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Review of Amazon Echo Dot

Echo Dot Product Details

Amazon Echo Dot

My husband received an Amazon Echo Dot for Christmas and we are having fun discovering all of the exciting features of this amazing little bit of technology.  The Echo Dot has all of the features of the larger Amazon Echo but with a smaller speaker and a smaller price.  Like the Amazon Echo, the Dot is a personal assistant that requires WiFi connection to connect to the cloud.  We found the Dot very easy to set up and we were using it in just a few minutes after we opened the package.

Fun with Alexa

The Dot answers to the name Alexa and you just say Alexa to ask questions, play games,  give commands or obtain information from the Dot. Here are some of the favorite ways we use our Dot.
  • "Alexa, Good Morning"  Our Dot is in our kitchen and each morning we go in and say Good Morning.  Alexa then gives us a bit of information for the day.  On January 20th she gave us interesting bits of information on the inauguration.  On Sunday she talked about the teams playing in the NFL playoffs.  Another day she announced that it was "National Hug Day" and encouraged us to give hugs for at least 10 seconds each.
  • "Alexa, what is the temperature?".  Alexa is always ready with the current forecast. If you want the forecast for another city, just ask and she will give that to you too.
  •  "Alexa, add milk to my shopping list. or Alexa, add clean basement to my to-do list."  Alexa keeps a running total of my shopping list and my to-do list.  When I am ready to do our grocery shopping the list is complete on my phone and I can just tick off the items as I put them in my cart.
  • "Alexa, play a song by the New Christy Ministrals".  Alexa takes requests for songs by genre, artist or a specific song.  I like to start off the morning by having her play an old Country Hymn like Amazing Grace or How Great Thou Art.
  • "Alexa, Let's Play Jeopardy"  Each day Alexa has a new set of questions based on the categories of that day's Jeopardy program.  We have fun seeing how good we do each day.
  • "Alexa, turn on the bedroom lamp"  We have purchased some special plugs for two of our lamps and all we have to do is tell Alexa when we want to turn them on or off.  There are other devises that can also be purchased to work with the Dot such as thermostats and light switches.
  • "Alexa, tell me a joke"  Alexa has a whole list of corny jokes she will tell you.
This is just a small sampling of the many things Alexa can do for you.

More Features added Weekly

Each week I get an email telling us of new features that have been added to Alexa.  We have only just begun to explore all that can be done with the wonderful Amazon Echo Dot!

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  1. Okay, I think you just figured out what my husband is getting for his Valentine's Day surprise.....this sounds like a lot of fun. It'll be right up his alley, he loves technology.

  2. What fun. My brother has had the Amazon Echo for a couple years and this Christmas they got the Echo Dot for the home office so my sister-in-law could listen to music of her choice while she is working on the computer. They LOVE Alexa for all the reasons you list here. They even use her for a timer while cooking. They 'talk' to Alexa all the time and we discovered one night when I was in the kitchen with them and asked my brother a question about Alexa that she responds to her name whether you are talking TO her or ABOUT her. Quite funny. I can't wait to get one.

  3. I swear technology is just passing me by so fast. I really want one of these, what a great review Mary Beth. Thanks!

  4. Well, now I wish I had waited to buy an Echo until the Dot was released! Since it does all of the same things and is smaller, that makes it a much better choice in my opinion. I like to listen to music and check the temperature in other cities on our "alexa". They really are nifty devices.

  5. Wow, what will they think of next??? The Echo sounds like a really fun device!

  6. well now I want one! I hadn't realized it was a smaller version of Echo - This is added to my list to get a gift for someone this year - as long as it doesn't start whispering ghostly things at night on it's own, I'll be ok with it - lol - great device to use to toss out answers when you're having discussions with people

  7. This fascinates me. I just may have to get one when I can convince myself it's necessary. Seems it might keep me from getting needed exercise turning thing on and off. The informational questions such as those about the weather forecast might be quite useful because my husband wouldn't need to ask me to look it up.

  8. Had to come back and visit this review again since my son gave me the Amazon Echo Dot for Christmas this year. I find it so convenient for all the reasons you give here, plus Alexa is just nice company when you are all alone in the house. :) Playing music is my favorite.

  9. We enjoy the Amazon Echo. My husband is blind, and the Echo is a miracle for us. For me, Alexa is a timer and a music player. Now I want the Echo Dot in my office. You convinced me!


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