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Reviewing Free Country Women's Jackets

Free Country jacket
My Free Country soft shell jacket
I dread buying jackets and I am often disappointed after purchasing one. Winter jackets are too bulky or they aren't bulky but then they are not warm enough. Water-resistant jackets often feel too stiff and too much like plastic and are overly noisy when I walk. Or my favorite jackets do not remain dry in wet snow conditions. Last week, I found the solution to my jacket problems when I purchased a women's jacket by Free Country. I immediately put it to the test in severe weather. This review will explain why I have a new favorite brand of women's outerwear.

Free Country Soft Shell Women's Hooded Jacket

A week ago, I went shopping for a jacket. I needed a warm, wind-resistant, rain-resistant but light-weight jacket. I dread cold and wet weather. Not so much because of the weather. In fact, I enjoy being outside in inclement weather at many times. What I dread is finding outerwear that fits, is comfortable, and does what it claims to do. I chose a Free Country Soft Shell Hooded Jacket and immediately put it to the test.

This soft shell jacket was advertised as water resistant, wind resistant, and breathable.  It was so thin that I expected it to be not warm enough. But the "soft butterpile lining" and the wind resistant material kept me plenty warm as I went camping during severe weather that included 20F degree nights, severe wind gusts, and horizontally blowing snow crystals. I was camping in a cabin but had to walk the dogs, gathered wood, and I also planted my little Christmas tree in the inclement weather. I remained warm and dry during all of these activities.

The things I especially liked about this jacket:
  • this little jacket kept me warm and kept the wind off me. 
  • my movement was not constricted 
  • I bought slightly large so I could layer underneath as needed but the fit was still very good
  • the hood fit well (not so snug as to be binding and not so loose as to blow off) 
  • shorter cut (no sitting on the tail of my jacket)
  • multiple pockets (the pockets were large and roomy enough for a large pair of gloves)
  • the velco-adjustable cuffs of the jacket are perfect for wind-proofing your wrists - no matter how thick or thin your gloves (or wrists) are

I was surprised at how well this jacket performed. I should have purchased two of them - one for my "roughing it" activities and one for work.

Free Country Women's Anorak Rain Jacket

After I purchased the jacket I described above, I thought something seemed familiar about it.  So I checked the rain jacket that I purchased last year that I like. Briefly, this women's rain jacket is advertised as being made with a "unique coating" that is soft, durable, and lightweight. The "radiant" coating feels slightly "nylon-ish" to me and does make some of that distracting rain coat noise that I despise. But only slightly.  The interior mesh keeps me cool (which is a huge plus) and none of the material gives my hair static (an even bigger plus).

If you are looking for a lightweight rain jacket, I recommend the Free Country jackets.

About Free Country

On the Free Country site you will find that there are many different styles of jackets for a variety of weather conditions.  You'll also find a long list of stores that carry this brand. Some of these retail partners include:

  • Amazon
  • Bass Pro Shops
  • JC Penney
  • Kohls

I purchased this jacket via Kohls because I had some generous gift cards to spend. I have several wish list items that I will purchase in the near future. Whether you purchase through one of the retail partners or through Free Country's site, I think you will find what you need.

I would like to mention that if purchasing from Amazon, please comparison shop. Amazon is my favorite shopping experience and I've never had difficulty with an order. All of the coats fulfilled by Free Country were competitively priced. However, I noticed that my specific jacket advertised on Amazon, fulfilled by another merchant, was marked up considerably. Be careful to watch those prices.

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  1. Dawn Rae, sounds like you found the perfect jacket to meet your needs. I think I will have to check out this brand name and see if it will fulfill everyone of my demands as well. Thanks for a great review, I know where to start and hopefully it will be the end of my search as well.

    1. Good luck in your search. I wore my jacket to work today and loved it even more than I did before.

  2. I'm with you, Dawn Rae, when it comes to features in a jacket. I cannot stand heavy, constricting jackets. Thanks so much for this very helpful review.

  3. This sounds like the perfect jacket Dawn! I also hate bulky coats or coats that are so long I sit on the tail. I also want to be able to comfortably drive in a jacket. I absolutely hate it when a coat restricts my ability to turn to see the traffic or pulls at the shoulders when I am turning the stirring wheel. I end up not wearing a coat when I drive, which means I can't step out of the car protected from the weather. Thank you for this great review on a much needed jacket.

    1. I wore it today to work.... a slow drive in heavy traffic... where my other coat usually drives me crazy. This jacket was perfect.

  4. Stiff, noisy, and just not warm enough. I don't like those things either when it comes to a jacket. Sounds like you've identified not only a winner for warmth but a brand name that can be depended upon. Great review!

  5. sounds just right to me - I'm in need of a new jacket, and fleece is so nice and comfortable. I'll have to keep this style type in mind.

  6. I will have to look into this. It would appear it has all the features I like and remains reasonably priced. I don't like that "raincoat" sound, either. I just bought a new jacket for warmth in my relatively warm climate, but it's not really rain resistant.


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