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Debbie Macomber's Mr. Miracle Hallmark Movie Review

Mr. Miracle
Mr. Miracle is a delightful Hallmark movie about a new angel and his first assignment on earth. 

As always, Hallmark provides us with an hour (actually 86 minutes) of entertainment appropriate for all family members.  

Not only does this movie have a touch of romance and divine intervention, but it also provides a few laughs.  That bit of comedy is needed though as a relief to the intense subject matter.  Addie is facing her first Christmas after her father's death and having to come to terms with her own purpose in life.      

Also, the movie Mr. Miracle looks like the perfect setup for a series of "Mr. Miracle" angel movies.  Since I really like the actor and the character, I hope there will be more to come.

Debbie Macomber's Mr. Miracle Movie Plot

Harry Mills (Rob Morrow) is an angel on assignment for the first time.  Part of the fun is that everything on earth is completely new to him.  This provides a touch of comedy to the movie since Harry takes everything literally.  What might be common phrases to us, mean something totally different to him.  As a cover for his angel duties, Harry is placed in the community college as a literature professor and provided a home across the street from his "assignment".

As I mentioned in the introduction, Addie (Britt Irvin) and her mother are facing their first Christmas without Addie's father.  After returning home and re-enrolling in the community college, Addie lacks the confidence to stick it out and succeed.  She feels the need to graduate only to meet her father's expectations, not because she has a direction.

Harry is quite certain he can solve all of Addie's problems quickly once he identifies her purpose in life.  He plans to set her on the right course and move on quickly.  It isn't as easy as it sounds in the beginning, and even though Harry resists help from his angelic mentor, he must also find the right course for his duties.

Debbie Macomber, the Author

Debbie Macomber has long been a recognized author that we can all depend on for a great story with clean content. Her books and movies don't require a lot of graphic images or colorful language to grab, and hold, your attention.

A few of our Contributors here on Review This, have previously reviewed some of Debbie Macomber's books.

Reviewed by BarbRad.  How does a woman move on after a painful divorce? Debbie Macomber tackles this subject in her new novel. The book follows the emotional journey of two women after they divorce their husbands.

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Reviewed by BarbRad. If you love a romance series that is true to life with characters you can relate to, you will want to read the Rose Harbor Series by Debbie Macomber. Each story builds on the last, so start at the beginning for an enjoyable journey through stories of hurt, love, and healing.

Currently, Debbie Macomber's "Mr. Miracle" is also available on Amazon with a subscription to the Hallmark Channel.  

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Debbie Macomber's Mr. Miracle Hallmark Movie Review Written by:
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  1. Thanks for mentioning my reviews of Debbie Macomber's books. I'm definitely a fan. I confess I've never seen any movies based on her books yet, but I may just have to watch this one. I do appreciate the fact that her books are clean in content and relaxing to read. It appears her movies are the same.

    1. It really is nice to have an author that we know before we open the book or start a movie, that the content will be clean and the story will be great, perhaps even uplifting.

  2. Mr Miracle sounds like a wonderful movie to watch during the holiday season, thank you for this wonderful review!

    1. It is a really cute show Bev and I definitely recommend it!

  3. Always looking for a new Hallmark Christmas movie. Debbie Macomber books are great so I'm sure I'd enjoy this movie. Thanks for the recommend.

    1. I just don't think we can go wrong with Hallmark, Mary Beth. Paired with a Debbie Macomber story, wonderful is guaranteed in my opinion.

  4. I've enjoyed Debbie Macomber's 'Angel' series in books, so can already tell that Mr. Miracle will be a delightful movie. Thanks for letting me know about it, Mouse.

    1. It is always interesting what actors they choose to play the parts in the books. Sometimes I don't agree with the chosen actors, but I absolutely love Rob Morrow as Mr. Miracle.

  5. Sometimes Hallmark movies are a little too tame for me. But this one sounds interesting. I have not yet read Macomber but the book reviews you listed are books that are in my amazon "wish list" after reading the reviews. I can definitely imagine reading one of the books while camping.

    1. Laughing at your comment Dawn! Yes, they are very tame and the characters are often naive. I do understand preferring a more realistic plot with strong characters. Mom and I are huge Hallmark fans, but the man in the family, not so much :)

  6. Oh I love angel movies and Macomber as an author too.....a great combination to say the least. I will have to see this movie and enjoy the characters as they go about their "business". Thank you for a great movie idea for a Sunday afternoon.....

  7. Cynthia, I'm trying to figure out if I've seen this one already. This topic is right up my alley for the holidays. I've been obsessed my whole life with these 'what-if' movies. In fact today I watched another along these lines. For about 3 weeks I just couldn't get into these movies for the first time ever, but now I'm a bit relieved that my normal self is coming back. I've been waiting for my what-if angel to show up and show me where my life would be if I had turned one direction instead of another. Really wish I could get a glimpse!


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