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Show a Little Love: Stuffies That Will Make you Smile

Today is National Stuffed Animal Day!  Guess What?  I love my "Stuffies" and I'm not alone! 
A Gift Review

Is there anything more fun than going out and getting a new stuffed animal for the child (ren) in your life?  I don't think so.  Every kid I know, by the time they are 5 or 6 years old, are the proud owners of at least 5-10 stuffed animals.  Let's try to understand why these are such a great gifts at any time of the year, for kids and grown ups too!

stuffed animals
From newborns to seniors, stuffed animals are always a favorite toy/gift.  Whether it's baby number one or more, each newborn is sure to receive a Teddy Bear!  They are the #1 stuffed toy that people reach for.  I have witnessed the connection kids can have with that first stuffed animal first hand as my granddaughter (12) still has her Teddy Bear right there in the bed beside her every night.  My other granddaughter happens to love her unicorn and my grandson has his favorite bunny and dog snuggled right up to his pillow every night.

Some people love Teddy Bears, others love Sheep, Lady Bugs, or their favorite Cartoon Characters.  All of them are available as Stuffed "animals", although that is really a misnomer.  Not everything that is stuffed is an animal,  there are lots of stuffed "characters" as well.  That's why I prefer to call them "Stuffies", because you just never know!  

For years past, children loved their Raggedy Ann and Andy stuffed toys. It was a great way to engage children with the story books too.   Today, Raggedy Ann and Andy are not quite as popular, but there are many others that have taken their place.  Mickey and Minnie Mouse have been favorites for years as well. Paddington Bear and Winnie the Pooh all have story books to read to the little ones while they are busy hugging  their "Stuffie"!

Whenever a new Family Movie comes out, there are at least six or seven (or more) new stuffed toys that are offered in the marketplace.  Monsters Inc.  was a fantastic movie for kids and afterwards, there were kids that wanted "Mike" or "Sulley" stuffed toys to add to their collection.  Toy Story also had a great run with kids and there were so many stuffed animals and characters out on the marketplace after that movie as well.  Buzz Lightyear and Woody come in a variety of toy styles.  Add the Little Mermaid,  Gremlins, Wookies and a host of other "Other Worldly" characters and you know that the list of Stuffies is almost endless.  

Whether they are a character from a movie or cartoon show, or just your favorite Bear, Bunny, Elephant, Sheep or other animal.  There are so many out there and each one has it's own pull on your heartstrings.  If you need some help figuring it all out, here's my Favorites that you can go through. Olivia's Favorite Stuffies

Kids need to have a toy that is cuddly and soft.  They love to carry them around and even share their treats with their little stuffies.  I know my grandchildren had fun watching movies and snacking with their best buddies tucked comfortably in the crook of their arms. The connection that kids make with their favorite stuffed toys is really heartwarming to see.  My one granddaughter has shared her times in hospital with her favorite bear!  If you want to know more about that you can read about her need for some comfort right here!

Stuffed Animals and Characters really do play an important part in a child's life and so I really do believe that it's great to celebrate these toys with a special whimsical holiday. 

This year especially due to our restrictions, this just might be a great way to celebrate Halloween with the little ones in our lives.  A great movie and some treats along with their favorite stuffie and you have a party to remember!

Happy Halloween everyone, stay safe and healthy! But please find time to have some fun too!

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  1. I am a big fan of stuffies in all shapes and forms, Olivia. My firstborn son had a teddy bear that became his constant companion for the first 4 years of his life. 'Teddy' went everywhere with him whether he was sleeping, eating, playing or going out in the car. I agree that stuffed animals are important.

    1. Oh Pat, my Uncle has one from when he was a child, it's bald now but it still means so much to him. He fled Germany before the war and it was the only thing he was allowed to take with him. Today, he has a collection of 50+ bears and dogs. Stuffies don't have any age restriction on them.

  2. I still have my plush animals from my own childhood days. Well, correction! My children have my plush animals from my youth. They continue to love and care for my original babies. Of course, they each have their own collection too. You're right, we all love plush animals. They are often our first toy, first best friend, first comforter, and first confidant. If they could talk, they could sure share some stories!

    1. I think it's a good thing that they can't talk! I'm sure our hair would curl if we knew half the stuff that they have witnessed over the years. I'm glad you can still visit some of your old friends.

  3. There's something very special about hugging and cuddling a plush animal (even as adults). Sylvestermouse put it perfectly: "They are often our first toy, first best friend, first comforter, and first confidant." What a wonderful gift to give to a child!

  4. I so agree Margaret, it saddens me when I see parents get rid of their children's precious friends. My son who is in his mid 40's misplaced his favorite bear and he still looks for a replacement every time he goes out shopping with his kids. We still don't know what happened to his "Rafiki"!

  5. I am a fan of stuffed animals, think they make great gifts, and still have my Eeyore.

  6. We had so many when the kids were young. We donated bags of them as the kids grew up. My youngest brother had a stuffed dog when he was little, and no matter how ratty it got, we had to keep it. I loved Barbie Dolls lol.

  7. I love teddy bears and soft toys! There is something warm and reassuring about them that children - and adults treasure. I still have my first teddy bear-my parents bought her for me when I was born and I always looked after her. These soft toys make lovely gifts and are loved and treasured for years and years.


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