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2017 An Amazing Year to Visit Canada! Come and Celebrate

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2017 Marks the 150th Birthday of Canada!  Let's Review some of the excitement and Parties that will be happening this Year!

January marks the beginning of the New Year for everyone, but in Canada,  it marks the beginning of our 150th Birthday celebrations,  that will be happening all over the country for the whole year.  If you have never made the journey north, I would like to suggest that this year would be a good one to jump on that bandwagon.

Vancouver, Toronto, and Ottawa are calling on everyone to make this year a delight for Canadians and for all those people that will be visiting us too!  Everywhere in Canada,  you will find reasons to celebrate with us. Even the small towns will have special events happening during this upcoming year!

July 1st is our National Holiday, and you can rest assured that it will be honored in full force this year.  If you are planning to be in Canada during that time, make sure your hotel accommodations are reserved well in advance.

Places like Jasper, Alberta,  offer some of the most beautiful vistas in the world.  Pristine lakes and mountains that will take your breath away.  Bring your camera to capture some of the most beautiful places in the world right here!  Summer nights are full of the Aurora Borealis, you don't have to go to Iceland for those.

Patricia Lake, Jasper Alberta
Patricia Lake, Jasper Alberta

Ottawa is Canada's Capital City, so understandably most of the partying will be happening right here.  Our Parliament Buildings and the surrounding areas will be dressed their best just for you to enjoy.  There are so many events happening throughout the year that I have included a link for your to check it out for yourselves. You can also book flights, hotels and more through that link!  Ottawa Tourism 150th Celebrations

Toronto is Ontario's Capital city and it will also be taking part in celebrations of the 150th Birthday of Canada. Toronto Party 2017

Montreal will party as well with many historic sites celebrating our Birthday.  Montreal is not only joining the celebration of 150 years in Canada, but also 375 years of being Montreal.  Rest assured there will be lots of parties happening here.  

For your reading pleasure, there is an article from McLeans' magazine on how you can celebrate Canada's 150 Birthday all over the country. If you are interested, in coming up for a visit, this would be a great place to start your planning.  To read the article just click on this link: How You Can Celebrate Canada's 150th!

Vancouver on the West Coast is also a hub of celebrations and you know you just have to come here for a visit.  Canada's geography is so diverse all across the nation, from the East to the West, there is no place like Canada.  To check out Vancouver's' party plans click on this link:  Vancouver Celebrations for 150th !

All of Canada's National Parks will waive their daily parking fees, so that anyone who wants to visit can. If you want to come up to camp on the Grounds of the National Parks, it would be best to reserve your spot and time, so that you are not disappointed. Parks Canada Reservations

For your convenience and ease of use, I have included a guide that covers all of Canada.  You may not do this traveling all at once, but with this guide, you can decide for yourself which areas you would like to start at.  One thing is certain, once you visit Canada and see how friendly the people are, you will come back again.  We welcome with open arms all of our friends south of the border!  Come on up to Canada for a visit, you won't be disappointed!


This guide will help you travel by rail, but also offers city guides all across Canada. Hope to see you soon.

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

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  1. Congratulations to Canada! What a super celebration year! My husband and I used to often imagine a trip we wanted to take -- the trans-Canada train trip. Such beautiful vistas and such interesting places to visit. Olivia, I hope you will keep us informed throughout your country's 150th birthday year of various events taking place across Canada so those of us who probably can't be there can enjoy your celebrations virtually.

    How I would love to see the Aurora Borealis! Toronto is special to me as my grandfather was originally from there and a distant relative on the other side of my family came from Quebec. (Does that make me part-Canadian?) :) And from pictures and videos I've seen, Vancouver is one of the most beautiful areas around! You definitely deserve to be proud of your beautiful country!

    1. Thank you Miss Pat. Yes you are an honorary Canadian for sure. I will try to keep up with all the goings on over this year and post another update or two. I'm sure there will be lots to celebrate all over the country. God willing, I will be seeing the Aurora Borealis this year, or that is the plan right now....

  2. I have visited Canada a few times, although I have never had the opportunity to travel around Canada on a train. I think that would be fabulous and a wonderful way to see the beauty of the land outside of the cities. Happy Birthday Canada!

    1. Miss Mouse, that is the way I would love to go, by train from coast to coast. It's finding the time to do that kind of a trip that makes it hard to plan, you would need a few weeks (3 at least) to see just the bare minimum. There are so many glorious places to stop and admire along the way.

  3. I've never visited Canada. Sounds like this would be the perfect year to check your beautiful country off my "to see" list!

    1. Come on up Susan, it would be perfect and the American Dollar goes a lot further up here. You are welcome anytime! Just tell them I said so at the border! (just kidding, you need to check out what kind of visa you would need, I don't have any clout at all!)

  4. I've visited that square in Toronto when it was frozen over and people were skating. It was around the Holidays some years ago. I can still remember how beautiful everything was, and would like nothing better than to come back again. "Happy Birthday Canada"

    1. Ah, and we would welcome you back anytime! The skating rink is still there, my other half went skating just before Christmas. That is Toronto's City Hall and a landmark for sure. There are so many wonderful places to see in Canada, I still have a list that is as long as my arm that I need to get to! Come on up anytime, thanks for the Birthday wishes.

  5. I have always wanted to see more of Canada. This convinces me that I really, really need to plan a trip up there. So many things to see. Happy 150th!!!!

  6. Thank you Dawn Rae! Canada is a vast country and there is so much diversity from one coast to the other and to the one in the North. My mother went North to see the Polar Bears and loved every minute of the trip. Imagine packing winter clothes in June? Well after 10 days she was back to "normal summer weather". So I guess it's a doable trip! Get planning and let me know if you come to my neck of the woods!


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