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Fabulous Heavy Duty Gift Wrap Storage Bag Reviewed

Fabulous Gift Wrap Wrapping Paper Storage Bag Reviewed
Last year, I purchased a fabulous gift wrap storage bag from Current catalog.  I didn't know if I would like it or not, but the price was right and I had very little to lose by trying it.  I knew if it worked for me, I would be thrilled to have a protective way to store my wrapping paper from year to year.

As it turns out, this is one of the best purchases I have ever made!

Like most gift givers, I spend a lot of money on wrapping paper.  I love to have pretty gifts under the tree.  Or, an attractively wrapped gift for birthdays and other occasions.  However, I don't like dirty or ripped paper and I often end up buying new wrapping paper annually for Christmas or even if I have only one gift to wrap.  I have always known that it was a waste of money to buy a whole roll for one gift, but I won't give a gift unless it is attractively wrapped.  I have been known to even re-wrap a gift if I don't think it is pretty.

Gift Wrap Clear Vinyl Storage Bag - 8-1/2" x 31" Long

Gift Wrap Clear Vinyl Storage Bag - 8-1/2" x 31" Long


Clear Wrapping Paper Storage Bag
There are several things I really love about this wrapping paper storage bag.  To start with, I love that it is clear and I can see the paper being stored without opening the bag.  I really do hate having to hunt for a specific wrapping paper just to wrap a gift.

I also love that it keeps my wrapping paper clean and pretty, ready to be used immediately.  When I stored my wrapping paper in the shipping box, not only could I not see what was inside without opening the box, but the paper would often get creased or even torn when the box was moved around.

Since I store my Christmas wrap in my attic, I am especially thrilled that no attic dwellers or debris can get inside the bag and be my special Christmas surprise. 

This storage bag is large enough to hold 8 - 10 rolls of wrapping paper, depending on their size.  As you can see in the photo, it will hold the longer wrapping paper rolls too, or you could use that top space for bows, ribbon, tape, and other wrapping supplies.

I absolutely love the handles!  The top handle makes it easy for me to carry down the attic stairs and the reinforced double handle on the sides make it easy for me to carry from room to room.  The zipper top allows easy access, plus keeps the storage bag closed up tight when not stored.  

I sure wish I had this wrapping paper storage bag sooner!  I carefully select our annual Christmas paper and I wish some of our older paper was still in good enough condition to use.  It would be a tremendous money saver to be able to use the leftover paper.

I should add that I also have a separate gift wrap storage bag for birthday wrapping paper.  I keep it in our hall coat closet for extremely easy access.  I just reach in and grab the bag when I need to wrap a gift.  The only way it could be easier, or better, is if the gift would wrap itself.

The featured wrapping paper storage bag is available on Amazon or directly from Current catalog.  Both are linked below for your shopping convenience. 

Wrapping Paper Storage Bag
Click Here to Buy from Amazon

Joiedomi 2 Pack Wrapping Paper Storage, Clear Gift Wrap Organizers Container BagJoiedomi 2 Pack Wrapping Paper Storage, Clear Gift Wrap Organizers Container BagCheck Price


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  1. Well, this looks fabulous! I like that it is clear and you can see what paper is inside. I think that everyone needs one of these heavy duty gift wrap storage bags.

    1. Would you believe I ordered two more right after I finished writing this review?!! I found I actually need a second one now. And, if one is good, two must be better, right?

  2. This looks like the perfect solution for keeping wrapping paper clean and ready for use. No more rolls of left over wrapping paper stuck in a closet corner to come out wrinkled and torn when needed. Wonderful that you found this storage solution.

    1. Oh, I know exactly what you are talking about Elf! I used to stack my wrapping paper in the closet corner too. Well, I still do, except now it is in this convenient wrapping paper storage bag.

  3. We obviously share the same gift wrapping genes, Ms. Mouse! My mom taught me how to wrap gifts beautifully, and even though it can be time-consuming, I take great pleasure in making the wrapping special. I give almost as much thought to the wrapping as to the gift inside. Your storage solution looks great, and is much more economical than mine (two tall, standing wrapping storage containers with a compartment in each lid where I store tape, paper cutters, etc.). Like you, I have one for Christmas and Hanukkah wrapping paper and another for birthdays and other occasions (such as weddings and anniversaries). Of course, then there’s separate storage for all the ribbons and bows, lol! I wish we lived closer for many reasons, and now I’ve found another. Can you imagine us setting up and using a joint gift wrapping station? The fanciest stores’ wrapping would have nothing on us - and we’d have a blast doing it!

    1. It doesn't surprise me one bit that you are as organized with your gift wrapping as you are with everything else you do. Having a gift wrapping station alongside you would be loads of fun, and I am sure I would learn a thing or two. I have always enjoyed your company in any and every activity we have undertaken together. I look forward to our next joint venture even with the separation of miles.

  4. Oh this looks like a great solution to a problem that really happens all the time, not just at Christmas. I must confess though, I have gotten lazy and now use Gift Bags for most occasions. Believe it or not, even though I'm retired, I find I am busier than ever before, so the Bags work great for me. I just make sure I have lots of tissue on hand with seasonal or occasion like prints on them. If I were to go back to wrapping, I certainly would use this storage system. It's nice, neat and very well proportioned for anyone's gift wrapping needs.

  5. That bag is excellent!! Thank you for sharing the information about it. And thank you for sharing the link to my article. Just yesterday I was cutting toilet paper tubes to snap around the wrapping paper rolls.

  6. This looks great, I really like that you can see through it. What a great idea. I'm ordering one now.

  7. It's been a long time since I've looked over the Current catalog -- so long that I don't even get them anymore. I used to buy a lot from them. I wish I'd known about this sooner. I think I just gave most of my gift wrap away, since I rarely need to wrap anything anymore. But if I discover I still have some in good shape, I'll look into getting a better storage solution, such as this one, to keep it looking nice in storage.

  8. Excellent review Cynthia. It's always a thing to organize our wrapping paper. On my dream list is an entire crafting storage area with everything organized like a store! But for now I'm implementing several of your suggestions here.

  9. Seems like this bag would end up saving a lot of money in the long run - at Christmastime when we need it! I would love to see how you decorate at Christmas.


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