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2017 An Amazing Year to Visit Canada! Come and Celebrate

canada flag

2017 Marks the 150th Birthday of Canada!  Let's Review some of the excitement and Parties that will be happening this Year!

January marks the beginning of the New Year for everyone, but in Canada,  it marks the beginning of our 150th Birthday celebrations,  that will be happening all over the country for the whole year.  If you have never made the journey north, I would like to suggest that this year would be a good one to jump on that bandwagon.

Vancouver, Toronto, and Ottawa are calling on everyone to make this year a delight for Canadians and for all those people that will be visiting us too!  Everywhere in Canada,  you will find reasons to celebrate with us. Even the small towns will have special events happening during this upcoming year!

July 1st is our National Holiday, and you can rest assured that it will be honored in full force this year.  If you are planning to be in Canada during that time, make sure your hotel accommodations are reserved well in advance.

Places like Jasper, Alberta,  offer some of the most beautiful vistas in the world.  Pristine lakes and mountains that will take your breath away.  Bring your camera to capture some of the most beautiful places in the world right here!  Summer nights are full of the Aurora Borealis, you don't have to go to Iceland for those.

Patricia Lake, Jasper Alberta
Patricia Lake, Jasper Alberta

Ottawa is Canada's Capital City, so understandably most of the partying will be happening right here.  Our Parliament Buildings and the surrounding areas will be dressed their best just for you to enjoy.  There are so many events happening throughout the year that I have included a link for your to check it out for yourselves. You can also book flights, hotels and more through that link!  Ottawa Tourism 150th Celebrations

Toronto is Ontario's Capital city and it will also be taking part in celebrations of the 150th Birthday of Canada. Toronto Party 2017

Montreal will party as well with many historic sites celebrating our Birthday.  Montreal is not only joining the celebration of 150 years in Canada, but also 375 years of being Montreal.  Rest assured there will be lots of parties happening here.  

For your reading pleasure, there is an article from McLeans' magazine on how you can celebrate Canada's 150 Birthday all over the country. If you are interested, in coming up for a visit, this would be a great place to start your planning.  To read the article just click on this link: How You Can Celebrate Canada's 150th!

Vancouver on the West Coast is also a hub of celebrations and you know you just have to come here for a visit.  Canada's geography is so diverse all across the nation, from the East to the West, there is no place like Canada.  To check out Vancouver's' party plans click on this link:  Vancouver Celebrations for 150th !

All of Canada's National Parks will waive their daily parking fees, so that anyone who wants to visit can. If you want to come up to camp on the Grounds of the National Parks, it would be best to reserve your spot and time, so that you are not disappointed. Parks Canada Reservations

For your convenience and ease of use, I have included a guide that covers all of Canada.  You may not do this traveling all at once, but with this guide, you can decide for yourself which areas you would like to start at.  One thing is certain, once you visit Canada and see how friendly the people are, you will come back again.  We welcome with open arms all of our friends south of the border!  Come on up to Canada for a visit, you won't be disappointed!


This guide will help you travel by rail, but also offers city guides all across Canada. Hope to see you soon.

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sea Bond Adhesive Wafers Reviewed

An Alternative To Adhesive Paste

Denture image from
Let's discuss an alternative to your denture paste. Sea Bond adhesive wafers are a very nice option to help hold your dentures in place and to keep those small particles of food from getting trapped between your denture and gums. 

If you read the articles on this site regularly, you will know that last year I went through the process of getting an upper set of dentures. After the denture has been delivered there are certain products that you use on a daily basis and a good adhesive is one of them. 

In the beginning I used what my mother had always used, Polygrip. It worked just fine as far as keeping my denture in place but I really did not like dealing with the residue left on my gums when it was time to remove my denture for the night. I tried other pastes and they all seemed to leave that unpleasant rubbery residue. So, I looked at some other options and found what has been my current choice for a denture adhesive. 

These little wafers are so much easier to use! First of all at night there is no more fighting with any residue on my gums. If you have used the pastes, you know what I am talking about. It is almost the consistency of rubber cement and it is quite frankly gross. It is also difficult to remove from your gums. These Sea Bond wafers do not leave any residue on my gums and they are so easy to remove from the denture. Just peel it off and discard in the trash, rinse the denture and place in the denture bath.

