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A Review of Practical Furniture Items for a Studio Apartment

Practical Furniture Choices for a Studio Apartment

When you're furnishing a studio apartment, every square inch matters.

Choosing items that solve multiple problems is the way to go!

On Funkthishouse, I've featured several space-saving items, and below are three of those suggestions that work for smaller spaces.

1. Chairs That Convert to a Bed

We're all familiar with couches that convert to a bed, however, when space is an absolute premium, you can add a chair that also doubles as a place to sleep.

The designs are interesting! They come in multiple colors and styles. They make a terrific addition to any small room where extra sleeping space is needed.

Use a pullout couch, but instead of a standard chair, add a chair-bed.

Check out the selection of original chair beds here

2. Space Saving Table and Chairs

A studio apartment may not have room for a table and chairs. However, if you're able to squeeze a portable table with chairs into the unit, you'll give yourself another area that can double as a place to work, play, and eat.

Space-saving tables and chairs can be quite compact. Compact sets are designed so the chairs or stools slide entirely under the table section.

Depending on the design, some can rest against the wall, and some are slightly higher in height - like a bar set would be. The taller designs add dimension to a square room. They're usually counter height as well, so they can line up with a kitchen counter so as to create a flush, continuous look.  Be sure to check those out.

Check out the various choices for a small room here

3. Lift Coffee Tables

Have you ever seen these? They're pretty cool! Lift Coffee Tables have tops or sides that lift up so that the top of the table can be used for working or eating. Under the top is storage.

A lift table makes it easier to work or have dinner from the couch. Of course, in a studio apartment, the sofa is a bed, so you'll have to ensure there's a spot for the coffee table when the couch becomes a bed.

By sliding the coffee table alongside the bed, your coffee table becomes a convenient bedside table.

Check out the full range of coffee tables to choose from

Go Vertical with Wall Storage - Floor to Ceiling When Possible

Find a wall that can house a floor-to-ceiling storage cabinet. A practical wall-unit can house the tv, books, photos, and other personal items. Choose one with drawers, then you'll have extra space for clothes.

Quick Summary of Five Basic Pieces for a Studio Apartment:
1. A sofa-bed
2. A chair bed
3. A lift coffee table
4. Compact table with chairs
5. A tall vertical wall unit with drawers
No matter what you include in your apartment, ALWAYS look for items that can double as storage. Storage space is the biggest problem in small rooms - be sure to get ahead of that problem with every piece of furniture you select.

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  1. Excellent furniture suggestions for small spaces, Barbara. My brother & SIL bought one of those lift coffee tables for their retirement home. It became their favorite piece of furniture as they almost always ate their dinners in front of the TV mounted on the wall. I had never seen one before until I visited and was surprised and delighted by the storage space inside.

  2. You always have such creative ideas and it often takes being creative to cover all you needs in a small apartment. I've always loved the idea of the chair bed. I have a daybed in my craft room so my family can sit there and keep me company, but it also offers a guest bed (which we have used several times). I use the area underneath the bed for storage and block that view with a dust ruffle. Even in a small room in a house, we need your creative ideas!

  3. When I lived in a studio apartment many years ago, I was always looking for space saving ideas! Your smart suggestions for maximizing a small living space are spot on. Back in those days, sofa beds were not only very, very heavy and hard to open and close, but also were extremely uncomfortable and expensive. Today, however, there are lots of stylish, comfortable, and reasonably priced options to choose from. John has been talking about buying or building a lift coffee table for a long time, and one is definitely in our future!

  4. I forgot to mention the floor-to-ceiling, extremely wide wall unit I had, which was absolutely invaluable for storage. Again, your ideas are right on target, Barb!

  5. You have some great suggestions here Barbara and I'm sure that even if you have extra space, these items might come in handy too. I like furniture that has more than one purpose. Great suggestions all of them, thanks.

  6. I am always on the lookout for creative sleeping and storage solutions. While I don't need these solutions in my current home, I keep thinking I'm going to build a tiny home on wheels for the nomad life. If and when I do that, I will need to maximize every inch of space. I love today's Murphy bed kits and plan to build one for any future tiny home. Having a "wall bed" that folds up into a small footprint is so practical (especially in a home office/spare bedroom combo). Thanks for these great resources.

  7. Thank you all for the comments :)


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