Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella

Get a little clarity in your life with a Totes clear bubble umbrella. You'll stay dry and be able to see the way forward at the same time.

During the spring of 2020 when the world was under lock down because of the pandemic, my husband and I have tried to take two walks every day. These walks do not quite replace our regular and beloved visits to our gyms but they are definitely better than doing nothing. Plus not only do they give us much needed exercise, they also make us feel better mentally.

Did you know that walking has been proven to improve your mood? We know this as a fact from our firsthand experience walking. We also know that we need to take advantage of whatever it is that helps us keep on smiling during these tough days. For us, our walks work wonders.

Anyway, because we are walking come rain or come shine and because it is spring in Canada, we frequently wear raincoats and carry umbrellas. We are lucky enough to have a couple of really big umbrellas that are very good at protecting us from the elements. However, they are not clear, which means that on a gusty day we are walking blind trying to peer around the outer edges of our umbrellas. It is a constant effort to make sure that no one is coming at us from the other direction!

Yesterday, I revisited some pages that I wrote previously about umbrellas and was reminded of the wonderful Totes Classic Clear Umbrella. When I originally wrote about it in 2009, it was the best-ranked Totes umbrella on Amazon.  I cannot image that fact has changed much but I do see that it is still readily available for both adults and children in the clear version but that it is also made in a variety of different colors that are opaque and still easy to see through.

The bubble style of this umbrella provides extra protection from the rain because of its rounded shape and of course, because of its size. It has an a large canopy when opened and plenty of headroom. Because it is clear, it will not block your sight, which makes walking in the rain a little bit safer and the unique shape also keeps your husband's or in our case, your wife's umbrella out of your face! "Brilliant," says my husband.

The next time I need a new umbrella that is generously sized, I will buy the Totes Classic Clear Umbrella so that I can see the way forward. If you would also like a little clarity in your life, you can find this Totes umbrella right here on Amazon.

Don't let those raindrops
keep falling on your head!
Treasures By Brenda

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Get a little clarity in your life with a Totes clear bubble umbrella. You'll stay dry and be able to see the way forward at the same time.

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  1. The bubble style of these umbrellas look perfect for keeping dry while walking in the rain and clear makes sense to be able to see where you are going.

    Thanks for mentioning my umbrella review.

    PS: My hubby & I loved walking in the rain (without umbrellas) :)

    1. Wow, Elf! Walking in the rain without umbrellas!?! We'll have to try that once it is warm enough.

  2. What a great idea. I also have taken to walking during these difficult times and I would guess that the shape of this umbrella would even keep you safe from other people's coughs and sneezes. We need to be vigilant and stay safe too!

    1. You are absolutely right, Olivia and I never thought about the physical distancing aspect of protection that these umbrellas might offer!

  3. I can certainly understand the benefits of a bubble umbrella even though I have never owned one. We toured the museums and zoo in Chicago, over a period of several days. It was rainy, windy and then turned to snow on our last day, zoo day of course. The snow was wet snow and made us quite miserable. I would have loved to have the bubble umbrella that day! I sure need one in my closet for the next windy, snow or rain blowing day I encounter. Thanks for the recommendation and review.

  4. A good umbrella is a necessity for me. Mine isn't a bubble type, since I like to be able to share my 'brolly with my husband, who tends not to carry one unless it's absolutely pouring outside, but I can definitely see the advantages of the shape and also the visibility of the clear panels. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Some men just won't carry an umbrella. I have a couple of grown sons who resist. My husband will however carry one.

  5. Are they ever pretty! I've never thought about a clear umbrella, but next time I'm in the market for one, I'll check this type out - the designs are lovely - love the polka dotted one

  6. I keep meaning to get one of these as my last two umbrellas have been blown inside out by gusts of wind which is not fun! I've seen a few people use them at Sea World, but never a polka dot one before - definitely my favorite.


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