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Monopoly Unicorns vs Llamas Game Reviewed

A Different Game of Monopoly

I love to play board games with my grandchildren and Monopoly is one of them. Monopoly Unicorns vs Llamas is one I think I should have so that my youngest grandchild can play, too. The standard version is a little more than she can handle at her age but this new release would be right up her little alley.

monopoly game
Monopoly: a great family game
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The new release of an old favorite is geared more for the younger set. I know my little cupcake will enjoy playing it and I can tell you right now which team she will chose to support. The unicorn team, she is wild about those mythical creatures!

Slightly Different Play in the Game

Instead of individual play in this new edition of Monopoly, the game is played with teams. Players decide which team they want to play for, the unicorn team or the llama team. Properties aren't purchased but instead as you move around the board you collect titles for your team. Things like the Sweetest, the most colorful, or my personal favorite the twinkliest eyes. You know when the game is over when all of the titles have been collected. The winning team is determined by the team who has the most titles. Now, I'm asking you. Doesn't that sound like loads of fun?

This game can be entertaining for children ages 8 to 88. Although, I love playing the original version of Monopoly, it can take hours and hours to play. The nice thing about the Unicorns vs Llamas game is that the time-frame for the game doesn't take forever for someone to win. 

Board Games Encourage Family Time

When my girls were little, I loved playing games that we could all play together. Can I tell you how many times I've played Candy Land? It wasn't so much the game that we were playing but the family time we were spending together. Once the grandchildren began to arrive, I've kept up the tradition. 

How about you and your family? Do you play games together? If you have small ones, I think a nice round of the Monopoly Unicorns vs Llamas might be enjoyable for all.

Monopoly Unicorn vs Llamas Game

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  1. Beverly, my teenage grandson (who has been a Monopoly fan all his life and owns three versions of the game) were recently playing the card game version we enjoy (Monopoly Deal) and we were talking about all the multiple versions of Monopoly one can find today. Having one that is geared to the younger children is a terrific idea. This Unicorns vs. Llamas sounds adorable. I can just see playing it with my younger grandsons. What fun.

    And, I agree, game time spent with children and grandchildren is a very rewarding experience ~ the family time together is more important that the activity. Thanks for this darling review.

  2. Like you, I’ve always enjoyed classic board games. What a brilliant idea to come up with an introductory level version of Monopoly specifically for young children! This would make a great gift from parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts or another child, encouraging shared play time. Thanks for the review!

  3. Several members of our family enjoy board games, me included. The Monopoly Unicorns vs. Llamas sounds like a delightful game. Like your cupcake, I would choose unicorns. However, my daughter would prefer the llamas. Sounds like the prefect combination of creatures for a game. I admit, Monopoly tends to get long and boring if one person is starting to rack up property early on. I really like the idea of a shorter version with enchanting creatures. But, I find I must ask, is there a car game piece? lol

  4. This sounds absolutely adorable, I'm glad it wasn't available when my daughter was younger though as we would both have wanted to be unicorns and I think the poor llamas would have been left alone LOL A shorter game sounds great too, we used to pick one day during the school holidays as Monopoly day and take the whole day to play the game, breaking for lunch and then jumping back into it!

  5. Oh this game sounds like a winner to me. I have two granddaughters and they are both animal crazy. The younger one love unicorns too and the elder I'm sure would like the llamas. This sounds like a really fun game! Thank you for this wonderful review.

  6. Sounds like a fun twist on the traditional game, love the team names!

  7. Given how popular unicorns and llamas are right now, this sounds like a fabulous Monopoly theme. Thanks for letting us know it is out there.

  8. LOL, well without this review I wouldn't have ever known this existed. What a terrific original idea for monopoly fans - great gift idea


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