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Get Your Socks Wet and Keep Your Feet Happy Too! - A Product Review

Wherever you are in North America or North of the Equator, I think it is safe to say, "That Summertime is Here!"

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Everyone is especially happy about that!  The weather has finally warmed up and we can get outside without all the layers to keep us warm.

What can make a fun time at the beach a little disturbing to little ones, is the temperature of the sand when the sun has been beating down on it all day.  I know I've done what I call the "Beach Polka", where you literally run over the sand as quickly as possible, looking for possible cool spots, so the bottoms of your feet don't burn. Once you reach the water's edge you are safe!  

Now for parents with a whole family of little ones, this can be a difficult dance to do while carrying the kids to the water's edge.  No need to do that dance unless you really want to!  I've found the perfect solution.  There is this neat product called water socks or water shoes!  They are meant to be used in the water either on the beach or in the pool.  

For children they come in all sorts of really cute prints and colors.  Boys and girls will love designs on these water socks.  You won't have to fight with them to keep them on their feet. With dinosaurs and unicorns, octopii, sharks and rainbows, there is a design for every one of your children. Once they find out how nice it is to walk along the beach without having your feet burn they will happily wear them.  

These water socks/shoes have 36 different colors and prints available, so that even if you have 2 or three little ones, they can all have different designs on them! I personally love the unicorn socks!  They are just so cute!

Cute is only part of the story.  These water socks will help your children be a little safer on the beach because they have a nice rubber sole that will protect their little feet from any sharp objects or rocks hiding under the sand.  The rubber soles even help them to stay secure on things like boogie boards, surf boards and even piers where slipping could be a problem.

There are no laces or ties of any kind to worry about either.  Kids can slip these onto their feet usually without any help required.  They get wet easily and they dry very quickly too.  

I think one of the best parts is that these water shoes/socks can be worn just about all summer long.  Even if the kids are playing in the driveway, their feet will be a little safer for having something covering them up.  Boating and beach volleyball are easier and a lot more fun with a nice pair of water shoes/socks on their feet!  Even splash pads are more fun without getting stubbed toes or athlete's foot! Just having your feet covered keeps you that much safer from these summer woes.   That anti-slip sole can make all the difference in the world!  No more slipping and sliding on possibly wet and greasy feeling areas.  Splash pads are notorious for that greasy feeling.  All the sunscreen creams make for an invisible slick area sometimes.  

Beach safety and water safety in general are very important to me!  I like to know that my grandchildren can have fun without possible harm in every summer situation.  I'm a big believer in safety around the water for our children, without making them fearful humans.  It's great to have the summer months to make great memories while relaxing our guard just a little.

girl on diving board

A couple of years ago I wrote about Personal Flotation Devices for children and I still would recommend that this is of the utmost importance.  Never ever let your guard down around children and water!

With water socks/shoes, you can at least relax a little bit more and not worry about stubbed toes!  They are well protected just by being covered.  

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Happy Summer to all and Stay Safe!

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  1. I used to have these water shoes in the past and often wished I'd gotten some more the years I lived near the beach. Hot sand is VERY difficult and uncomfortable to walk over. Water shoes also work well on beaches with rocky or stoney shores as you can wear the shoes right into the water and protect your feet from sharp pebbles. Definitely a helpful product for summer beach fun.

    1. While I focused on water shoes for children, there are many different styles and colors/patterns available for adults too. These water shoes are really a great investment and once you have them, you will not be disappointed in the many uses you'll find for wearing them.

  2. I remember having to wear tennis shoes that I didn't mind getting wet when I was a teenager. That sand can be really hot, as well as the concrete around swimming pools. You are right about needing them when boating as well. Boats get really hot! I, myself, need some of these new water shoes. My tennis shoes would appreciate the break. I've seen others wearing them, but haven't made the investment before, but I really do need to. Thanks for the awesome recommendation & needed encouragement Olivia.

    1. I think we all did that at one time or another Miss Mouse. I know I had a pair of old runners I would take with me to the beach. I hated doing the Hot Sand dance so much! Now they have these for adults and children as well. Lots of colors and patterns available, check them out!

  3. Oh! Olivia, I know what you mean. I've been there and have done that dance on the hot sand. what a great idea for tor the kids. I'll for sure need these for myself the next time we visit family in South Carolina. Thanks!!

    1. Get them before you go! There are lots of styles and colors for men and women and they really do make a nice difference once you get to the beach!

  4. Those are really cute! The style choices are better than when my kids were young. Makes a great gift as well!

    1. They sure do make a great gift especially for a summer baby/child. Aren't the colors and patterns just so much fun?

  5. Finding a pair of comfortable water shoes for my wide feet was a challenge, but when I finally succeeded, I was thrilled! I'm a bit of a literal tenderfoot, and walking on hot sand and over broken shells and rocks was always my least favorite part of a day at the beach. What a difference water shoes or socks make, for adults as well as kids!

  6. Great idea! I had not heard of those type of socks! Perfect for summer and a very timely review :)

  7. I really needed these water socks when I was a child (and still do!). I have the world's most tender feet. Even now, I would wear the darling unicorn style. :-). Recently, I purchased some water socks to wear when I go kayaking. The shore is very rocky (as is the shallow water area where I launch my boat). I could never make it without the kind of protection provided by these shoes. Thanks for reviewing such a practical, and important, product for every family member.


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