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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Get Your Socks Wet and Keep Your Feet Happy Too! - A Product Review

Wherever you are in North America or North of the Equator, I think it is safe to say, "That Summertime is Here!"

Everyone is especially happy about that!  The weather has finally warmed up and we can get outside without all the layers to keep us warm.

What can make a fun time at the beach a little disturbing to little ones, is the temperature of the sand when the sun has been beating down on it all day.  I know I've done what I call the "Beach Polka", where you literally run over the sand as quickly as possible, looking for possible cool spots, so the bottoms of your feet don't burn. Once you reach the water's edge you are safe!  

Now for parents with a whole family of little ones, this can be a difficult dance to do while carrying the kids to the water's edge.  No need to do that dance unless you really want to!  I've found the perfect solution.  There is this neat product called water socks or water shoes!  They are meant to be used in the water either on the beach or in the pool.  

For children they come in all sorts of really cute prints and colors.  Boys and girls will love designs on these water socks.  You won't have to fight with them to keep them on their feet. With dinosaurs and unicorns, octopii, sharks and rainbows, there is a design for every one of your children. Once they find out how nice it is to walk along the beach without having your feet burn they will happily wear them.  

These water socks/shoes have 36 different colors and prints available, so that even if you have 2 or three little ones, they can all have different designs on them! I personally love the unicorn socks!  They are just so cute!

Cute is only part of the story.  These water socks will help your children be a little safer on the beach because they have a nice rubber sole that will protect their little feet from any sharp objects or rocks hiding under the sand.  The rubber soles even help them to stay secure on things like boogie boards, surf boards and even piers where slipping could be a problem.

There are no laces or ties of any kind to worry about either.  Kids can slip these onto their feet usually without any help required.  They get wet easily and they dry very quickly too.  

I think one of the best parts is that these water shoes/socks can be worn just about all summer long.  Even if the kids are playing in the driveway, their feet will be a little safer for having something covering them up.  Boating and beach volleyball are easier and a lot more fun with a nice pair of water shoes/socks on their feet!  Even splash pads are more fun without getting stubbed toes or athlete's foot! Just having your feet covered keeps you that much safer from these summer woes.   That anti-slip sole can make all the difference in the world!  No more slipping and sliding on possibly wet and greasy feeling areas.  Splash pads are notorious for that greasy feeling.  All the sunscreen creams make for an invisible slick area sometimes.  

Beach safety and water safety in general are very important to me!  I like to know that my grandchildren can have fun without possible harm in every summer situation.  I'm a big believer in safety around the water for our children, without making them fearful humans.  It's great to have the summer months to make great memories while relaxing our guard just a little.

A couple of years ago I wrote about Personal Flotation Devices for children and I still would recommend that this is of the utmost importance.  Never ever let your guard down around children and water!

With water socks/shoes, you can at least relax a little bit more and not worry about stubbed toes!  They are well protected just by being covered.  

Happy Summer to all and Stay Safe!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Summertime Fun Our First Priority is Safety

Summertime is a Great Adventure!

Many families will take holidays over this period of time and look forward to spending time with their children.  Let's Review some products that you absolutely MUST HAVE!  These items will help to make your summer the best that it can be!  

summertime safety, flotation devices for children, first aid kits, staying safe

Image by lilacsandlavendertea from Pixabay

Many families will be getting together over the next two months to reconnect with their loved ones.  That's one thing that makes summer so much fun.  Whether you stay close to home or travel further afield, good company makes the journey that much more special.  Memories will be etched in our minds of the Summer of 2019!  Let's make it a summer to remember with smiles and laughter!

As adults, our children's health and safety is up to us!  

If we are going to the lake or the local swimming pool (or the one in the backyard if you are so lucky), our children will look to us to keep them from harm.  That means having some rules in place!  What prompts this review is a headline I saw a few days ago on one of the news feeds about parents being distracted by their cell phones, especially around pools of water.  

We all know that it doesn't take more than a few inches of water for a child to drown.  This is a most preventable accident.  If you have children and a pool or lake that you are using for holiday time, your attention needs to be on your children.  I'm not saying a cell phone isn't a handy item to have close by (there could always be an emergency), but when the children are in the body of water, they need your attention all the time.  

Being prepared for children in the pool is another whole issue.  If your children swim, but are not proficient at swimming, they should be wearing life vests or some flotation device.   No exceptions!

We as parents need to make that perfectly clear to our children.  No flotation device equals no pool time!  Period!  

Flotation devices are inexpensive and will make your time ( you and your children's time) in the pool so much more fun.  Children who have not yet mastered their swimming skills will enjoy hours of water fun with relative ease and the certainty that they won't drown.  Most flotation devices are held up to standards that ensure the safety of the wearer.  Nothing, and I will repeat that, Nothing is more important that having a responsible adult watching, while they are having fun.  

For less than $20.00 you can give yourself and your child a little added comfort in the water.  You want to get your child a vest that is Certified by the Coast Guard (USA) or Canadian Standards Association (CSA).  This little vest is cute and will fit most children between 30- 50 pounds.  There is no reason not to have one for each of your children.  I would even say you must have one for each of your children, especially if you have a pool in your yard.  
They come in several different styles, so even if you have 2 or more children, each one can have the one they like the best! This is a " #1 Best Seller" on Amazon. It is a small price to pay for some peace of mind while watching more than one child in a pool. Nothing is more important than the safety of our children.

