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Wahl Professional Dog Cordless Clipper Kit Review

It can be a challenge to groom your dog at home, but this little clipper can turn the challenge into a manageable task. Slim, lightweight and cordless this is the little clipper that could and will cut the hair or fur on your dog. In my area the dog groomers have been closed for three months and now as they are reopening it is a very long wait list for an appointment.

This is my second Wahl Arco. I had the first clipper for years and it had an unfortunate fall off a table which rendered my favorite clipper unusable. I was very happy to find the same clipper available! I highly recommend the Wahl Arco for stay at home grooming whether a beginner DIY dog groomer or advanced home groomer.

dog by a lighted christmas tree

The 5 in 1 Blade

Most clippers for dogs require purchasing different blades for each cutting length. The blades can be quite expensive and novice dog groomers may not know what blade to buy for different sections of the dog. It can be a costly trial and error as one learns to DIY groom.

One of the best features of the Arco is a 5 in 1 blade feature which allows the blade number to be set on a built in dial and the blade length will change without having to switch blades. The number of the blade denotes the cutting length. The higher the blade number the closer the cut. This clipper contains the most popular blade sizes (numbers) 9, 10, 15, 30, and 40. For example on the Fluff, closely shaving his muzzle is blade #30, but the body is blade #9.

The included guide comb blades can also assist with the length of the cut. Simply pop on the guide comb blades and this is a nice safety feature to keep the cut even (vs a stripe- oops!) Luckily for me The Fluff has a high self esteem and is not offput by a few oopsy stripes when I first began DIY grooming.

The clipper is recommended for small to medium dogs. Being a poodle, The Fluff has hair verses fur which means just like everyone else in stay at home mode, the Fluff's hair began to take on a life of its' own.

Rechargeable Battery

Another feature of the Arco cordless clipper is the inclusion of two batteries with a charger. Each battery is long lasting, but there are times it may take two batteries so being able to charge one battery while clipping is a huge timesaver. Each battery has an 80-minute cordless run time and 75 minute charge time

cordless clipper

What's Included With The ARCO Clipper?

  • 5-in-1 fine blade set
  • 2 drop-in NiMH rechargeable battery packs
  • Charging stand and charger
  • 4 plastic attachment guide combs
  • Blade oil, cleaning brush
  • Soft storage case
  • Instruction book
Of all the dog clippers I have tried over the years, this is my favorite. I first began learning how to dog groom when my prior dog had health issues and it was too stressful for the dog to be professionally groomed. This is not to say my skills are anywhere near the skill of a professional dog groomer, but skills good enough to suffice.

Like most novices, I learned via Youtube the tips to groom a poodle. And of course each dog has its' own personality and likes -dislikes when being groomed. And of course it would be typical for the dog to behave better for the groomer then the owner, so it can be a challenge. The Fluff plays hide the paw when trying to clip his feet so it can be a bit like Laurel and Hardy at times, But then again, it wouldn't by DIY dog grooming without a challenge or five.

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  1. roflol! Being a DIY dog groomer definitely has it own set of interesting challenges. I've found pups don't like getting hair cuts. I had to learn, just like you, when my retriever had health issues that required frequent trimming. Poor thing only had me to rely on and I was very timid with that clipper, which took a lot longer. I should have gotten the Wahl!!! I didn't even see it in my hunt for a dog clipper. Battery operated would have made things soooooo much easier too! I'll keep this one in mind if that need arises again in my future. I know Wahl is an exceptional brand. It is the brand the men in my family use and they all love their Peanuts.

    1. Cordless makes a huge difference ! But every session does have its' challenge ... or stripe :)

  2. I would think it would take a lot of patience on behalf of both dog and dog's best human to learn DIY dog grooming. :) But difficult times call for the learning of new skills and it definitely helps to have a highly recommended product. Good review, Tracey.

    1. You are so right! Patience, patience on each side!

  3. I could surely put this to good use on my woolly-haired poodle mix Finn. He and I are both pandemic shaggy at this point. I might actually need it for myself one of these days! Love the features. Thanks for the recommendation. Here's a virtual hug for The Fluff.

    1. and the Fluff send you a virtual hug right back! This would be a great clipper for Finn, the Fluff is quite curly when the shaggy and this clipper can handle it :)

  4. Thanks for this review Tracey, while I don't at this time have a dog or plan on getting one, I know lots of people who do and I'm sure they will find this review of interest to them. Talking about clippers in general, I sure like the idea of just having to turn a knob to get different lengths and not needing to add any other attachment to the clippers.

    1. Not needing any attachments is a definite bonus and keeps the clipper lighter and more easier to use for the DIY crowd!

  5. Sounds like an excellent gift idea - I'll have to add it to my gift idea page for future reference, thank you

    1. Agree, I would be a very happy gift recipient if one landed under my holiday tree :)


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