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Lady Bug Day Review

Ladybug Day
Ladybug Day
Ladybug Day is celebrated each year on the 2nd Saturday of June. It is a decades-long tradition at Washington Market Park, located in the Tribeca area of NYC. 

The Friends of Washington Market Park distribute 100,000 ladybugs to children ages 3-12 and adults, who then release them in the park. Ladybugs eat aphids, which are harmful to our trees and shrubs. Ladybugs help to keep our park green, healthy and strong! 

How Did Ladybugs Get Their Name?

Legend has it that during the middle ages Europe was plagued by swarms of aphids which were destroying the crops. Farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary for help and help came in the form of ladybugs that devoured the plant-destroying pests. The crops were saved and the grateful farmers named the insects “Our Lady's beetles”.  The name continues to this day.

Today's Gardeners Love Ladybugs

Our contributor Olivia Morris explains why gardeners think ladybugs are beneficial in her review called “Ladybugs are so Cool”.

Fun Facts about Ladybugs

Source: Pixabay

  • In North America, they are called ladybugs
  • In Britain they are called ladybirds
  • Entomologists prefer the names ladybird beetles or lady beetles as these insects are not classified as true bugs.
  • The Ladybird /Ladybug is the state insect of Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio and Tennessee.
  • Many cultures consider ladybugs 'lucky'.
  • The color of the ladybug is most commonly seen as red, but they also come in both orange and yellow and, to a lesser degree, in black, gray, pink and blue. 

Crafty Ladybugs

Artists and crafters like to create Ladybugs. Their cheerful color and cute shape make them fun to craft. Here are a couple of my latest creations.

Ladybug Magnets and Ladybug Coasters

This is a set of ladybugs for your kitchen decor. This 6-piece combo includes two (2) ladybug magnets and four (4) ladybug beverage coasters.

A pair of Ladybug design refrigerator magnets handmade with care using plastic canvas and acrylic yarn. There is a magnet glued on the back of each Ladybug magnet. These ladybug magnets each measure 2" x 2-1/2".

A cute pair of little 'Lady Bugs' to brighten up your kitchen and hold your shopping lists and notes.

Ladybugs are considered 'Good Luck', so these Ladybug fridgies will be a happy addition to your kitchen. In England, Ladybugs are called Ladybirds.

Coasters are always handy to protect your table tops from wet rings. For fans of Ladybugs, these handmade beverage coasters really 'fit the bill'.

Ladybug coasters are handmade using plastic canvas and acrylic yarn. Each coaster in this set of 4 measures approximately 4 x 4 inches. The coasters were stitched with red and black acrylic yarn.

Ladybug coasters are the perfect compliment for your home, patio or porch.

Ladybug Plush Animals in Crochet

Ladybug Plushies

Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home!

Orange ladybug is a fun toy ladybug who measures about 6" long and 5" high and is 4" across. Hand-crocheted in washable acrylic yarn in orange and black and softly stuffed with new polyester fiberfill, orange ladybug has crocheted antennae and embroidered facial features in orange on a black face. Completely kid-friendly all over!

Ladybug Day
Red Ladybug loves warm weather and garden-time, flitting and frolicking among the plants. Since she's a plushie, she's also fun to cuddle.

This Red Lady Bug measures about 6" long and 5" high and is 4" across. She's hand-crocheted in durable acrylic yarn in red and black and softly stuffed with polyfil. Her antennae are crocheted and her facial features are embroidered in red on a black face.

Yellow ladybug is bright and cheerful and loves sunshine and flitting about the garden. She's cute and cuddly and hugable!

Yellow Ladybug measures about 7" long and 5" high and is 4" across. She's hand-crocheted in washable acrylic yarn in yellow and black and softly stuffed with polyfil. Her antennae are crocheted and her facial features are embroidered in yellow on a black face.

Handmade Quilted Ladybug Coin Purse

Handmade Quilted Ladybug coin purse
Ladybug Coin Purse

This coin purse has cute red ladybugs crawling on a yellow background. Inside is lined with dark red fabric and it has a dark red zipper for closure. Perfect for holding money, business cards, medications, keys, lipsticks and will help keep your purse organized. Coin purse size is approximately 5 1/2" x 4".

Handmade by Kathie for her Etsy Shop CutePurseNaties.

June Holiday

So, for gardeners and crafters and lovers of ladybugs, remember the second Saturday of June each year to enjoy celebrating Ladybug Day

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Holiday Review written by (c) Wednesday Elf (6/6/2020)

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  1. Oh you know I love Ladybugs/Ladybird beetles, Pat! Indeed they are one of a gardener's best friends. You can even buy ladybugs from many nurseries around the country. Best way to encourage them to stay in your garden is to water your garden in the evening and then release the ladybugs. They will stay close to your yard and give you lots of protection from those pesky aphids. Thanks for this cute and lovely Review.

  2. Thanks for the ladybug tips, Olivia.

  3. I have always loved ladybugs! Even as a child, they were my favorite. Unlike so many bugs, even the good ones, there is nothing frightening about the looks of a ladybug. As an adult, I feel blessed anytime I see them in my garden. If I find on inside my house, I take them outside to my roses. Unfortunately, the pesticides that so many of my neighbors use without a thought, kill ladybugs.

    1. Oops! I neglected to say, I also love all of the ladybug crafts and gifts you featured above. I have an odd affinity to coin purses. That probably has something to do with my childhood too.

    2. I think ladybugs must be everyone's favorite bug, Mouse. They are cute and colorful and useful. Pleased you liked the ladybug crafts I featured.

  4. Well, I certainly learned something new today. I never knew about Washington Market Park, or how Lady Bugs got their name. I have a friend back in Pa. that would order lady bugs every year for his huge garden. Thanks Pat.

    1. Thanks for your visit, Sam. I think a lot of gardeners order ladybugs for the same reasons the Washington Market Park people do. Saves lot of plants, I'm sure.

  5. Even though I'm not a fan of most insects, I do adore ladybugs! I had no idea they had their own holiday, and it was fun learning more about them. Your ladybug crafts are absolutely adorable!

    1. Thanks for the compliment about my ladybug crafts, Margaret. Enjoyed your visit to my ladybug page.

  6. awe, love the crocheted ladybugs, so freaking cute! Such a great token gift idea as well - something to add to gift wrapping too.

    1. Thanks, Barbara. Ladybugs are fun to craft.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks, Tracey. Thanks for your visit to my ladybug world.

  8. I absolutely love ladybirds and when I was growing up we had a hedge at the end of the garden where there were always lots of them and I would put my hand out to encourage them to land on me and bring me luck! I don't see as many around these days , but love ladybird or ladybug designs.

    1. Thanks, Lou. I would imagine that your English background taught you to call these little critters 'Ladybirds' whereas we here in the United States mostly know them as Ladybugs. No matter the name, everyone appears to have a positive reaction to these 'bugs'. In addition to being incredibly useful in saving the destruction of essential plants, they are an attractive, eye-appealing and friendly looking 'critter' no one dislikes.


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