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Reviewing the Kuppet Mini Clothes Washer

A friend recently gifted me a Kuppet Portable Clothes Washer. This tiny machine is amazing and I am so thankful to have it! If you wash clothes by hand, prefer to wash your clothes at home, live in a small space, want to conserve water, or just try to avoid public laundries at all costs this may be perfect for you too.

The Kuppet portable washing machine

The Kuppet Portable Clothes Washer is everything it advertises and more. It is portable. I place mine in my bathtub for easy use. At only 22 lbs. it is easy to lift in and out of the tub. I am also considering purchasing a small kitchen cart on wheels and use it at the kitchen sink. Either way, I will need to purchase a hose adapter to fill the washer from a faucet, but that's okay. That will be easy enough to do (it comes with a fill hose, but without the faucet adapter I need).

Currently, I place the washer in my tub. I fill it with only the amount of water needed using a small bucket. Thanks to the transparent front of the machine, I can see exactly how much water that is. 

The control panel is on top of the machine. A timer for the wash, a dial to choose drain, and a timer for the spinner. 

I fill the washer side with warm water, soap, and my clothes and set the time.  The agitator moves the clothes well.  It spins in one direction, pauses, and spins in the other direction. I am amazed at how energetically the wash moves.

A small load of 7 shirts and less than
3 gallons of water (compared to the
15 - 30 gallons used in most high-
efficiency washing machines).

After washing, I set the dial to drain. After the water has drained, I refill the wash side with clean water and allow it to rinse. When that cycle has finished, I drain the machine and move the clothes to the spin side.

THE SPIN CYCLE IS AMAZING.  Yes.  I'm yelling. If you've hand washed, you know that it is hard to get the majority of water wrung out of the clothes.  This spinner spins so well that the clothes do not drip at all when you hang them. They are only damp. Some of my thinnest t-shirts are all but dry. They dry after only an hour hanging on the balcony. However, please don't be mistaken as one you-tube reviewer was: this is a spinner - not a dryer. 

At less than $100 this machine will pay for itself in no time (versus $3 loads at a public laundry plus gas, time, and effort). Oh how I wish I had this washer when the kids were young and wore small clothes but had to be changed multiple times through the day! I was lugging their clothes to the laundromat back then. This would have been a wonderful thing to have in that situation.

Finally, I could see that this machine would also be very useful in homes that have a full-sized washer and dryer. At some point, we all have wanted to wash just a couple of items and hopefully we all cringe at the idea of wasting water by running an extremely small load through a full-sized washer. This Kuppet mini clothes washer would be an awesome addition to any residential laundry room for convenience and water savings. 

Note: The cord is relatively short. From the bathtub, it reaches only to the floor just outside of the tub. You will need a 3-prong extension cord if you use you machine in the bathtub. 

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  1. Dawn Rae, would this be good for a senior? My mother (89) hates going to the laundry room in her building. She tries to do her own wash in the bathtub, but I find she doesn't do a great job of it. She refuses to bring me her wash to do, so, I need another alternative. This just might be it. Thank you for this review and I will have to look into this further.

    1. I think it would be perfect for a senior. Especially if someone can hook up the hose adapters. The only thing is that the dials might be hard to turn for someone with severe arthritis or hand strength problems.

  2. How amazing. This would have been the perfect thing when I lived in a small townhouse and the laundry room was clear at the other end of the complex and I had no car when hubby was at work. Having to take the laundry and the baby both in the baby carriage and walk down and back with 2 other kids and entertain 3 kids under 10 while the clothes washed and drued ..... well, just saying this mini clothes washer would have been SUCH help back then. :)

    1. I had similar thoughts, although I had fewer kids to try to juggle. This would have been perfect for all those burp rags and baby clothes!

  3. Running to the laundromat weekly would grow old quickly! I can easily see how the Kuppet Mini Clothes Washer could make a huge improvement to daily life. It has been decades, but I can easily remember how the determining factor in apartment choice for me was that the apartment had washer/dryer connections. I have always wanted to be able to wash clothes in my own home and at any time of the day, especially when I worked outside of the home. This is clearly a much needed invention!

    1. Where I live, I refuse to pay the rent on an apartment with a washer and dryer. It's outrageous. So laundromats are my only other choice. And I refuse to go there unless absolutely necessary. When I build the new Shack, I will absolutely have some sort of low-water usage washer. That will be heaven. (this response reminds me of how stubborn I am... hahaha)

  4. This also looks like a great option for eco-conscious individuals looking to reduce water consumption. Thanks for sharing this great find!

  5. I am looking for a small, eco-friendly laundry option. I wonder how this system would do on solar power. I'll have to look at the electrical draw. Thanks for the recommendation. This product has lots of great features.

    1. I have no idea how to determine that. I'm barely aware that watts and kilowatt hours all matter. It says that it is 360 watts. But beyond knowing that wattage is an important part of the math, I'm not helpful. It would be great if you could use it on your solar. It seems like a quality machine. My friend bought it for me after seeing one of his residents use it for at least a year. It'd be nice if it would work for you on your system.

  6. Wow, isn't that fascinating. I haven't heard of this particular one. The size is ideal for small spaces! The portability of it makes it ideal - great gift idea as well.


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