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When is National Umbrella Month?

Celebrate National Umbrella Month!

When is National Umbrella Month? Learn more here.


March is National Umbrella Month. In my part of the world, you could not pick a better month to celebrate this very important invention. Ontario is not necessarily the rainiest part of Canada but we do receive plenty of rain in the springtime, which is not a bad thing for, as you know, rain showers bring spring flowers.

Umbrellas have a number of job duties that are not limited to protecting us from the rain though that is what they are most commonly associated with. People also use umbrellas as fashion accessories, for photography and to block out the strong rays of the sun.

National Umbrella Month is the time to celebrate one of the most useful yet underrated inventions so before we plan our celebration, let's take this striking striking blue umbrella for a walk in the rain with us now. It is Amazon's top rated sky-themed umbrella and is available by clicking right here.

Beautiful blue skies will shine when you open this umbrella!


  • Celebrate umbrella month with a new umbrella. Find one that will be sure to make you smile on a rainy day!
  • Celebrate by donating a new umbrella to a homeless shelter. It will help shelter someone else from the rain.
  • Celebrate umbrella month by promoting your business with one. Instead of using pens this year to promote your business, use umbrellas with your company business information and logo on them. You'll really stand out in a crowd!
  • Celebrate by hanging a decorative umbrella on your patio or by adding one to your patio table. Pick a colour or a pattern that you really love!
  • Celebrate umbrella month by donating all of your used ones to goodwill. If you are not using them and they are in good working condition, you can bet that someone else will.
  • Celebrate by donating ten new umbrellas to the Red Cross. Once again, you will help brighten someone's rainy days.
  • Celebrate umbrella month by reading an umbrella-themed storybook. Yes, there are beautiful children's books devoted to the wonderful umbrella.
Can you think of other ways to celebrate National Umbrella Month?

Don't let those raindrops
keep falling on your head!
Treasures By Brenda


Order the Sky Blue Umbrella shown on this page directly from Amazon.
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More days to celebrate in March.
Discover the Rainbrella Golf Umbrella.

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  1. What a pretty umbrella! I had no idea March was National Umbrella Month, but I do agree that it is the most appropriate month. I like all of your suggestions for celebration!

  2. Lots of ways to use umbrellas, not just for keeping the raindrops from falling on your head... LOL. Personally, I love sitting under a patio umbrella on a sunny day. With all its uses, umbrellas are helpful in all forms every month of the year. Thanks for sharing my Rainbrella Golf Umbrella review.

    1. YES. Sitting under a patio umbrella is lovely. Thanks for visiting, Elf!

  3. I’m a bit of umbrella collector, lol. I go out of my way to find umbrellas that are 1) large enough to keep me dry, 2) open/close easily, 3) are sturdy enough to stand up to wind without breaking, tearing, or turning inside out, 4) have a comfortable handle, and 5) are pretty enough to bring a smile on a gray, rainy day, which the lovely blue sky-lined brolly you’ve featured definitely is! I love your excellent suggestions for celebrating National Umbrella Month.

    1. Thanks, Margaret. I love your list of prerequisites for your umbrella choices!

  4. I love a good, sturdy umbrella... but had no clue there was a National Umbrella Month. Fun to know.

  5. I absolutely love that umbrella! It's gorgeous. Honestly, I want one now - I wouldn't mind standing under that in the pouring rain - and who knew there was a national umbrella month, lol - now I know

  6. I had no idea there was a National Umbrella month. Well, now I know. I never seem to have an umbrella handy when I need one.

  7. Oh the things you learn when you read reviews on ReviewThisReviews.com. What a fun thing to know and I like the rest that have chimed in here, really really like that umbrella you have pictured. So pretty, it would make a rainy day seem like a pleasure.


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