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Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Your Back Will Love This Practical Laundry Bag Backpack

Carrying laundry to and from the basement laundry room in our old house has always been a bit nerve-wracking, thanks to the narrow, steep basement steps that wouldn’t meet today’s building codes. I can’t navigate them safely without holding onto the handrail (which is only on one side). So, when I was perusing Amazon and accidentally happened upon a laundry bag backpack, I got quite excited.

Today, I’m sharing my review of this spacious, practical laundry bag backpack that turned out to be the perfect solution to my clothes-toting challenge.

Lightweight, comfortable laundry bag backpack great for college students!

Whether you have a large family, hate doing laundry or know a busy college student who makes trips to the washer and dryer only when they're running out of clean clothes, toting around large loads of laundry can be a real pain in the back, especially for those of us who already suffer from back pain. Fortunately, the smart folks at √Ézhido have made toting multiple loads' worth of dirty or clean clothes back and forth to the laundry room or laundromat a lot easier on the back with their extra-large laundry bag backpack.

Here's what I love about it.

Hands-Free, Comfortable, Back-Sparing Design

Because it's a backpack, my hands are free to hold onto the banister as I lug my tops, pants, underwear, socks, etc. up and down the stairs to the washer and dryer. There is also much less strain on my back, thanks to the lightweight fabric and the weight load of the contents being balanced behind me and distributed evenly between the comfortable, thick, foam padded straps. 

As a result, I can easily carry multiple loads' worth of apparel to and from the laundry room in one trip, something I could never manage with a conventional laundry bag or basket.

Extra-Large Capacity

Excluding the gray, drawstring-top extension gusset (which folds down into the bag when not needed those dimensions increase to 39.4"L x 15.1"W x 15.1"H with a 115-liter (4.06-cubic foot) capacity, easily enough space to accommodate three to four loads' worth of clothing.

There is also a 15” x 11.2” outer pocket to hold laundry detergent and other items, which is especially useful if you are going to and from a laundromat. I have also used it to keep delicate, hand-washable items separate.

partially filled laundry bag backpack
Even filled with two loads' worth of clothing, the bag is just half full.

Perfect for Bedding and Oversized Items

Because of its generous capacity, this laundry bag backpack can be used to carry large quilts and comforters, king-size bedding, pillows, down coats and others large, bulky items that can be unwieldy.

Adjustable Size

Just as the extension gusset at the top accommodates extra-large loads, the webbing strap can be folded over the top and securely latched to make the bag more compact when carrying smaller loads. The length of the shoulder straps can also be adjusted to fit the wearer and balance the weight optimally.

Man wearing laundry bag backpack
You can gauge the size of this extra-large laundry bag backpack on my 6' tall husband. The gray webbing strap can be folded over the top and securely latched on the other side to make the bag more compact for smaller loads. You can also see the large outer pocket for detergent, delicates, etc.

Sturdy Fabric and Durable Construction

The main body and padded straps of this laundry backpack are made of sturdy, rip-resistant 600-denier oxford cloth fabric. All points of wear have reinforced stitching, and the durable webbing straps and secure locking catches are also made for heavy-duty wear and tear over the years.

laundry backpack with foam padded straps
You can see the reinforced stitching and sturdy webbing on all the straps as well as the loop for hanging on a hook or doorknob or to carry the bag by hand for smaller loads.

Convenient Carry Handle / Hanging Loop

The sturdy loop made of heavy-duty webbing can be used to hang this laundry hamper backpack from a doorknob or hook or even carry it if your load is light.

Wide Opening

The wide opening at the top makes both filling and unloading this laundry bag extremely easy.

Wide opening in laundry backpack
You can see how easy it is to fill and unload the bag, thanks to the wide top opening (the gray extension gusset is opened up here to accommodate up to 3–4 loads).

Compact Folded Size

When not in use, this laundry bag backpack folds down to a very compact size for storage.

laundry bag backpack folded to compact size

Wide Choice of Colors

At the time of this review's publication, this laundry bag backpack comes in a choice of 13 colors: Teal (the one I chose), Army Green, Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Khaki (a pale tan, like chinos), Light Purple (a plum color), Orange, Pink, Purple (a grape color), Red (a deep crimson), Yellow and Charcoal Grey. The wide selection of colors is especially nice if you plan to give these as gifts.

