Monday, December 31, 2018

New Year’s Eve 2018

It is New Year’s Eve. The last day of the year. Tomorrow turns the page into the brand new year. Beginning tomorrow, I will have to remember to write 2019 instead of 2018 on checks and paperwork. I will wonder where the years have gone and say, “Wow, time flies” at least once. Those are a part of my traditions during this time of year.

Each person, family, region, and country have New Year’s Eve traditions. A search on the internet will show those traditions; some familiar and some that seem very strange (red underwear).  Some involve food (12 grapes). Some involve drink (champagne). Most traditions involve how to celebrate and who to celebrate with.

As a younger person I attended New Year’s Eve parties at someone’s home. We drank, ate, talked, listened to music, and kissed everyone in the vicinity when the clock struck midnight.

Later, I sometimes attended public firework displays. In the US, many people go into the cities to see the fireworks. The dropping of the ball in Times Square draws many celebrants waiting to welcome the new year. It seems to be one of the most well-known celebrations worldwide but such a large gathering culminating in fireworks is not a uniquely US thing. I’d venture to guess that this is the most popular (worldwide) New Year’s Eve tradition.

More recently, I go to The Shack for New Year’s Eve. And by the time you read this, I hope to be there.  One of my superstitions is that whatever you are focused on as the New Year rings in is the focus of the new year. Therefore, my intention is to be at The Shack as 2018 ends and 2019 begins. I like to spend the evening close to nature and in the “home” I plan to live in soon. I also prefer to be off the roads and away from potential drunk drivers.

We have a wide audience at Review This! and it makes me wonder how our readers around the world welcome in the new year. On behalf of the Review This! team:

We wish you a happy and safe New Year’s Eve. 
We wish you the kind of celebration that leaves you with wonderful memories and continues welcomed traditions. 
Happy New Year's Eve!  

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  1. I joined my family and a couple neighbors for a special celebratory dinner on Saturday -- an early New Year's Eve to accommodate work schedules. Good food, good fun with shared stories and a trivia game, excellent companionship. A perfect way to end one year and begin the next. Enjoy your peaceful contemplation time at the Shack, Dawn Rae, and as each of my Review This companions celebrate this day in their own special way, I join Dawn Rae in wishing us all the best new year one can imagine.

  2. We usually spend New Years Eve trying to reach family by phone, Facetime, or whatever social media is out there. We are spread around a little and it makes it hard to "be" with everyone. This year will be a little different. I will be spending it quietly at home, wishing everyone health and good fortune. Enjoy the Shack Dawn Rae, I wish I was with you there......Happy New Year to all of our Followers and my fellow writers. Wishing you lots of great new memories to be made in 2019!

  3. Red underwear? Really? I need to go search out some just to see if helps me ring in the New Year in some new and interesting way. Like you, I hold to the superstition that your focus on New Year's Eve will be you main focus year round. I've heard that who you are with on New Year's Eve will follow through the year too. Interesting superstitions to say the least, but still fun to think about. I love Review This! I plan to focus on it today (background maintenance) and tonight my focus will turn to my family. In years past, we watched the ball drop on television. Usually, my New Year's Eve consists of quiet time at home, waiting for midnight and then texting Happy New Year to my children and parents. I expect that is how I will spend this evening. Although, I might just have to don those red panties. Don't tell anyone okay.

    Happy New Year Dawn! Stay safe, warm and happy in your shack as you focus on the future. Truly a wonderful way to welcome in 2019.

  4. We have good friends that we have spent a quiet New Year’s Eve with for the last 15 years. They will come over about 5 and we will have some crab appetizers. Later for dinner we will enjoy some shrimp and lobster tails after dinner we will play cards and have TV on to watch New Year’s Eve celebrations around the world. At midnight we will toast in the New Year I wish a very happy new year to all of the Review This staff and our readers. Thank you for being a part of Reviee This 🎉

  5. Starting the party at 5 pm here and planning to ring in the New Year by watching fireworks locally. ( Lots of people do that here as I live on the edge of town so not many neighbors. ) Happy New Year to you! and to all.

  6. I'm blogging as I wait for the new year. I usually spend New Year's Eve online working on something. I'm past the age when I party, and Hubby likes to go to bed early.

  7. Hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve and New Years Day. We ended up having a party here, last minute decided by our kids, lol. We were the last to know. It was a fun night. My fave part about new years this year was the way the day unfolded; last minute, go with the flow unexpected visitors and family. Am feeling this could be the theme for this year; unexpected good things.


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