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Umbrella: The Word, History, Origin, Parts and A Few of My Favorites

Umbrella: The Word, History, Origin, Parts and A Few of My Favorites

This page is a resource page for things related to a tool that I and many others consider essential, the umbrella. Here you will find a bit of information about the umbrella including a definition, the history, the origins of the word and even a great info graphic that shares the names of all of the parts for you. Finally, you will find a few of my favorite umbrellas with links to more reading about them.


An umbrella can be loosely defined as a canopy to help shield one against rain. They're a tool that is generally designed to be hand held and often are very fashionable. Umbrellas can also shield from the sun but are lesser used in that regard and I think of a parasol as something to be carried to protect from the sun.


The basic umbrella was invented over four thousand years ago as a device for protection against the sun. It was the Chinese who waterproofed them for rain protection but it wasn't until the 1900s that the umbrellas which we are familiar with today were invented.


The word umbrella is derived from the Latin word umbra which comes from an ancient Greek word, ombros which means shade or shadow. 


The word brolly is a slang word for umbrella that is often used in Britain, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. Other terms for umbrella include bumbershoot and 'bella with the second coined by pop music star Rihanna. 


Yes, all of the parts of an umbrella have a name. Here’s an info graphic for those who are curious about what the various parts are called.

Umbrella Parts Infographic


Did you know there was such a thing as National Umbrella Day? How about National Umbrella Month? If not, you can read more about National Umbrella Month here and about National Umbrella Day here.


The umbrella shows up in an endless variety of fictional stories as well as in real life now and historically. Curious about some of the stories tied to celebrity umbrellas? Check out a page of famous celebrity umbrellas by clicking here


I love a beautiful umbrella with a design that suits the user and I love almost any umbrella that is made by Totes. You can discover more about Totes and Totes umbrellas here.

Though I love the patterned umbrellas, there are times when Totes Clear Bubble Umbrellas are the perfect solution. Walking in a crowd? This umbrella will let you see the way forward clearly. You can learn more about Totes clear bubble umbrellas here.

Alternatively, there is the Rainbrella Golf Umbrella. It is good for keeping you dry and it is good for more than just golf. Learn more about the Rainbrella Golf Umbrella here.

Do you have a favorite umbrella? Do you consider yours an important accessory?

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Info Graphic Source: Wikipedia

Umbrella: The Word, History, Origin, Parts and A Few of My Favorites

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  1. What fun information and facts all about umbrellas, along with reviews of various types of umbrellas and ways and days to celebrate this useful and practical bubble we cover our heads with. You've left no umbrella unturned/unopened, Brenda. :) Well done.

  2. A very interesting read Brenda! I guess I have always just taken umbrellas for granted and not really considered their origin. Many times in my life, I have been grateful to have my trusty umbrella. I really like the mini compact umbrellas now that will fit in a purse or easily hang on a backpack. So easy to carry!

  3. 4,000 years ago! who knew! Love the brolly from our friends across the ocean!

  4. What a fund and interesting compilation of brolly-related information, Brenda! For many years, I carried a basic, all-black umbrella. At some point, I got tired of having to figure out which of the umpteen black umbrellas in the umbrellas stand at a restaurant was mine, or having someone else take mine by mistake. I also decided that when it was rainy out, I wanted something pretty to brighten my mood. Since then, all the umbrellas I've bought have pretty art prints on them. :)

  5. Thanks all for your visits and comments. Margaret you reminded me of the time that we went to a lovely Irish restaurant for dinner and the woman at the door was kind enough to de-umbrella us so that we did not have to figure out what to do with them on our own. Yes, it's a plus to be able to pick a beautiful umbrella out from the crowd. And Elf, I fear there are a few umbrellas left to be opened...

  6. Love the slang names for umbrellas, I think my particular favorite is a Bumbershoot! So interesting that every part has it's own name. Great information for anyone who wants to know more about this widely needed and used accessory! Thanks Brenda!

  7. I had no idea there was so much to learn about umbrellas. Who knew that every part of the umbrella has names. I think you just made me want to get a pretty umbrella!

  8. Love umbrellas! Always made me happy for some odd reason - LOL
    Nice graphic and write-up !

  9. Thanks, ladies for your visits. Yes, there's a world of umbrellas out there and so many pretty ones to choose!


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