How To Apply Sea Bond Adhesive Seals

When you open the package for the first time there are either 15 or 30 of the wafers in the box. The wafer is going to be too large (most probably) for your denture and mouth. Place the paper like seal on top of your denture and with a pair of scissors cut it to fit your denture. I use that first one as a template and go ahead and cut the others to the same size. It takes a few minutes but saves time the next morning when I am ready to apply a fresh one. 

After cutting a wafer to size, lay it on top of your denture and gently mist it (I use a spray bottle) while holding it in place with your finger and thumb. Once it is damp, press it gently to adhere to the denture. The "v" cut at the front will probably overlap a bit and that is just fine. Now, place it in your mouth and hold your teeth clamped for 5 or 10 seconds. Voila! You are good for the rest of the day! Another advantage to these adhesive wafers is that there is no oozing of paste into your mouth. 

I am so glad that I tried these adhesive wafers by Sea Bond and I doubt that I will ever go back to using a paste. These thin little seals do a fantastic job and do not leave that nasty rubbery stuff on my gums. If you happen to be a denture wearer like me, I can highly recommend switching to a wafer instead of the paste.

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Monday, January 9, 2017

The Station Agent Movie Review

Do you prefer movies in which the actors melt away and leave behind a story and lives that you remember for years to come? That is exactly how I feel every time I watch The Station Agent.  I feel as though I've visited this little town and spent a summer day with this group of people. Whether you are a collector of movies, someone who feels socially inept, or both, this movie is one that you are likely to watch more than once.

The Station Agent

The movie opens with Fin working with his friend, Henry. It is clear that the two are friends, have operated in a familiar way for a long period of time, and both love trains.  Henry dies immediately and this thrusts Fin into the world without a job, without his only friend, and into new territory. 

Fin learns that Henry had bequeathed him some property - about a half acre and an old, abandoned train depot. The attorney asks if Fin has even been to the area. Fin tells him that he hasn't. The attorney responds, "I drove through it once, let me tell you, it's pretty, but there's nothing out there. Nothin' ".  Along with Fin we learn that there is quite a bit more than "nothing" waiting for Fin in Newfoundland.

Three weeks after Henry's death, Fin moves to the train station. We have already come to understand that he is a man of few words and fewer relationships. He is a dwarf and as a result of the stares, the comments, and the impulsive picture-taking as though he's a spectacle instead of a human, he has tried over and over to just be "left alone". However, as soon as he opens his door, after his first night at the train station, he meets Joe.  Roger Ebert referred to Joe as "an eruption of energy". There is no better description for Joe.

Joe is as open, sharing, and high energy as Fin is closed, quiet, and guarded. It is Joe's nature to join others and to live in the moment. Fin makes it clear over and over that he prefers being alone. But Joe persists, because, well, that is just who Joe is and what he does.

Almost immediately, Olivia barges onto the scene.  She is as kind as she is heart-broken. She is a walking shell of a person and my heart breaks for her. During her first real conversation with Fin she asks, "Would you mind not looking at me right now?" As different as they are from each other, they both wish to be invisible.

The three characters experience ups and downs, jokes, and heart break, as they begin to become friends who finally depend on each other. Fin is the hero, Olivia is broken, and Joe is the big kid in the man's body who joins them together. What I thought would happen never did. And what ended up happening - after I cried - was even better than I expected. 

This simple movie is full of sadness, friendship, and real life. The neighbor girl was as genuine and real as the librarian, corner store clerk, and the jerk in the pickup truck. The Station Agent is not your typical movie in which the flawed male meets the depressed female, everyone has sex, and all problems are solved. This simple film is beautifully acted and as genuine as a movie can be. A movie in which lives intersect and people come to really know each other. And in doing so, they turn out to be the best part of us.

The Station Agent

Movie Bits and Pieces

  • Comedy-Drama by Miramax released in 2003
  • Director & Screenplay - Tom McCarthy
  • Winner of 2003 Sundance Film Festival awards (Best Drama, Best Performance, and Best Screenplay)
  • Fin played by Peter Dinklage
  • You may be familiar with Peter from Game of Thrones (Tyrion Lannister)
  • Joe played by Bobby Cannavale
  • Olivia played by Patricia Clarkson
  • Rated R - some profanity and adult theme

The Station Agent Official Trailer

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A Creative Lighting Idea for the Home or Office

ALed Lights Review - As they Appear in Our Sons Room
If you're looking for an affordable, creative and non-intrusive way to create a lovely atmosphere in a room, you have to check out these LED Strip Lights!

