Sunday, June 7, 2020

Is Dead To Me Your Cup of Tea?

An American Dark Comedy Series - Dead To Me

Dead To Me is a popular Netflix series. Have you watched it yet?

My niece mentioned it to my mom and several online friends mentioned they enjoyed it.

So, yep, I took the plunge and watched the series.

I Didn't Take My Own Advice About Binge-Watching AGAIN!

Several months ago, feeling all high-and-mighty, I thought it prudent to give out 'how to binge-watch tv' advice. Don't listen to me, because I clearly cannot practice what I preach.

I did all the don'ts again: I started the series near midnight and stayed up till 4am to finish an entire season. On the plus side, it's good!

What is Dead To Me About?

Christina Applegate plays Jen Harding, a realtor whose husband was killed by a hit and run driver. Linda Cardellini plays Judy Hale, a woman Jen meets at a grief support group. They become friends, however, the relationship is plagued with a shocking secret. I won't go any further so as not to reveal the plot. Here's the trailer for Season 1:

Enjoy Two Seasons of Dead to Me

In May 2019, the first season of Dead to Me was released. The second season was just released on May 8th, 2020.  If you've never watched this show, lucky you; you get to binge-watch two seasons!

The actors and quality acting make the series.

My eldest son and I recently discussed how an excellently written show with bad actors just doesn't cut it. However, a bad show with good actors is tolerable.

This show hits both marks: it's well written and features quality actors and quality acting. It's more like watching a well-acted movie.

Here's the trailer for the second season:

Lots of 'Language' in This Series

If you can't handle the 'F-bomb', this show is not for you. Although I usually don't enjoy movies with constant swearing, Christina Applegate's character made me laugh every time she swore - which is almost constantly! Her character has anger issues, so the writer's use of swearing works with this plot-line.

I'm not usually into crime-related shows, however, I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It's far-fetched enough to feel like entertainment and not something that could actually happen. Although these days who knows? I prefer getting lost in a true fiction, and Dead To Me offered enough fiction to make it unbelievable - in a good way.

If you're looking for another series, I recently reviewed 'Upload' - You'll escape the world's problems, yep, it's out of this world, total fiction.

Happy Sunday,
P.S. It's National Chocolate Ice Cream Day - Enjoy a bowl of ice-cream while you binge-watch TV

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  1. This may be one more reason to get a Netflix membership. Right now I don't have one and I'm still not watching as much TV as I used to. Thanks for the heads up Barbara!

  2. I will have to tell my son about this series. He has Netflix and often binge-watches favorite shows.

  3. Fran and I will have to check this one out, it sounds very interesting. We do binge watch a lot of the time but we start a little earlier than you do. Thanks for the great review.

  4. I have wondered about this series, and considered turning it on several times. I tend to let a series or movie run in the background while I am working. There have been a few times when a movie was so compelling that I put aside my work and just watched it. I know I have founds a great story when that happens. Thanks for the recommendation! I know what I'll be queuing up on my next laborious and boring day.

  5. Thanks for an interesting review. I don't currently have Netflix but may in the near future. It is always good to get a personal recommendation for a series.

  6. Thanks for the rec! I loved your comment about doing all the "dont's" when binge watching beginning at midnight!

  7. We don’t have Netflix, but I just watched the trailers (thanks for including them) and this series looks fabulous! I did get John to preview the first few episodes of Upload for me, and we’ve since watched them together (with him warning me when I need to look away). We’re loving it so far, so thanks very much for the recommendation!

  8. I enjoyed the first season, but haven't watched the second season yet but as it's now winter down here in Australia I'm sure we'll binge watch it one weekend.

  9. Dead to Me sounds like an interesting series. We're about to run out of new episodes of the shows we watch on cable television and, because of the pandemic, forsee a period of time when we will not have new episodes so we will definitely be looking for new programming. Thanks for this pick.


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