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The Book #STUMPED: Instant Party Riddles for Teens and Adults Reviewed

Stumped Riddles
This is my copy of the book that features
the original book cover
At our last family holiday together, I set out Barbara Tremblay Cipak's #Stumped book for our after dinner game.  Before everyone started leaving the dining tables, our daughter began reading the riddles out loud and we all joined in to guess the answer.  

So much laughter was generated by this simple game as individuals started calling out answers as soon as the riddle reading was completed.  Some of the answers made sense, but were still funny.  We don't  have any shy family members, so this game was most entertaining and made for some wonderful memories of time spent together.

Anytime we have a family gathering, my daughter and I look for new games the family can play together.  I have always hated the times that family members eat and then migrate to the television.  It steals our family time and keeps us from visiting with each other.

I am blessed to be part of a big family.  Unfortunately, we don't all agree on most things and time together can turn into all out family war if politics or religion become part of the discussion.  Therefore, I do understand why some opt to head for the television as soon as mouths are free from eating.  Having a fun game to dominate our interaction is imperative for our family gatherings.

In addition to playing a family game during the holidays, when a family member was in the hospital, #Stumped provided entertainment for the patient who enjoyed the presence of her visitor for long periods of time.  Anyone who has ever visited someone in the hospital understands how you quickly run out of things to talk about. 

#STUMPED: Instant Party Riddles for Teens and Adults 

 #STUMPED: Instant Party Riddles for Teens and AdultsCheck PriceBarbara's riddles are witty and provide enough of a challenge for friendly competition to get the exact right answer.  We did make the rule that the exact answer would be the only accepted answer for a win.  That, of course, would be an option for any group to make for themselves.

I loved the way this book was separated into chapters with a focus title.  A chapter title like "Emotion Riddles" or "Outdoor Riddles" gives a hint to the answer from the beginning. 

I also like that the answers are in the back of the book and not with each riddle.  That keeps anyone from being tempted to read the answer by peeking at the book.  With a large group like ours, the narrator has people on both sides and it would be easy for them to see the book whether intentionally or not. 

Barbara has provided an inside preview of the book on Amazon, which allows you to read a few of the riddles to get an idea of what you can expect.  This was also a big selling point for me.  I needed examples to see if they would be challenging, yet easy enough, for the wide age and education range in our family. 

More Riddle Books from Barbara Tremplay Cipak

The #Stumped book was Barbara's first published riddle book.  She has since released several more.  That means my family can look forward to new challenges at our next family holiday dinner. 

In addition to her riddles, Barbara is an excellent writer.  She has such a beautiful and touching way of expressing herself.  Her books of sayings and recommended messages are inspirational for people like me who feel things deeply, but can't seem to put it into words.  I appreciate that help! 

More Books by Barbara Tremblay Cipak

 Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price


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  1. Oh, Wow this really sounds like fun. We just love playing family games anytime we're together. So much fun and laughs!! Just bought this and can't wait to get it. Thanks Cynthia, and Thank you Barbara :)

  2. Cynthia, you are such a doll for reviewing my book. I can't express to you how much this means to me. With all that's on your plate you still take the time to think of others. You are truly a class act. I have a lot of respect for you. I love how you talked about family in the review as well because my point for doing this book was family, distraction, and something to do at gatherings. I just want to create things that help people take their mind off the world problems for a short time. Using the book during a hospital visit is a great idea as well - although I'm sorry you have family in the hospital. I guess you noticed I changed the cover of the book since you purchased yours, lol. I've finally mastered creating my own designs. My brain hurts, lol. Again, what a doll you are. Thank you so much.

  3. Fun review of a party riddles book, Mouse and delightful that it was written by one of our own writers here on ReviewThisReviews. In addition to being a delightful in person party riddle game, I can see it working quite well as a game on a Zoom or other video conferencing call among members of a family separated by circumstances. We did such a video conferencing call among myself and 3 families in 3 different states for the high school graduation of one of the grandsons last week. Lots of love and laughter that day in 3 separate family groups. I can envision playing party riddle games being such fun while similarly engaged.

    1. Thank you! and an excellent idea for Zoom as well - appreciate that suggestion :)

  4. This looks like a fun book. I'm looking forward to using it when we can have group gatherings again.

  5. What a great way to spend some time with family. No politics or religion allowed yet fun for the whole bunch. I know this would keep me going, I'm very bad at riddles, but love them just the same. Thanks for this wonderful review.

    1. Olivia thank you, and again thank you Sylvestermouse - and the riddle books are all controversy free :)

  6. This is a wonderful review of one of Barbara’s excellent riddle books, Mouse! I’m thinking it would be fun to bring up to my in-laws’ vacation/retirement home in Maine for the four of us to play together, once it’s safe for us to have an extended visit with them again.

    1. Margaret thank you - and thanks Cynthia again - pass the time and relax at the cottage, oh that sounds nice

  7. I have not seen Stumped yet but am scared that it would likely leave me actually stumped, LOL. I do not a number of members of my family who love a challenge. This book might just be for them. It might also be a great addition to my regular game night dinner with friends!

  8. I love the idea of using this book to entertain others in the hospital. It would be great to keep minds exercised and sharp in nursing facilities as well (or in home healthcare situations). It's great to see a review of a colleague's work. What a wonderful way to lift others and affirm their talent.

  9. Perfect for the stay at home gathering! And a fun addition to any gift basket!

  10. This might be fun for our few family get togethers, when we can start getting together again, although it would be hard to lure some away from the sports on TV. Right now we pretty much talk about my new grand niece as we all watch her together on Zoom. I appreciate the review. I didn't realize Barbara had written these books. They would be great for slumber parties.

  11. I just went to check this out on Amazon, and those are great thought-provoking riddles. Great for aging brains to ponder to help keep them exercised.


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