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How to Use Ebay to Find Old Automobile Parts Reviewed

blue jeep with gray top
My husband recently purchased an older model jeep that needed a lot of repairs and restoration.  He has spent the last few months under the hood or under the jeep assessing, then replacing worn or rotted parts.  The interior also needed a tremendous amount of loving care.  This jeep sure chose the right new owner!  My husband is meticulous and dedicated.

As for me, my job with this restoration has been to assist in finding replacement parts.  I'm not very keen on walking junkyards or old vehicle graveyards to find parts.  However, I am extremely familiar and experienced with finding impossible things on Ebay.  Locating the needed parts for his jeep on Ebay has actually been a lot of fun!

Because of the needed work, this pretty Jeep Wrangler will always hold a special place in our hearts.  You can't focus and work on something for so long without becoming attached to it.  We have already enjoyed a day out exploring jeep trails in one State Park and we look forward to spending a lot more time having fun with our restored jeep.

How to Find Replacement Automobile Parts on Ebay

You might not even realize that Ebay has old automobile parts listed.  However, there are several sellers who tear down old or wrecked vehicles and sell individual parts separately.  For us, those sellers were essential for our jeep's restoration.

Almost every dashboard trim piece on our jeep had to be replaced.  One of the previous owners had painted them white with splatter dots.  The paint job didn't appeal to us.  We purchased and replaced every individual trim piece that was painted.  The dashboard area looks a million times better.

jeep dashboard trim piece - replacement found on ebay

In order to find the correct trim pieces, my husband removed each piece and wrote down the trim piece number which was found molded into the backside of each piece.  In several cases, it was as simple as typing in the year, make and model of the vehicle, plus the trim piece name and number in the Ebay search bar.  Then making our selection by color and condition.  

Before we embarked on this restoration, I had no idea each trim piece had an identity number stamped into the molded piece.  That makes finding a replacement much easier than simply matching by looks.

Example Search:  "2004 Jeep TJ Wrangler Knee Bolster 5G00TRM" 

stamped identity number on jeep molded trim piece

The part number was not always listed in the title.  Details in the title vary by seller.  However, we were always able to verify those numbers in the photos provided by the sellers.  That guaranteed the piece would fit our jeep when it arrived.  

I found the Ebay parts sellers usually know more than I do about piece numbers & names, therefore whatever I put in a search, as long as I included the year, model, and name of the piece, I could find what we needed.  The sellers pictures for proper piece identity made it easy!

We also replaced the wheels, several engine parts, and the jack tools by finding them on Ebay.  The OEM jack & lug tool set had a few rusty areas, but my husband cleaned them up like new by letting them soak in Evapo-rust overnight.  

Example Part Searches
  "Jeep Wrangler TJ OEM Tire Jack Tool Set",

  "Jeep Wrangler TJ Heater Drain Tube", 
  "2004 Jeep Wranger 15" Refinished Steel Wheel"

When Total Price Matters

When restoring an old vehicle, you can find yourself financially upside down pretty quick.  We didn't want to spend "new car" money on an older jeep.  

Purchasing the exact individual used part on Ebay and replacing it ourselves was a lot cheaper than buying new parts, if available.  

Keep in mind though, not all parts are even still available.  That is another reason we love shopping for vehicle parts on Ebay.  The sellers competitively price parts, therefore price gouging is minimal, if even existent. 

If you are buying several parts from the same Ebay seller, contact them and ask for combined shipping costs.  That literally costs them nothing and can often save you a lot.  Why pay more when you don't have to?

If you don't find exactly what you want on Ebay today, go back tomorrow. 
There are new listings daily


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  1. Wow, you really are a sleuth and so willing to go on the hunt. I wish my hubby was that mechanically inclined, but alas, that is not where his strengths lie. What a great idea though, I would never have thought to go looking on ebay for any replacement parts for cars. Great idea.

    1. I don't think many people would think of eBay first Olivia. At least, not until they have actually purchased auto parts there. Afterwards, I would imagine it would be the first source considered. It certainly will be for us.

  2. I've known for years that you can find just about anything you are looking for on eBay, so I'm not surprised that there are a number of auto parts experts to be found there. Well done searching for and securing the replacement parts needed for your Jeep Wrangler restoration.

    1. Thank you Elf! It was fun seeking out the best option for the best price! A bit reminiscent of garage sales and finding something really awesome.

  3. Ebay is a treasure trove for replacement parts! But I never thought about auto parts for the 'vintage' cars - great tip!

    1. That is the perfect description of eBay! It really is a treasure trove.

  4. I sometimes forget to use ebay to find things. I just had a tire stem with the sensor go bad on my 2010 Mazda. They wanted $80.00 for a new one!!! After reading your post I found 4 of them on ebay for $10.99. Thanks, I will be ordering them soon.

    1. Wow! That is a huge difference in price Sam. I'm really glad this review published before you spent that $80. I know we were extremely satisfied with our experiences and I hope you are too.

  5. Wow! This is right up my husband's alley! He loves to restore things, and I would never have thought that parts like this were available on eBay - he'll get things online but he's never checked out eBay - I wonder if I should tell him - I'll be creating a new monster haha - the difference in the part after you restored it is amazing!

  6. As my Sport Trac has aged, I have found myself becoming quite the auto parts sleuth on eBay (and have done my share of walking the auto salvage lot aisles). The price savings is often extraordinary, and like you, I enjoy finding the necessary parts at the best prices. I know what you mean about how your investment of time and effort in your classic Jeep is making it a very special vehicle. I'll bet you will have a hard time selling it when the time comes. It will need to become an heirloom vehicle, passed down to someone in the family who will appreciate it.

  7. My husband is a car nut and does as much of his own car repair work as possible. We've never bought a "new" car, and the "newest" car we own was made more than 20 years ago. His real love (which predated me, lol) is his 1973 Buick Centurion convertible. Like you, he's an intrepid and experienced car parts finder & buyer on eBay, which is an especially good venue for older, hard-to-find car parts at a reasonable price - especially when you live in New England, as we do, where most of the cars in the junk yards within driving distance have a lot of rust! Excellent tips, my friend!


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