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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Snug Denture Cushion Reviewed

When a simple adhesive isn't enough

upper denture
Denture image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
The Snug denture cushion may be the answer to a fit that is no longer working for you. Let me review what I am now using to help you determine whether it might work for you or not.

Most people find that using a simple adhesive like Sea Bond will take care of dentures that slip. It was certainly the answer for me for several months. I really liked the simpleness of applying the wafer and it kept my denture in place all day. 

Over the course of time my gums changed enough that an adhesive just was not enough. It is a normal process for the swelling from teeth removal to go down and that will invariably change the fit of your denture. So, what does a person do?

The dentist who removed my teeth and made my denture was not willing to fix what I consider his mistake (which is a whole different story!). He would add a liner which was an additional expense that I honestly didn't feel that I should have to incur. Especially not when I have only had the denture for a little over a year. Needless to say, I won't be returning to his office for any kind of dental work. So, what is my solution?

I looked at my options and finally found a solution that is working for me. Snug denture cushion has been a wonderful product and finally my dentures fit like they should have from the beginning.

In each box there are two rectangle pieces of pliable material. You will have to trim them to fit your denture but that was not difficult to do at all. The instructions in the box are very good in explaining the process. Take your time and fit the cushion around the surface and then slip your dentures in. You will be amazed at how easy it really is!The fit, for me, is perfect!

The cushion is soft and it does not irritate my gums. There is no noticeable taste to get used to, either. Another bonus is that each night, I can remove my denture and place it in a effervescent solution to clean. I then rinse it off in the morning and I'm good to go. The cushion lasts for about two weeks which is really nice. Once the fit starts to deteriorate a little, you just peel off the used one and apply a new one.

So, if you have been struggling like I have and your dentist will not cooperate in helping you without doing a process that will cost you even more money; I recommend trying the Snug Denture Cushion.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sea Bond Adhesive Wafers Reviewed

An Alternative To Adhesive Paste

Denture image from
Let's discuss an alternative to your denture paste. Sea Bond adhesive wafers are a very nice option to help hold your dentures in place and to keep those small particles of food from getting trapped between your denture and gums. 

If you read the articles on this site regularly, you will know that last year I went through the process of getting an upper set of dentures. After the denture has been delivered there are certain products that you use on a daily basis and a good adhesive is one of them. 

In the beginning I used what my mother had always used, Polygrip. It worked just fine as far as keeping my denture in place but I really did not like dealing with the residue left on my gums when it was time to remove my denture for the night. I tried other pastes and they all seemed to leave that unpleasant rubbery residue. So, I looked at some other options and found what has been my current choice for a denture adhesive. 

These little wafers are so much easier to use! First of all at night there is no more fighting with any residue on my gums. If you have used the pastes, you know what I am talking about. It is almost the consistency of rubber cement and it is quite frankly gross. It is also difficult to remove from your gums. These Sea Bond wafers do not leave any residue on my gums and they are so easy to remove from the denture. Just peel it off and discard in the trash, rinse the denture and place in the denture bath.

How To Apply Sea Bond Adhesive Seals

When you open the package for the first time there are either 15 or 30 of the wafers in the box. The wafer is going to be too large (most probably) for your denture and mouth. Place the paper like seal on top of your denture and with a pair of scissors cut it to fit your denture. I use that first one as a template and go ahead and cut the others to the same size. It takes a few minutes but saves time the next morning when I am ready to apply a fresh one. 

After cutting a wafer to size, lay it on top of your denture and gently mist it (I use a spray bottle) while holding it in place with your finger and thumb. Once it is damp, press it gently to adhere to the denture. The "v" cut at the front will probably overlap a bit and that is just fine. Now, place it in your mouth and hold your teeth clamped for 5 or 10 seconds. Voila! You are good for the rest of the day! Another advantage to these adhesive wafers is that there is no oozing of paste into your mouth. 

I am so glad that I tried these adhesive wafers by Sea Bond and I doubt that I will ever go back to using a paste. These thin little seals do a fantastic job and do not leave that nasty rubbery stuff on my gums. If you happen to be a denture wearer like me, I can highly recommend switching to a wafer instead of the paste.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Reviewing Fresh n Brite For Dentures

Toothpaste For Dentures

Image from:
In the last several weeks, I have done a series of reviews for products to use when you wear dentures. Today, we will discuss the toothpaste that I use on my new dentures. 

Dentures or false teeth are made of an acrylic material that can scratch easily. Using a standard toothpaste that you would use on real teeth is not recommended because it is too abrasive. Standard toothpaste can scratch the denture and then within those scratches stains may begin to set and will be difficult to remove. The scratches could also become a breeding ground for bacteria, too.