These lights were a purchase for my son (as per his request) for Christmas.

Quite honestly, when I saw how 'inexpensive' they were my first thought was ... "ok, these will be cheap and probably not work". It's a rare thing, but I was wrong!

Holy Hannah they're nice! And they come with a Remote.

This review is to tell you that, yes I recommend them.

They're not fancy, they're not complicated but they're very pretty. Ok, pretty is not the word my 16 year old would use, but as his mom, pretty is the word that best describes these.

At night when I peek into his room, his salt-lamp is on, along with the lighting around his desk and his bedroom looks so inviting! Here are a few more words to describe them - soothing, festive, artsy, creative, different, colorful and fun.

They're easy to put up. These ones need an electrical outlet as well. They have an adhesive tack on the back so they can go pretty much anywhere. My son wanted them for the back of his desk so as to reflect the lights off the wall. To get that effect, you attach them to the back of the desk itself.

They're not hard to put up. If you find you need a little guidance on how to put them up, I found this YouTube instructional video helpful.

There are many ways to use these LED Lights: Around a headboard, a bar, under kitchen cabinets, for party lighting, around windows, along a baseboard, under ceiling beams, around end-tables and more. Just take a look around your home, and imagine if an item had colorful low level lighting around it what it would look like.

The actual product we bought was 'ALed Lights': They come in Waterproof and Non-Waterproof designs. You can read more about the product here.

Happy lighting!

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Five Guys Restaurant Review

Five Guys Restaurant near Savannah, Georgia
(c) Wednesday Elf
The holidays brought lots of cooking and baking for holiday guests and celebrations. Now the cook(s) need a day off. Your nearest Five Guys restaurant will provide you with a quick, inexpensive and delicious meal of those good old American standards of hamburgers, hot dogs and French fries.

Five Guys Restaurant is known as a fast casual restaurant as opposed to your typical fast food place. Fast-Casual restaurants typically offer higher quality food at a slightly higher price level. The difference is made-to-order, fresh cooked food. 

Five Guys Beginning

The  restaurant founders, Janie and Jerry Murrell, began Five Guys in Virginia in 1986.  The name "Five Guys" comes from the couples' five sons, Jim, Matt, Chad, Ben and Tyler, who are all involved in the restaurant chain that today includes over 1,000 restaurants throughout the United States and Canada with more than 1500 more planned.  Since 2013, several have opened overseas in England, the Middle East and Europe. 


Example of a Five Guys burger, hamburger photo
Five Guys (restaurant) Cheeseburger. Source: Wikimedia
The Five Guys menu is simple and centers on hamburgers (offered with American cheese or bacon), kosher style hot dogs, grilled cheese and vegetable sandwiches. 

Five Guys uses buns that are sweeter and "eggier" than normal buns. 

Fresh-cut French fries are the sole side item, available "salted only" (in Five Guys style) or seasoned "Cajun style".

The burgers are available as 'single' or 'double' with 15 fresh toppings to choose from. The toppings are available at no extra charge and you can have as many or as few as you want. My favorite is a single burger with mayo and tomato slices.

Five Guys also features Milkshakes in a variety of flavors!

Peanuts Galore

Five Guys offers Complimentary 'while-you-wait' peanuts - image of peanuts
(c) Wednesday Elf
Complimentary roasted in-shell peanuts are offered for on-site consumption while you wait for your order.  Signage is provided alerting customers who may have a peanut allergy.

A Five Guys restaurant typically consists of red-and-white checkered decorations, open kitchens, a single counter for purchasing and picking up food, and tables and chairs for customers.

Five Guys has won numerous awards over the years and signs are posted showing some of them.

Sign in the window at Five Guys Restaurant
(c) Wednesday Elf

Sign in the window at Five Guys Restaurant
(c) Wednesday Elf

Sign in the window at Five Guys Restaurant
(c) Wednesday Elf

So, take a well-deserved break from your kitchen and pick up dinner tonight from Five Guys! My closest one is just 2.4 miles away!

Bonus Idea for Gifts

Five Guys Gift Cards & Christmas Cards for Teen Grandsons
(c) Wednesday Elf

Teenage boys like nothing better than food, so for Christmas for my three teen grandsons I sent Five Guys Gift Certificates. They love Five Guys Burgers as much as I do. These gift cards work equally as well as birthday gifts. 

