long.  Because they are affordable, you can send someone a gift without having to worry and with Amazon you can have it sent directly to the recipient.  Just remember to mark it as a gift at the check out!  

Are you and your best friends having a sports showdown?  Get them a pair of socks with their favorite team and let them walk the walk in style and support!

I like that you can send someone a pair of socks and you know that they will find them useful and I'm sure they will have a good laugh at your choice for them.  

My eldest Grandson would love the socks with sayings on the bottom!  His favorite would be " Do Not Disturb and I'm Busy Gaming" on the feet.  

These are the ones I have and the ones I'm getting for my grandson!

I'm sure you will find a time and a celebration that would be a perfect time to send some special socks to rock your family and friends.

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  1. I love those novelty socks, especially as gift ideas. A few years ago I sent my sister-in-law -- proud owner of a Boston Terrier puppy -- a set of novelty socks with paw prints and the Boston Terrier image on them for her birthday. And since there are many 'sock days' to celebrate in the world of 'wacky holidays', these novelty and funny socks fit right in. :)

    1. I love them too! There are just so many different colors, themes and each one of them are really fun. I think this would make a great gift and it's cost effective too. Yes, bring on all the wacky Holidays and I could have a pair of socks to match each one.

  2. My mom still gives me funny socks for Christmas every year. I love wearing humorous socks. I was wearing Christmas reindeer socks they day my daughter was born (in June). I still have those socks and laugh every time I see them in my sock drawer. Laughter is good for us, so why not have fun with our apparel, especially if it is apparel that shows only when I choose to show it.

    1. Laughter is good medicine and so are warm feet! It's a win-win in my books. When I was in high school (many years ago) the only thing that we could customize on our uniforms were the socks. Back them there weren't so many choices as there are today. I love crazy socks!

  3. Many years ago, my husband bought me a pair of Boris and Natasha socks (one Boris and one Natasha, lol), since he knew I was a huge fan of the Rocky & Bullwinkle TV cartoon series. I still love wearing them!

    1. Oh, another Rocky and Bullwinkle fan. I bet those socks are great! A real conversation starter and they keep your tootsies warm too!

  4. Olivia, I love funky socks too. One of my sons has a lot of them. In the winter my fave socks are the furry warm socks, with a pair of flannel pajama bottoms and a heavy sweatshirt - I call that the 'husband repellent' lol.

    1. I bet your "husband repeller" doesn't work. Mine would find me adorable in that kind of a get-up. Comfort and a little bit of fun on your feet makes lots of people happy. Glad you love socks too!

    2. Olivia, lol - it works, sometimes :)

  5. Oh Olivia I am totally with you on the warm socks! I need warm cuddly socks in Autumn and winter to keep me happy:) I agree why should we wear boring socks, I love the variety you have suggested here and they are great gift ideas too. Have to say I love what they did with the socks at your sons wedding, that is just wonderful!

  6. Always love socks with a sense of humor! Great ideas :)


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