Now hopefully summer is nice and warm, with sunshine making up the better part of the day, so one other safety item I would recommend would be SUNSCREEN!  Not too long ago Margaret wrote about them and her review is worth a good read.  What you put on your children's skin to keep them from getting burnt to a crisp is important.  You can read all about it here!
You don't want your children to suffer from the effects of too much sun on their skin in their later years.  
The only other safety item I would like to see in everyone's home, is a good First Aid Kit.  If you have children, then you know there will be scrapes, cuts and bruises.  Part of being a child is riding bikes, roller blading, skateboarding and just running around.  Accidents will happen even if you take the best precautions.  Like the Scouts, I would say, Be Prepared

This First Aid Kit is a great addition to anyone's car, boat, trailer or home! Sometimes a bandage just isn't enough.  Summertime and being prepared for all possible accidents will make you a more relaxed parent.  You know that you can handle almost anything that your children might need to stop the tears, and start the healing.  

Your cell phone will be handy too, but only to make an emergency call if necessary!  Do not let yourself become distracted.  Your little ones are much more important than anything that you could have happening on your phone.  It is for emergencies only.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a wonderful, relaxed and fun filled summer!  Stay safe and enjoy all the good things Summer has to offer!

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Review This: Personal Flotation Devices and Pool/Water Safety for Children

We all want our families to have fun and enjoy their summer time.  Let's Review how to keep our children safe around water!

Everyone likes to relax and enjoy the warmth and sunshine that comes our way during the summer months, but, it's not a good time to let down your guard.  Families will be planning trips to the beach, swimming pool, cottage or campgrounds to enjoy this wonderful season.  Let's take a look at how to make lasting memories that will be wonderful and happy with our families.  Because after all, good memories can only be made one at a time and last forever. So let's make those memories and be safe at the same time.
pool safety for children, safety at home for children, Personal Floatation Devices for children

Water, water, everywhere!  Summertime and water go hand in hand.

Children love to play in the water all year long, but when summer comes,  the idea of playing with water seems to become even more fascinating. After all it is summer, it's hot and water keeps you nice and cool.  The hours can fly by when the children are busy playing at the water edge or even deeper.  That is where and when the dangers of summertime come to the fore!  We all know that children forget their safety rules when they are so immersed in having fun.  Parent's must be diligent in keeping their little ones safe.

Personal Flotation Devices (PFD's) are essential Summer Safety Gear.

If you have young children, I would highly recommend that each one of them has their own Personal Flotation Device or PFD.  All that playing in and around the water requires that parents keep an extra special watch out for their youngsters.  Even if they know how to swim, it is a great idea to have some form of  PFD available for your kids.  Water, sun and fun can tire out even the best swimmers.  Better to be safe than to be sorry.  Rules for playing around water should also be enforced.  No exceptions to these rules.

Five Rules that Must Be Enforced

1.  Never go into the water alone.
2.  Always, wear your PFD when you are in or near the water's edge.
3.  Adults, make sure you are within arm's reach of young children.
4.  Get out of the water and  rest every now and then.
5.  Keep your eyes on your children when they are in the water or near the water's edge..

Even if they are wearing a PFD that does not mean you can take your eyes off of the children.  PFD's are just one way to keep them a little bit safer, but they are not Life Guards.  You are their life guards!

There are many types of Personal Flotation Devices and some are meant as toys, while others are meant to keep your children floating safely.  Make sure you have a device that will keep your children floating, face up(I have shown you Certified PFDs).  Inflatables are toys, that are meant to be  enjoyed in the water, but they are not meant to keep you from going face down in the water.  Only certified PFD's are meant to keep you face up and floating.  Beachballs, blown-up air rings and such are toys.  Sure they are fun and some even look really cute, but they are not PFD's.  Just look at what can happen when children are left alone!
Totally Unnecessary Trauma For This Child and His Parents!
Inflatable rings are not meant to be life savers.  Never Ever leave your child unsupervised just because they have an inflatable ring around them.  Please pass this on to all your friends and family, you never know, you just might save a life!

Who needs a Personal Flotation Device?

Without a doubt any child who is spending a lot of time in or near water, should have their own PFD.  Now when I'm talking about water, I mean a pool, lake or river.  Water coming out of a hose does not require that you to wear a PFD.  

Personal Flotation Devices are available for small children and adults as well. Depending on the types of water activities you are undertaking, having your own PFD is a great idea.  If you are just playing at the water's edge, only small children really need to be wearing a Life Vest of sorts.  Bigger kids or children who are adept at swimming will be fine in shallow waters, with adult supervision.  Supervision is the most important part of any water activity time.  Children forget the dangers, parents need to be extra cautious. We don't want to think what could happen if our children are left on their own.

My own grandson, will not go near the pool in his yard without his "floaty" as he calls it.  Rest assured that I don't want him near the pool  without it, either.  His sisters are a different story.  In the pool they are well advanced in their swimming capabilities.  Does that mean they can go into the pool alone?  Not a chance.  Even they know that an adult must be with them, or they don't go into the water.  Water safety means that there is an adult always present.  If this rule is ever broken, they know that the repercussions are severe.  It's one rule that is never, ever broken, it doesn't matter how hot it is outside. Pool safety for children is about educating them and making sure they know the rules.  Pool safety for children means making rules and sticking to them with no exceptions. You will enjoy your time much more if there isn't any chance of a child being hurt because you let down your guard.

Happy Summer to all, may you stay safe and enjoy your vacation  time!

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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