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Father's Day Gift Ideas That Won't Break the Bank!

It's a great time to start thinking about Father's Day.

Although many of us have not been able to get together with family like we have in the past, it's no reason to forget Father's Day which is coming up shortly!  

June 21st is the third Sunday and the one dedicated to those men who have the honor of being the Father or Father Figure in our lives.  Just so you know, this can also include Grandfathers, Uncles and Step Dads  as well.

father and son

Dads can be really hard to buy for!  (Moms tend to be easier, chocolates and flowers every year works.)  Not so much for Dad!  Tools and Dad stuff tends to be more expensive somehow!  But check below and see some really inexpensive alternatives!

10 Great Gift Ideas for Dads

  1. Family Manicure Kit, not just for the ladies anymore.  
  2. Car Stickers (some are really funny, like this one) But there are many others that can work for your Dad!
  3.  iPad Protector (there are many to choose from but this is an Amazon Choice with 5 star rating)
  4. Father's Day T-Shirts (this one says it all, but there are many more to choose from)
  5. Fisherman or Hunter Dads (great tools to use while out in the wilderness)
  6. For the musical Dad, Guitar Picks (sing me a song)
  7. A Special Key Ring 
  8. A Special Book
  9. B.B.Q. Tools
  10. Man's Apron
This list is Dad Approved by both my other half and my son (who happens to be Dad to 3 children).  They looked it over and each of them without being asked said they would love any one of the items in this list!   

wooden hearts for dad

Now these are great gifts for dads on their special day, but there are so many more things that Dad would love to have and might not indulge himself with.

If you need some help trying to figure out what to get your Dad for Father's Day,  ask yourself some questions...........

If Dad loves to read, there are hundreds of books available from Amazon or your favorite book retailer, like Chapters.

Does Dad love taking pictures?  How about a new Camera Strap with a bonus, you can read about it here!  Sylvester Mouse Cynthia found a great way to make this even better.

Does Dad love to build?  How about a new tool or a magazine with all kinds of neat ideas that Dad could try to make?

Does Dad like to run, walk or exercise in general?  Maybe a pair of Nordic Walking Sticks would be the ideal gift.

Is your Dad a sports fanatic, then there are literally hundreds of items big and small that would make a lovely Father's Day gift.  Pick your team and off you go!

Sometimes Dad's are just happy with a nice card.  You can make or buy one that will suit your Dad to a "T".  

Father's Day is the  21st of June this year.  Don't let the day go by without some lovely acknowledgement for all the things Dads do every day of the year.

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  1. Thank you for this helpful list of Father's Day gift suggestions for the dad's in our families.

    1. You are very welcome, I had my husband and son to help me out with their choices, so I'm sure there are other Grandfathers and Fathers that would enjoy these choices too.

  2. A wonderful selection of gift ideas Olivia. I would be thrilled to be on the receiving end of any one of these ideas. Especially the T-shirts and BBQ. Thanks, I 'll hurry and send this one off to my kids.

    1. Oh I knew you'd like those BBQ Tools, and the apron.....T-shirts are always a favorite....

  3. Great gift suggestions Olivia! My Dad, or my husband, would also enjoy these gifts.

    1. Oops, sorry! I hit publish too quickly. Thank you for including the camera strap cover review. The cover sure was a great gift for me!!!

    2. That camera strap idea is just the best, so I had to pass it along.

  4. Thanks for the great list of affordable Father's Day gifts, Olivia! I'll definitely check out the gifts for fishermen for my father-in-law.

    1. I did try my hardest to get something for all those dads and my God Son is a fisherman, so I know he'd go crazy for that outdoors set.

  5. Thanks for all the suggestions, I'm always scanning lists like this for ideas - with a house full of men, every idea helps!

    1. Glad I could ease your need just a little, I know with my crew there is always something that they would enjoy.

  6. Great list ! Love the nordic walking poles....!

    1. Tracey, they really are helpful. My husband has peripheral neuropathy, which makes him unsteady on his feet a lot of the time, these Nordic Walking Poles really help him stabilize so that walking is not quite as tiring as without them.

  7. Some great ideas here Olivia. We celebrate Father's Day in September down under so I will make sure to send this link to my daughter and nieces then :D

  8. Well, I just learned something new today. I did not know you celebrated in September. The list is really good for birthdays and other occasions as well. Thank you for thinking of sending it on.

  9. Great recommendations and a nice starting point to help someone decide what to do for their father this year.


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