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Shipt Delivery Service Review

The groceries are here! Yes, in the driveway and I never entered the store. How fun is that! If you dislike grocery shopping (raising my hand) then Shipt is a service which can lighten the burden, save time and make life just a little easier.

Shipt delivery banner

What Is Shipt?

Shipt is the home delivery service in which groceries and essentials are delivered  to your home. The items are ordered via the Shipt app or the desktop version and can be at your home within 2 hours.

How Does Ordering Work?

You are virtually shopping on the computer screen and adding items to the cart. The interface is very user friendly and the screens are self explanatory through the ordering process.

After the cart is filled you "check out" and select a delivery time frame. The delivery window is by the hour.

The shopping order is then processed and waiting for a shopper to accept the order. Once a shopper accepts the order you are notified via text or within the desktop screen.

The Delivery

Delivery is free if a minimum of $35.00 is spent. Orders under $35.00 are charged a delivery fee.

Thus far the deliveries have been very smooth with only one 'bumpy' order. The shoppers have been very communicative, courteous and pleasant. This is a real time collaborative shopping experience with the shopper. The shoppers can (your option) communicate with you during the order via text should any stock problems arise.

I have ordered items by 1 p.m. and the groceries have been on the driveway at 2 p.m.,  the deliveries have been very expedient.

I have been impressed thus far and one of the reasons I have been trialing Shipt is to vet the service for a homebound neighbor. This could be a very valuable asset to have in the toolbox for caregiving, not just the convenience factor of home delivery.

What Stores Participate In Shipt?

In my urban area (where big box stores are in great abundance) the participating stores are Target, Meijer and Petco.

What Is The Cost Of Shipt

I have been participating on the trial which is free. 
The annual fee is $99.00 a year; however I have seen sales for the service for $49.00 a year.

Delivery Or Pickup?

Thus far I have only used the Shipt delivery service; however the Pickup option can also be utilized. Because I do live in an area where it is not unusual to find multiple stores within 5 miles, the Pickup option can be very useful. I have frequented other services which offer the pack and pick up service and I have found this service to be a huge time saver.


User friendly screens
Fast service
Courteous shoppers
Reasonable annual cost
Convenient, easy to use
Free trial offered


This  one area I would like to see an improvement is the stock in store versus the stock reflected on the app screen. Just as happens with an in store shopping experience items are not always in stock. The majority are, but sale items are in high demand and the shopping app stock is not always reflective of the actual stock found by the shopper.


I've definitely enjoyed the service and would recommend using the trial offered by Shipt to explore if this would be a useful service for your lifestyle. I do plan on giving Shipt as a Christmas  gift this year!

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  1. Interesting to have a grocery shipping service reviewed, Tracey. I've heard about them, but not had one outlined so well until now. I can see how this service can be a real boon to home-bound people and caregivers.

    Advances in technology have brought us so many chore-saving benefits. This is a really good one for many reasons. Thanks for the review.

  2. I had heard about this service many times in the neighborhood and have enjoyed the trial :)

  3. I hadn’t heard of Shipt before but will definitely look into it. Since I don’t drive, a trip to the supermarket means my husband needs to drive me/us there and back. For the last 6 months (and for an indeterminate number of months to come), in addition to his usual office hours, my husband also has had to work on nights and weekends at home because of his key role in a huge, multi-organization systems integration project. So, as an Amazon Prime member, I’ve been doing some of our grocery shopping online via Prime Now (Whole Foods Market) and Amazon Fresh, which have been a godsend during this time. Unfortunately, neither service offers the range of products that our local supermarkets do. I’ll be very interested to learn which stores in our area participate in Shipt and how many of their products are available to purchase through the service. Thanks so much for sharing another great find!

    1. I am a fan of Amazon as well, I have tried the Pantry, but would love easy access to Whole Foods!

  4. What a fabulous service! I hadn't heard of Shipt before, but it is a service that has been long needed. I hate going to the grocery store. We have only one in our city (other than Walmart) and it is always crowded. I must check to see if they have this service available here. That would be totally awesome. Thanks for another great introduction to a wonderful service!

    1. I'd be interested to know if Shipt is in the smaller markets, perhaps Instacart is ( see below comment :)

  5. I will have to check this out for our area. I have used Instacart, which sounds very similar. Thanks for the introduction.

    1. I tried Instacart a few years ago and Shipt is very similar, in my area Instacart services the major grocery store and a few independents - I enjoyed Instacart as well .

  6. That is a wonderful service indeed for the homebound person. We have similar services available here in Canada, and they have been a lifesaver in many instances. We do not have the yearly fee, but will pay for shipping if under a certain $$$ amount. Glad that you have that option there too! It really does help out in a pinch.

  7. What a fabulous service. Too bad I can't take advantage of these types of offerings due to living in a more remote rural area. I'm glad for the people who need delivery options such as Shipt. I can see how it would make a huge difference for those who rely on others to do shopping on their behalf.

  8. Our local grocery store has been trying to get this service up and running for awhile. I am finally starting to see some packages on the shelves. Hopefully, they will keep on trying because services like Shipt Delivery Service are very helpful to those who need or can benefit from help buying their groceries.

  9. That sounds very convenient indeed. As mentioned in the comments above, we have similar services in Canada, and I many many years ago I used them. I was recently considering going that route again from time to time, especially when you run out of essentials and can't get to the store.


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