Pick up a gift card at your local Five Guys while you are waiting for your order.  Or grab a gift card online at the Five Guys website and send either a physical card or an eGift Card to your favorite Five Guys fan! 

A Five Guys app to order your burger & fries
Five Guys (Free) App for Androids

Get the Five Guys App for Android phones and place your order in a minute!  The app is free to download and is a very handy way to have your order ready when you arrive at your favorite Five Guys restaurant! 

Happy Eating! 

*Restaurant Review written by Wednesday Elf

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Love by Design Movie Review

Love by Design Movie Review
Love by Design starring Giulia Nahmany, David Oakes and Jane Seymour, is a wonderful romantic comedy that leaves us feeling hopeful and happy when the underdog succeeds in business, plus finds real love.

Since we have all experienced injustice to some degree, we enjoy movies where the maltreated prospers.  Love by Design is the perfect romantic movie for a much needed break from intense reality and drama.  Plus, the less glamorous yet highly creative, hardworking, kindhearted girl finds love and success in a highly competitive world of fashion.

As a Jane Seymour fan, I was instantly drawn to the movie while searching for a romantic movie I have never seen before.  Even though Seymour does not have the leading role, she does play a very important part in the movie.  She is the fashion magazine editor that frowns on Danielle's appearance and ultimately fires her.  As always, Seymour is a joy to watch even when she is playing the part of a snobbish, egotistical and ruthless fashion magazine editor-in-chief.

Synopsis of Love By Design

 Love By Design
Own on DVD
When Danielle doesn't fit the image of a Beguile magazine designer, Vivian (Jane Seymour) replaces her with a "more appealing" spokesperson.  Danielle is rightfully distressed when she sees that this "better choice" is not presenting her own presentation to the clients, but the one Danielle, herself, designed and wrote.  Danielle erupts in anger and is fired from her high prestige fashion job in New York City.  She needs to get far away and decides to return to her home in Romania.  

By returning to her childhood home, she also returns to her love for sewing and designing clothes that fit the real women around her.  She loves making clothes that truly flatter the individual wearing them and those women love her designs.   

While finding herself again, she also finds true love when she meets Adrian (David Oakes).  The relationship is not without stress, but it is easy to be confident that the two will end up together.

Sometimes we just need a great romantic movie, even if it is transparent and predictable.  We simply need to let our minds and bodies rest and be entertained for a brief spell.  

Giulia Nahmany

I had never heard of the lead actress, Giulia Nahmany.  While watching the credits at the end of the movie, I noticed that she also wrote the story and was one of the executive producers of the movie.  I wanted to know more about her, so I did a bit of research and found that she started her career as a soloist.  Pretty cool!  So, not only can she write, act, and produce a movie, she can sing.  Impressive!!!  Somehow, I think we will be seeing her again in the future and the next time, I will know her name.



Of course, I love the romantic plot of Love by Design.  I also enjoyed the way the movie embraced multiple body types in fashion.  Danielle's creations flatter several different shapes and sizes. 

Many of us can relate to the women in the movie.  We want fashion that will compliment our bodies.  We should not have to fit our bodies to the current fashions.  As a curvy female, I can relate to Danielle who is constantly dieting in order to try to meet an unrealistic body size expectation.  I also know exactly how frustrating it is to try to buy clothes in a fashion world that designs for a smaller, straight or flat body type.

Some would say that both expectations in this movie are unrealistic.  Perhaps they are, but we still desire to be loved.  And, to have fashion designers who create fabulous fashions for all of us.

Check Out More Movie Reviews at

Love by Design Movie Review Written by:
House of Sylvestermouse

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5 Entertaining & Playful Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy

There is an old saying that goes like this " If you don't use it, you'll loose it!"  Brain power is like that too! Today we will review 5 Entertaining and Playful ways to keep those brain cells healthy and in good working order, especially once you have retired.

My kids have always told me that I have lost my mind and there are days when I have to agree with them. It seems that children are the first things that impair your mind's ability to function at it's best.  Ask any parent and they will most certainly agree.  Before children, they could remember all manner of facts, without needing any help.  After kids, they are lucky if they remember which order those kids come in.  They call for one but have to run through the list of children's' names before coming to the right one.  It happens to all parents at some time or another.

What can we do to keep our Brains Healthy and Working Well?