Very Affordable

At the time of this review's publication, the price of this extra-large, heavy-duty laundry bag backpack on Amazon is on sale for less than $22 ($20.49 TO $21.49, depending on the color), regularly $22.99-$26.59, making it an affordable and effective solution to a frustrating problem.

Makes a Great, Practical Gift

The manufacturer emphasizes the usefulness of this product for college students, and I agree that these would make wonderful graduation gifts for high school seniors or anytime gifts for college students.

I also think they would be terrific gifts for anyone who uses a laundromat, has their laundry room on a different floor from the bedrooms or just does a lot of large loads on a regular basis.

Your Back Will Love This Practical Laundry Bag Backpack by Margaret Schindel

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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

The Benefits Of Seatbelt Protectors Reviewed

I recently bought a seatbelt protector for the first time. It has proved to be a very useful and essential item. It is simply attached around the seatbelt in the car to provide more comfort when driving. It can also be used for any other straps on various bags for extra comfort for our shoulders, neck and chest. 

Seatbelt Protectors

The reason I looked into buying a seatbelt protector is that after having surgery a few months ago I got clearance from my surgeon to resume driving. The nurse did however advise me that because of where the scar is and that the seatbelt cuts across it that I may find it a lot more comfortable with some form of cushioning.

She suggested wrapping a towel or small blanket around the seatbelt to protect my skin and the scar tissue, which I initially thought was a great idea.

However, while this is an inexpensive idea I could not get on with it as it kept slipping and felt very bulky and certainly not a great look either. 

Nevertheless, it was clear that I was going to be uncomfortable for a long time if I drove or was a passenger wearing a seatbelt in the car so I had to find something. Here in the UK it is a legal requirement for all drivers and passengers -with very few exemptions- to wear an individual seatbelt. If we do not wear a seatbelt we can be given a hefty fine and penalty points on our license. 

The hard edges of the seatbelt and the hard material hurt my skin now and where it lies is very close to the scar. I do not like to wear a coat when driving so there is not much buffer of clothing between my skin and the hard seatbelt. 

 So when I found this seatbelt protector it seemed an excellent idea! I chose a fake fur one as I thought it would be the softest option. I wanted it to protect my skin from any chafing or cutting from the seatbelt.  

Seatbelt Protectors
Seatbelt Protector Velcro Fastening Side Up 

Factors To Consider When Buying A Seatbelt Protector

What colours and patterns do you like?
Mine is in grey as I thought it would blend in with my car's decor. However, if you wanted to have some colour or make a statement they do come in different colours and patterns. I have seen many in pink and blue and black and different patterns to suit everyone's taste. There are some fun designs for children as well. 

Decide the right size for you. 
I chose a seatbelt protector that is a little longer than average so mine is 13 inches long, many are around 10 inches. I think in normal circumstances 10 inches would be perfectly good but I just wanted to make sure none of the seatbelt had edges touching my body. Extra long seatbelt protectors are readily available to purchase.

Ease of use. 
You do need to slide the seatbelt protector up and down the seatbelt to get it adjusted to fit in the right place but in my experience, it stays there once positioned. 

The one I have is fastened with velcro. It is very easy to fit as you just pull the strong velcro apart, fit around the seatbelt and seal up the velcro again. It takes no time at all. To take off just unseal the velcro. 

I wear it with the edges of the velcro away from my body but you could wear it either way round.

Fabric composition. 
 I chose fake fur as I wanted the softest possible material. They are warm in winter and cool in summer so time will tell. So far I will say it is very soft and for me makes driving a lot more comfortable. I am not finding it too hot even in this mini heatwave we are currently having. Faux Sheepskin Seatbelt protectors are also available if you like the feel of sheepskin.

You can also buy them in a quilted looking fabric, so if you do not like the look or feel of fake fur or faux sheepskin, this is a good option. All these options can be found in a variety of colours to suit your taste or your car decor. 

While they should not need washing all the time, you will want to clean them so it is important to check if it is machine or hand washable.    

Seatbelt Protectors velcro
Velcro Fastening On My Seatbelt Protector 

Seatbelt Protectors Are Comfortable

 As there were two in the pack we fitted the other seatbelt protector one to the passenger seat and my husband has used it as well. He said he wonders why we did not fit them years ago as it makes wearing a seatbelt significantly more comfortable as it provides a cushion between you and the seatbelt hard edges.

