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Just CrossStitch Magazine in Print, on Kindle, & DVD Reviewed

Just CrossStitch Reviewed
Very few magazines are interesting enough for me to pay for a subscription, especially since just about everything can found on the internet.  However, I do subscribe to Just CrossStitch.  Every time a new issue arrives, I drop whatever I am doing and browse the pages.  Then I set it aside for later, when I have time to really examine the patterns and mark what I might want to stitch.

Just CrossStitch includes beautiful pictures of each finished project, plus easy to read full patterns.

I have saved years of back subscriptions of Just CrossStitch!  I never know when I will feel the itch to stitch and I do love having a variety of patterns available.  

Long before I started my subscription, I would buy the issues every time I visited Barnes & Noble, which used to be quite often before I was gifted with a Kindle.  It was our favorite date night to dine out and then head over to B&N.   

Just CrossStitch Magazines

 Just CrossStitch Magazine -Single Issue
December 2017
Check Price
Unlike books, a magazine is very lightweight, which makes it easy to carry when we travel. I always carry either a cross stitch project or a crochet project with me in the car or on a plane.

I well remember cross stitching a bookmark from a Just CrossStitch magazine pattern for my son in the airport on a layover with a flight delay.  It was such a restful way for me to wait.  I didn't stress at all over the delay.  As a matter of fact, I remember thinking how I wished I had time to make a bookmark for our daughter too.

Every time I see my son using that bookmark, I think how glad I am that I used that layover time to make something special for him.  I am also glad the magazine had just the right pattern within its pages.  Of course, that was probably why I selected that particular issue to carry with me.  

Tip:  Patterns for bookmarks only require being small single images pulled from any cross stitch design.  They don't have to be titled "bookmark" for the pattern to work well on a bookmark.

You can purchase the individual issue that you want like I did in years past, or you can subscribe to receive your issue in the mail.  An annual subscription includes 6 issues, plus the Christmas Ornament special edition.

Surprisingly, the Just CrossStitch magazine is now available on Kindle!  I haven't personally tried viewing the magazine on my Kindle since I have the print issue subscription, but I can see how it would be awesome to get them on my Kindle Fire.  (The Kindle Fire will provide color pictures.)

Just CrossStitch DVD's

Just CrossStitch Collection 1983-–1990Just CrossStitch Collection 1983-–1990Check Price
Don't stress if you wish you had discovered this wonderful magazine years ago!  You can purchase DVD's that have the back issue patterns for multiple past years. 

The DVD's contain every issue of the years noted of the Just CrossStitch magazine.  They consist of PDFs that are searchable, plus provide printer-friendly charts. Therefore, you can print out a pattern and carry it with you wherever you go.  Even though I have the magazines, I like having the convenience of the DVD for searching out a pattern of choice.  

When you insert the DVD into your computer's DVD-ROM drive, it will open a list of file names. Simply select the year, then the month you wish to view and open using the free version of Adobe Reader. You can print the patterns by clicking on the print icon of the Adobe Reader.

how to select and open a file on a dvd

how to select and open a file on a dvd

I Prefer to View On Full Screen and click my mouse to click through the pages. 
 (use the ESC key on your keyboard to close the full screen viewing) 

full screen view of a magazine page on a dvd

There are also Halloween or Christmas patterns from the Just CrossStitch magazine available on DVD.

 The Just CrossStitch Collection 1991–2000Check Price The Just CrossStitch Collection 2001–2010Check Price Just CrossStitch 2011-2015 Collection DVDCheck Price Just CrossStitch Christmas Ornament Collection 1997–2013Check Price


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  1. Now you are enticing me to get back into cross-stitching. What a great resource. A bookmark would be a very doable starting project and what reader wouldn't be delighted to receive that special handmade gift? Thanks for sharing such a valuable resource and happy stitching to you!

    1. The magazines really are a fabulous resource for patterns. I love looking back at my older magazines too. Very often, a pattern I didn't mark or stitch in the past, appeals to me today. The bookmark was very easy to stitch. So much so, I purchase 10 more bookmarks ready to stitch so I could stitch them as gifts for other family members. We all read and we all seem to prefer holding a real book (even though the Kindle is great at bedtime.)

  2. Our library sells back issues of Just CrossStitch from donated ones for 25 cents an issue, so I often pick them up. I did cross stitch many years ago. Today I prefer stitching on plastic canvas and have found that many cross stitch patterns are easy to do in plastic canvas with just a minor adjustment in stitch count. Like you, I just enjoy looking at craft patterns and picturing the final results. Any kind of crafting is relaxing, I've found.

    1. Oh, now that is very cool! I know our library sells some books, but I don't know if they ever sell magazines. I will certainly ask the next time I am there. Apparently, most cross stitch patterns can be adapted to plastic canvas. I have a friend who prefers plastic canvas and she uses cross stitch patterns by leaving off the second over-stitch. Crafting has always been my place of peace. Well, that and my garden.

  3. This sounds like a great magazine for anyone with a cross stitch hobby! There is nothing quite like pouring through a magazine on a hobby you love. Nice Review!

    1. You are absolutely right Mary Beth! I love flipping through the magazine and "dreaming" even if I am not quite ready to wipe out my needle.

  4. Oh my goodness the project that you featured with the bird and nest is so pretty. My daughter is the cross-stitcher in our family and I have been gifted a few very special items from her. They are up on my walls and every time I pass them by, I know how much time and love she put into making these gifts special. One day I will try a small pattern I'm sure.

  5. Wow Cynthia, that DVD sure provides a lot! I love your date night too, dinner and a bookstore, we used to do that too - so nice. Cross Stitching is sure relaxing. I wish my moms hands could still do Needlepoint (I'm not sure if that's the same thing as cross stitching) - Mom has made so many memorable pieces for the family. I would love to learn this, but again, I'd get addicted and never get any online work done! I can see why layovers at airports are a great place to do this - wonderful relaxing way to pass the time - I'll be you didn't even know how long your layover was!

  6. Mouse, I probably have mentioned that my mom was a very talented embroiderer and embroidery teacher, and she did all kinds of needlework, including some amazing cross-stitch designs. My husband's mom and niece also enjoy needlework, and having a choice of print or digital formats seems really convenient - especially for those looking for the instant gratification of a digital download and the ability to carry around a library of patterns on your Kindle! Great review.

  7. Crossstitch was one of the first types of needlework I learned! #flashback memories (after Grandma had taught me to knit)- I agree, crossstitch are great portable projects.


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