That may be easier to answer than you think.  Activity for the body keeps the body from aging too quickly.  Activity for the mind does the same thing.  We need to give our brains something to think about that is enjoyable and still keeps the brain working.  While we are in our 20's, 30's and 40's that is not hard to do. We have a hundred things going on at all times.  Between work and play, sometimes in these years, we need to find something to make our brains stop thinking.  A good book or a movie to settle us down could be the answer.  Our brains need a good amount of activity and they also need some rest as well.  A healthy balance of work and play is good for the body and good for the brain as well.  

Retirement and Brain Activity

As we move into our 50's and 60's we hopefully will start to think about the time when we can stop working so hard and enjoy life a little bit more.  The problem here is that sometimes people look forward to their retirements without making proper provisions for that time.  Work no longer drives us as it did in earlier years. Hopefully, we have had the time to make a good living and our minds are now racing towards the day when we can do what we want to do without having to worry about how to pay for our lifestyles.
golf carts
Golfing every day sounds like fun, but you need more than golf to keep the brain cells functioning well.  It's great to have time to play the games we love, but we also need to get some routine into our lives as well. Sometimes the hardest thing to remember is what day it is.  Without any schedule or plan, every day can just meld into another day.  At the end of the week, you wonder what you did, or if you accomplished anything. Retirement can be the source of depression if we no longer feel useful or wanted.  To combat that demon, it's good to have some other interests to keep you active and living a purposeful life.  Now is a great time to volunteer your abilities to some group that means something to you.  There are many very worthy volunteer groups that are always looking for people that are willing to help.  If you don't have a group near you, then maybe volunteer at a school or nursing home, an animal shelter or your local faith community. Don't wait for people to ask you, go out and search for those who need help.  It could even be a neighbor who is older, looking for some friendship. 
volunteer words banner

Learning to spend some time alone is good too!  Go for walks and enjoy the sights and sounds.  Read that book that you never had time to read before.  Learn a new hobby, something like knitting or crocheting or taking pictures or even Pottery.  Learn a new sport like lawn bowling or curling.  All of these things will keep your mind and body active and have you interacting with new people and making new friends.   
hand sculpting pottery
Keeping your mind and body active will be easy with all the interactions that you will have throughout the day.  Broadening your friendship base is always a good thing, the more the merrier.  You will have many opportunities to express ideas and plans with like minded individuals.  It's a great feeling to be validated by your peers and make good contributions.

If you need some alone time, grab a newspaper, scan the headlines, read what interests you and then do the crossword or Sudoku,  for the day.  Even these little diversions will work to keep your mind active and searching out new words or numbers.

Our Amazing List of 5 Entertaining Ways to Keep Your Brain Healthy!
  1. Play a sport, golf, curling, dancing, yoga or hula hooping (your choice)
  2. Volunteer your time to teach others to work a computer, read with children, help with senior seniors etc.  again there are hundreds of ways to help others pick one that makes sense to you.
  3. Help a neighbor who is in need, or meet up with friends on a regular basis at a local coffee shop.  
  4. Read that book that has been sitting on your shelf, waiting for when you had the time to read.
  5. Grab the newspaper and scan the news (read what interests you) do the crossword or Sudoku and then later go out for a walk. 
These ideas will not only keep your mind active, they will also help your body remain active as well.  That is truly a Win-Win Situation.

Share this list with friends and I'm sure that they would be able to add at least another hundred ways in which to keep your mind and body healthy for the home stretch.  Cheers,  for now, my drama class is starting in a half hour...... I've Got to Go!

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Flannel Sheet Set Reviewed

Cozy Winter Sleeping With A Flannel Sheet Set

cotton used to make a flannel sheet
Cotton Used To Make A Flannel Sheet from
As I write this review it is winter in my part of the hemisphere. My husband and I love to use a flannel sheet set on our beds when the weather gets cold. We have a variety of colorful sets to choose from for our bed but I'm always looking for another set to replace any that become worn out. They do not wear out often, in fact, in the 20 some years that we have used them; I think I have only had to replace two. 

We love that extra warmth that the flannel sheet offers and they feel so wonderful on your skin as you sleep. I don't know about you but I have found that as I age I seem to feel colder than I used to. 

So, I discovered that one of our sheet sets is starting to show some thinness in a couple of areas and I want to get another set to have on hand. My husband is partial to plaid and I try to keep a set or two in a plaid to keep him happy. Don't get me wrong, I like plaids too so I don't mind having a plaid set on our bed from time to time. I found a pretty set that will go with our bedroom decor and plan to order it in the next couple of days.