I imagine it would also be helpful to fit these for children to make their car journeys safer and more comfortable and encourage them to wear their seatbelts with a fun design.

I think they would be helpful for many people who may find the seatbelt cuts across their necks, shoulders or chest when driving or a passenger. 

Inside Seatbelt Protectors
Inside Of The Seatbelt Protector

There Are Many Uses For Seatbelt Protectors

I bought mine for a very specific reason initially, but now I have it I can see there are many more practical uses for them!

I can see them being very useful and practical protecting us from backpack straps which can often cut in on the shoulders and laptop bags which can cut across the body or shoulders with a laptop and maybe heavier work materials to be carried as well.

Seatbelt protectors may be very handy when carrying baby bags which often have a lot of items inside. They may even be useful when carrying baby close to your body in a baby harness.

Sports bags such as golf bags which can be heavy and awkward would also be more comfortable to move around with a seatbelt protector.

It would be wonderful to make carrying heavy luggage when on holiday easier. Also when we next travel by plane I will take a couple with us for when we wear seatbelts during the flight to make it more comfortable. 

I have even thought of buying another one for my camera bag which has good straps but can cut in when it's around my neck for a while. See The Perfect Camera Strap Cover to Protect Your Neck by Sylvestermouse Cynthia about how to use it on a camera strap.

 Using it on these types of bags will help prevent any strap cutting in on the shoulder, chest, or neck and make carrying heavier or awkward bags more comfortable.

So, in addition to using them for driving and whenever I am a passenger in any vehicle,  I will certainly be using one when we are traveling with bags for day trips or on longer holidays for our luggage. 

Seatbelt protectors are not particularly expensive and in addition to our own personal use, would also make a great and thoughtful gift idea for many people.

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Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

Sunday, November 22, 2020

5 Health Related Gift Ideas

Review of 5 Health-Related Gift Ideas

Especially during Covid times, health-related gifts are something to consider.

Some people may have had enough thinking about Covid and prefer not to be reminded of it via gifts. However, these items are practical beyond this crazy time.

Here's a List of Health-Related Gift Ideas

Product Page Featuring the Items Listed Below Is Here

1. A Pulse Oximeter

We recently bought a pulse oximeter; it's similar to this one. Ours requires two AAA batteries. After watching endless news reports on how tracking your oxygen levels with Covid is wise, I decided we needed to have one on hand. According to medical experts, Covid may cause your oxygen levels to drop quickly, so tracking is important. Fortunately, so far we've avoided the Covid nightmare here (knock-on-wood), but just to be safe, I ordered one. 

2. A Blood Pressure Device

Several people in my family have one of these on hand. I decided, yep, time for us to get with the program. I have the blood-pressure monitor app on my phone; however, it's a bit awkward. The Health App is handy when you're on the road, but an actual blood pressure device is nice to have in the home. On the above product page, you'll notice they range in price from lower to higher.

3. Face Masks

One year ago, would we have ever considered face-masks as a gift-thing? The world is slipping off its axis or something. Most of us have masks now, but a lovely gift idea is personalizing it to the user's taste. I would love something that fits my personality and likes. I'm too busy to hunt for them or make them; I need someone else to do it for me, lol.

4. Air Purifiers & Humidifiers

Not just during Covid times, but all year round, an air purifier serves a valuable purpose; it cleans the air. Since most of us resist purchasing what we consider 'extras,' this item makes both a thoughtful and practical gift. Who wouldn't love to get one of these? When you visit the product page (link is above), you'll notice they can be a bit expensive depending on the one you choose. When pooling resources, this makes a quality gift.

If an air purifier is out of the price range, consider a small table-top humidifier. They're especially useful for apartment dwellers. We purchased several a few years ago and gave them out as gifts. They were very much appreciated.

5. Adjustable Thermostats

We have one, as most people do. If a loved one or friend doesn't happen to have an adjustable thermostat, consider it a practical gift. Check out the Google Nest Auto Learning Thermostat as well. Ours is a different brand and not self-learning, but we use it for both heat and air conditioning. I have various times of the day stored at different temperatures. Very handy. Highly recommended.

Build a Personalized Health-Related Gift Basket

Consider making a health gift basket with cold and flu products, a thermometer, masks, healthy juices, boost, bandaids, vitamins, candles, creams, and lotions - throw in a book or two.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas <3

P.S. - I'm not a doctor or medical professional - These recommendations are strictly my personal suggestions.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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