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A Review of Writing Through The Soul - A Collection of Poetry by Brenda Fluharty

Inspirational Poetry by Brenda Fluharty
Brenda is a freelance writer, poet, and Reiki Grand Master. She's someone I've known online for many years, and being a writer of poems myself, I was eager to read her work.

Before getting into her calming and thought-provoking poems, I must say that her Reiki training also had me at hello. One of my close friends is a Reiki practitioner, and I know from experience that the energy field of people vibrating at this level is palpable, and they're calming to be around. I wasn't surprised when her words on the page reflected precisely that kind of power.

What I Appreciated The Most About Brenda's Poetry

The messages delivered in her work remind you of your higher self. Finding a kindred writer/thinker isn't always easy in life or online, and I'll admit, that's how her poetry made me feel - connected to her.

Sometimes in this world, I feel alone - not lonely - just alone. Not sad - just alone. It's as though I don't belong on this earth - as though I don't fit. I don't like crime shows, conflict,
My Personal Copy of
 Writing Through The Soul
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meanness, and even competition unless that competition is with yourself. Yet most of the people in my offline world are all about these things - you know, earthly, sometimes darker things. Don't get me wrong, I'm surrounded by good people, they're not dark at all! I just feel like that extra puzzle piece that doesn't fit in with the majority.

When I read Brenda's poem "Earth Angel," it resonated with me. I'm not calling myself an angel! LOL - The words Brenda penned, "You care for others, all like they were your brothers" peeked into my mind. The poem reminded me about the time someone I had never met, took one look at me and said, "you're an earth angel, there aren't too many of us" - Lol, ok, whatever, but that's what I mean when I say, her poem connected. Despite not feeling a part of the majority, I do accept it; all that life offers us takes from us and teaches us. Reading Brenda's work, I'd say she gets that too.

Good poetry leads us further into ourself and the human condition, it sews itself in our soul, and Earth Angel is a poem that did just that for me.

Other Poems Brenda Writes that I Loved

1. In The Darkest Depths of the Soul - The words used in this poem express a life's journey and say it all and say it directly. Brenda writes, "Those with these traits and the power to believe will find the light in the darkness, And, be free." Again, words swaying to my life's dance.  Body, Mind, and Spirit are my 2020 mission; this poem fits the entire theme.

2. Questioning the Past - Oh my, after reading this, I can say I know a few people who are still stuck there. I like to believe I've learned, moved on, and when looking back see what feels like 1000 years of learning gone by. It hurts me to witness those I love still spinning their wheels. I wish I could heal them.

3. Love Yourself - These words are what I wish for, and have said in another way to my kids. Love yourself, forgive yourself, grow, move forward. Again, Brenda's message is direct, it's real, and although we hear this message through the years, processing it is another thing.

If you're a fan of poetry that gets right to the heart of the matter and delivers a direct message, you'll appreciate Brenda's words. Her book is a lovely private place to go for advice. You won't spend your time trying to guess what the life tips are - she's clear.

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  1. What a lovely review of Brenda's book of poetry. Like you I have read some of her works and yes they do resonate with me as well. Poetry is something that I save for a quiet Sunday afternoon when all my other "things" are done. Guess what? Today is Sunday, yeah! Now I have something to look forward to, again!

    1. Oliva, I am honored that you read my poetry. You may not remember, but you were one of the people who helped me so much, when I started writing online.

  2. I like poems that 'speak' words of wisdom as you read and leave you with that 'ah yes' moment as if a solution to a problem has been found in a calm and enlightening way. Brenda's poems in 'Writing Through the Soul" appear to be just that. Thanks for this wonderful review of this special collection of poems.

  3. What a compelling review of Brenda's work. I've read some of her work on her blog but I do not have her book. Seems I should check this one out. Thanks Barbara for a wonderful review!

  4. An excellent review of Brenda's poetry. I've read some of Brenda's poems myself and have been touched by her words. When it comes to poetry, music lyrics, and even artwork, I read and see things my own way. I believe people are touched by what is personal to them at that moment. They may see something completely different reading the same poem years later. Their focus has changed, even though the words are exactly the same. Btw, Barbara, you do have a calming effect and influence. I've seen that in the past and I think I have shared that opinion with you before. The world is a beautiful tapestry of individuality. If we were all earth angels, we wouldn't appreciate those qualities as rare.

  5. Barbara, I believe every writer hopes they touch people in some way with their words. With this review, you have shown me, I have done that. Thank-you, for this touching review.

  6. Can't wait to read it !!! Huge fan of Brenda's work !

  7. It's so special to see this tribute from one of my wonderful Review This Reviews contributors and friends to another! Brenda's poems are wonderful, and Barbara has an amazing gift for sharing her emotional responses to music, art, literature and poetry. Thank you, Brenda, for your beautiful poems, and thank you, Barbara, for giving Brenda's work the increased visibility and recognition it deserves.


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