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Monday, December 2, 2019

Reviewing the Kuppet Mini Clothes Washer

A friend recently gifted me a Kuppet Portable Clothes Washer. This tiny machine is amazing and I am so thankful to have it! If you wash clothes by hand, prefer to wash your clothes at home, live in a small space, want to conserve water, or just try to avoid public laundries at all costs this may be perfect for you too.

The Kuppet portable washing machine

The Kuppet Portable Clothes Washer is everything it advertises and more. It is portable. I place mine in my bathtub for easy use. At only 22 lbs. it is easy to lift in and out of the tub. I am also considering purchasing a small kitchen cart on wheels and use it at the kitchen sink. Either way, I will need to purchase a hose adapter to fill the washer from a faucet, but that's okay. That will be easy enough to do (it comes with a fill hose, but without the faucet adapter I need).

Currently, I place the washer in my tub. I fill it with only the amount of water needed using a small bucket. Thanks to the transparent front of the machine, I can see exactly how much water that is. 

The control panel is on top of the machine. A timer for the wash, a dial to choose drain, and a timer for the spinner. 

I fill the washer side with warm water, soap, and my clothes and set the time.  The agitator moves the clothes well.  It spins in one direction, pauses, and spins in the other direction. I am amazed at how energetically the wash moves.

A small load of 7 shirts and less than
3 gallons of water (compared to the
15 - 30 gallons used in most high-
efficiency washing machines).

After washing, I set the dial to drain. After the water has drained, I refill the wash side with clean water and allow it to rinse. When that cycle has finished, I drain the machine and move the clothes to the spin side.

THE SPIN CYCLE IS AMAZING.  Yes.  I'm yelling. If you've hand washed, you know that it is hard to get the majority of water wrung out of the clothes.  This spinner spins so well that the clothes do not drip at all when you hang them. They are only damp. Some of my thinnest t-shirts are all but dry. They dry after only an hour hanging on the balcony. However, please don't be mistaken as one you-tube reviewer was: this is a spinner - not a dryer. 

At less than $100 this machine will pay for itself in no time (versus $3 loads at a public laundry plus gas, time, and effort). Oh how I wish I had this washer when the kids were young and wore small clothes but had to be changed multiple times through the day! I was lugging their clothes to the laundromat back then. This would have been a wonderful thing to have in that situation.

Finally, I could see that this machine would also be very useful in homes that have a full-sized washer and dryer. At some point, we all have wanted to wash just a couple of items and hopefully we all cringe at the idea of wasting water by running an extremely small load through a full-sized washer. This Kuppet mini clothes washer would be an awesome addition to any residential laundry room for convenience and water savings. 

Note: The cord is relatively short. From the bathtub, it reaches only to the floor just outside of the tub. You will need a 3-prong extension cord if you use you machine in the bathtub. 

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Who Loves Laundry? Let's Review a Great Way to Make that Job Easier!

No one I know loves to do Laundry!  But the fact is it needs to be done regularly, otherwise your friends may not be friends for long!  Let's Review how to make this chore more enjoyable and more organized!

It's been almost 7 months into our big change in lifestyle.  We moved from our home into an apartment and as you can imagine there are some changes that we did not foresee!

Generally we are happy with our move into a flat, one level apartment.  We are blessed with an apartment that is almost as big as our home was, so space is not an issue!  Our kids were informed and invited to our home(before the move) to select from our discards, anything that they felt personally attached to and whatever it was, found a new home with them. 

laundry day, sorting clothes, hampers, wheeled rolling sortersThe one change that I did not foresee was being able to go and do laundry at any time.  If I had a special outfit that needed laundering or I was just tired of having a pile in the hamper, I would go down to my laundry room and get on with the job at hand.  In an apartment it's a little different. 

Each wash load and dryer load costs you on your "laundry credit card".  So the idea of doing only a few items at a time becomes an issue.  Luckily, our building and the laundry facilities are wonderful and well maintained.  There is no issue with not having enough machines to do the work.  The only issue is that they are not as adaptable as a home washing machine is.

Solutions for Laundry Struggles

These machines are industrial in size and capacity.  Small loads are not an option and I understand that completely.  So when laundry day rolls around, it's nice to have everything already sorted and ready to place into the machine. In my home, when sorting was done, one black sock would always manage to stay out of the dark cycle. Don't you hate it when that happens?

To that end, Hubby and I invested in a Laundry  Sorter Cart that is both practical and it's not too bad to look at either.  It fits nicely into a corner of our bedroom, and because of its design the laundry gets sorted into colors, whites and darks, as our day clothes are being changed into PJ's. 

Half of the laundry work is already done now!  When we were in the house, everything went into one hamper, so sorting was another part of the job, before it went into the machine.  Not anymore!

This cart allows you to sort your laundry and it has nice big wheels so that moving it from the bedroom to the laundry room is as easy as taking the garbage out to the garbage chute.  Down the hallway to the elevators, into the laundry room without having to lift big loads or cumbersome laundry baskets.  When the laundry is complete, you have the choice of folding in the laundry room or bringing it back to the apartment to do that job in the comfort of your own space.  It all fits back into the trolley and rolls with you back to your abode.  Easy, quick and it does not require any lifting or lugging!  How many times had I folded everything, put it nicely back into the Laundry baskets and had one of the handles slip out of my grip?  All my clothes are now unfolded and on the floor.  Talk about frustrating and upsetting!  Not Anymore!  

If I can suggest anything to someone who is moving into an apartment, it would be this Laundry Cart!  It has made a big difference for us and I'm sure it will for you too!  A great gift or housewarming present for every senior who is downsizing and decluttering.  Neat, tidy, and useful, these are the things I look for nowadays.  This fits that bill perfectly.  

There is just one other thing that I have purchased to help with laundry days and that is a small collapsible dryer for those things that I really don't want to go into the dryers.  My Delicates go on this and within a few hours they are dry too!  I guess my south facing balcony helps there.   

When this little wire dryer is folded flat it takes up only a few inches of space. I hide it in our Storage area until I need it again. Light and easy to unfold, it takes up room only when it's opened up. The rest of the time, it is hidden away.

When we made our move, I was worried about adjusting to the common laundry area, but I see now that my worries were unfounded.  It just took a little bit of tweeking to get everything just right!

Hope this Review of Rolling Laundry Sorting Carts makes your laundry day routines a little easier too!
air drying, clothes rack, drying rack

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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