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Instacart Vs Shipt Reviewed

My how we have become attached to the Grocery Delivery services Instacart and Shipt in my area. These services have been invaluable for no contact grocery delivery during a time of grocery challenge!
grocery store

I've used Shipt and Instacart frequently in the past months and have been pleased with both services. Shipt is an annual fee of $99 with delivery for free on orders with a $35 minimum. Instacart is $99 annually or a monthly fee of $9.99 with Instacart Express and delivery for free on orders with a $35 minimum.

The App Design

Both the Instacart app and Shipt app have definitely progressed in the last year. The product offering has increased along with a huge improvement in the accuracy of stock on the shelves. I slightly prefer the Instacart app as it it more intuitively friendly for me, but each app is easy to use and does not require any skills beyond beginner.

Both apps are also available on desktop for those not phone friendly or prefer a larger screen when ordering. The functionality of the desktop or the phone app is the same.

The Stores

The selection of stores for Instacart far exceeds Shipt. The stores will vary by your location. Instacart offers: Meijer, Target, CVS, 2 higher end Independent Grocery Stores, Gordon Food, Kroger, Costco, Aldi, Big Lots, Staples, Petco, B.J.'s Wholesale, Fresh Thyme, Better Health.

Shipt offers: Meijer, Target, Petco, CVS, Office Depot, Sur La Table, Fresh Thyme and Meijer Corner Market.

Shipt is owned by Target. Instacart is privately owned with rounds of fund raising.


Each app has evolved to offer the option of choosing a substitution from a similar product when the order is placed. This can save time for the shopper and yourself for if the stores are running low on stock, given the advance authorization the shopper can substitute in real time without having to text you mid shop.

I have found shoppers for each service to be very good at choosing substitutions or initiating contact via text to approve a substitution. Many shoppers will text an image of the proposed substitution to ensure the order is accurate.

The Surcharge

Once upon a time (as in last year) I paid the same price via the app as I did when shopping in store. This is no more. Each service does bump up the prices and it also varies per store. One store charged a 12 percent surcharge on each item which I found was not cost friendly! Be sure to read the fine print for each store on the app. For items you frequently purchase in store you will recognize the surcharge amount.

No Contact Delivery

Just a few short months ago I would meet the shopper on the driveway. Now and for the foreseeable future no contact delivery is preferred. There is an option in the app to specify exactly where the order should be delivered.

The shopper will text when on the way and text after delivery. I have been utilizing this all purpose cart for groceries and while this cart wasn't the intent when purchasing -  it has sure come in handy. I roll the cart out to the door and the shopper can easily unload the groceries.

This rolling and foldable utility cart has a multitude of uses around the home and I have been very pleased with the purchase. The cart is rugged and can be easily pulled across the lawn for gardening, weeding, planting.

folding utility cart


Each app gives the option to choose the amount of tip before or after the order is placed. This was not always the case when the apps offered tipping after delivery. There are pros and cons to this feature. In times of high demand a tip can be an incentive for your order to be chosen; however the option always exists post order to adjust the tip.

My Preference?

I actually do not have a preference; however, one of the perks of Shipt is the new Meijer Corner Market. This is  a new version of the traditional Meijer store. It is a much smaller Meijer specializing in groceries plus products from local merchants. This store has become a go to favorite.

Now that demand is less I have found the delivery time slots are available on each. Shipt does have an option to delivery early which I have found very handy and convenient. This is an option where the shopper is allowed to select and deliver the order early; so if a 10-11 a.m. delivery is selected then the shopper could deliver anywhere from 8 a.m. - 11 a.m. You will be notified when the shopper is starting order and notified along the way as the shopper progresses throughout the order to actual delivery.

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  1. Thank you for this awesome comparison! I had no idea some stores were adding a surcharge for each item. I'll have to watch out for that. I haven't tried either delivery service since my first attempt when I was not impressed. Actually, I was more than disappointed with our local service. It may well be time to try again. You and Bev have certainly had much greater success, which makes me think it was just the one shopper I got and not the overall service issue.

    1. Oh, I also meant to tell you that I love our cart! That is the perfect idea!!!

    2. I think the shopper has ALOT to do with the success of the shop! And I'd have to say the rolling cart has turned into best of all time purchases with its' utility!

  2. Thanks for rating the two services, Tracey. Using an app to order groceries, etc. can sometimes be confusing, especially for someone like me who is fairly new to 'apps' in general. Good to know the pros and cons of both Instacart and Shipt.

    1. Their is a slight learning curve with the apps, but both are user friendly and have vastly improved over the year!

  3. After my husband got out of the hospital in April, I used Instacart for several weeks so I didn't have to leave the house. I was very pleased with the service. Everything was handled promptly and as promised. Thanks for a good review.

    1. Glad it worked so well for you- we've had the same experience thus far.

  4. I have not used either of these options for grocery shopping yet. I still like to do my own and go to the store in hours that are NOT crowded. I worked for years in grocery stores and just prefer to do my own shopping. We have thought to get this service for my mother, as she will often call and ask me to do her shopping too! It is a job, no doubt about it. By the way, I really like the cart you featured. I think one of those might be in my future.

    1. This little cart had become a household favorite! Amazing the various uses we've found for it. I agree, shopping for your own items is always the ideal!

  5. I have two friends who have had horror stories with Instacart, so it's good to know that the problems aren't universal! It's so helpful to have this side-by-side comparison of these grocery shopping services.

    1. I do think it depends on the shopper and the accuracy of the actual stock in store reflected on the app. The in stock accuracy I've found has improved immeasurably since last year.

  6. Solid information in a time when grocery services are helping to keep people safe.

  7. Thanks for your review on these two online grocery services. It's nice to get someone's opinion on things like this before jumping in. Oh, and that grocery cart wagon, lol, I've bought that as Christmas gifts for people! It's affordable and young families especially can get multiple uses out of this. The recipients loved it!


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