I just love that sage green, blue and brown combination in this particular sheet set! Another feature with this set is that it is brushed on both sides. That makes the sheets softer on your skin at night. When I first started buying flannel for our bed, I did not pay attention to whether it was brushed on each side or not. It does make a difference in both comfort and wear of the sheets. If the underside is not brushed it feels coarser and in my opinion wears out sooner. I don't know that it is a scientific fact or not but an observation that I have made over the years of using them.

If plaid isn't something that you care for this sheet set is available in five additional patterns. It also comes in the standard sizes of twin, full, queen, and king along with an option for twin extra long and California king size beds.

How about you? Do you use flannel sheets on your bed in the winter? If not, you might want to give them a try. I really do not think that you will be disappointed with them. They are so comfy and warm!

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Monday, January 2, 2017

Reviewing Free Country Women's Jackets

Free Country jacket
My Free Country soft shell jacket
I dread buying jackets and I am often disappointed after purchasing one. Winter jackets are too bulky or they aren't bulky but then they are not warm enough. Water-resistant jackets often feel too stiff and too much like plastic and are overly noisy when I walk. Or my favorite jackets do not remain dry in wet snow conditions. Last week, I found the solution to my jacket problems when I purchased a women's jacket by Free Country. I immediately put it to the test in severe weather. This review will explain why I have a new favorite brand of women's outerwear.

Free Country Soft Shell Women's Hooded Jacket

A week ago, I went shopping for a jacket. I needed a warm, wind-resistant, rain-resistant but light-weight jacket. I dread cold and wet weather. Not so much because of the weather. In fact, I enjoy being outside in inclement weather at many times. What I dread is finding outerwear that fits, is comfortable, and does what it claims to do. I chose a Free Country Soft Shell Hooded Jacket and immediately put it to the test.

This soft shell jacket was advertised as water resistant, wind resistant, and breathable.  It was so thin that I expected it to be not warm enough. But the "soft butterpile lining" and the wind resistant material kept me plenty warm as I went camping during severe weather that included 20F degree nights, severe wind gusts, and horizontally blowing snow crystals. I was camping in a cabin but had to walk the dogs, gathered wood, and I also planted my little Christmas tree in the inclement weather. I remained warm and dry during all of these activities.

The things I especially liked about this jacket:
  • this little jacket kept me warm and kept the wind off me. 
  • my movement was not constricted 
  • I bought slightly large so I could layer underneath as needed but the fit was still very good
  • the hood fit well (not so snug as to be binding and not so loose as to blow off) 
  • shorter cut (no sitting on the tail of my jacket)
  • multiple pockets (the pockets were large and roomy enough for a large pair of gloves)
  • the velco-adjustable cuffs of the jacket are perfect for wind-proofing your wrists - no matter how thick or thin your gloves (or wrists) are

I was surprised at how well this jacket performed. I should have purchased two of them - one for my "roughing it" activities and one for work.

Free Country Women's Anorak Rain Jacket

After I purchased the jacket I described above, I thought something seemed familiar about it.  So I checked the rain jacket that I purchased last year that I like. Briefly, this women's rain jacket is advertised as being made with a "unique coating" that is soft, durable, and lightweight. The "radiant" coating feels slightly "nylon-ish" to me and does make some of that distracting rain coat noise that I despise. But only slightly.  The interior mesh keeps me cool (which is a huge plus) and none of the material gives my hair static (an even bigger plus).

If you are looking for a lightweight rain jacket, I recommend the Free Country jackets.

About Free Country

On the Free Country site you will find that there are many different styles of jackets for a variety of weather conditions.  You'll also find a long list of stores that carry this brand. Some of these retail partners include:

  • Amazon
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • JC Penney
  • Kohls

I purchased this jacket via Kohls because I had some generous gift cards to spend. I have several wish list items that I will purchase in the near future. Whether you purchase through one of the retail partners or through Free Country's site, I think you will find what you need.

I would like to mention that if purchasing from Amazon, please comparison shop. Amazon is my favorite shopping experience and I've never had difficulty with an order. All of the coats fulfilled by Free Country were competitively priced. However, I noticed that my specific jacket advertised on Amazon, fulfilled by another merchant, was marked up considerably. Be careful to watch those prices.

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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Good Cheer, Good Vibes, Good Health, and Good Fortune
Our Wishes for Your 2017!

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