There are products made specifically to use with dentures for brushing. I chose to use Fresh 'n Brite when brushing my new removable denture. It is made for cleaning your false teeth with no abrasive materials in it. The paste has two layers to it. One for freshness and the other for brightness.

It is recommended that you use this toothpaste at least two times per day; once in the morning and once at night. You can also choose to use the paste after every meal. It is pretty simple to use. Just rinse your denture with warm water, apply the paste to your denture brush and clean the inside and outside thoroughly. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and you are good to go.

I use this paste in conjunction with using an effervescent cleaner  for my dental hygiene routine each day. I use the fizzing tablet at night before I go to bed to clean away any stains and the bacteria that might have started growing in the course of the day. After meals, I use the Fresh 'n Brite paste to clean my denture to remove any trapped food from my meal.

One does not have to use both products. You can opt to use just the denture paste or just the effervescent cleanser. I prefer using both products for fresh breath and shining white teeth. I waited quite a while to get my smile back and I want it to remain nice for a long time. 

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Reviewing Brush Buddies Denture Brush

Better Than A Regular Toothbrush For Dentures

When you have a denture or partial denture you really need a denture brush to properly clean them. Sure, you could use a regular or standard toothbrush but it will not perform as well as one specifically made to brush your dentures.

In the last few weeks, I have been discussing the products to use when you find that you are now one of the 31.5 million denture wearers in the U.S. Today, we will discuss the proper brush to use. A denture brush is made a little differently and really does work the best for cleaning. Even if you decide you are not going to use toothpaste for dentures, you still need a denture brush. After soaking your denture in an effervescent solution, you should brush your denture to make sure that you get any particles of food out of crevices and to make sure any stains are completely off.

I chose the Brush Buddies dental brush to use for my new teeth. 

Notice that there are two heads on the brush. The larger one is good for overall brushing and the small round head works well for the hard to reach areas that fit next to your gums. I, also, use the small round head to go around the teeth to make sure there are no left over particles of food stuck around them.

The denture brush by Brush Buddies has a nice grip that molds to your fingers and hand to make brushing comfortable. I am pleased with the choice I made and I think you will like this brush, too.

I use my denture brush two different ways. After I have soaked them, I go over my denture with the brush. I also use a toothpaste made for dentures a couple of times per day using the brush for dentures to make sure everything is clean. You do not have to use both but I just want to make sure my dentures are clean and that my breath is fresh. Either way, you do need a good brush to assist in your dental hygiene.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Reviewing Polident Denture Cleanser

Effervescent Cleanser For Dentures 

Public Domain Image From Wikimedia Commons
If you are new to denture wear, as I am; you may be wondering about the need to use an effervescent cleanser for your new teeth. Today, I will review my choice for a cleanser and give you the reasons why I chose this particular brand. 

First of all, the cleanser that you use on your dentures needs to be non-abrasive. Regular toothpaste would be too harsh and scratch your denture and would not necessarily clean them as well as you would hope. 

Using an effervescent cleanser once per day will clean your denture of any odor causing bacteria and remove any stains from foods or liquids that you might have consumed during the day.  

Since there is more than one brand on the market, which one should you choose? It all boils down to preference, I guess. I chose to use Polident because I was familiar with it. My Mom used this brand for as long as I can remember. She wore dentures for 40 or more years before she passed several years ago. I figured, why try to re-invent the wheel when I knew Mom had much success with this brand. 

I chose the 3 minute tablet due to it's quick results. The box says that for better stain removal that you can leave your denture in for 5 minutes or longer. I do leave mine in the fizzing solution for 5 minutes each night. Dentures are porous so it is important to make sure the solution has time to remove the stains. My main concern for staining is the coffee I drink during any given day. So, far the Polident is keeping my nice new teeth pretty and white.

I, also, really liked getting a box with 96 tablets in it because that is going to last me for a little over 3 months. There are two other strengths of cleanser by Polident; one is an overnight solution and the other is made for smokers. I like that people have options from the same brand.

For me, the choice seemed simple. I chose to use the brand that I knew worked well because I saw it in action for over 4 decades. You should also know that I use a special toothpaste for dentures after meals and a special toothbrush specifically designed for dentures. In the near future, I will review your options for those products.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Reviewing A Denture Bath

A Must Have: Denture Case

Over the course of the last couple of months I have been going through the process of getting a denture to replace my upper teeth. As I did my research for the supplies that I would need once I had my denture it became apparent that a denture bath or case was an important item to possess. I looked at the different options both in the local stores and online. My selection was a Denture Bath with a basket.

The denture case had features that I felt were important and after having received a case from my dentist, I am so glad that I purchased the one that I did. I noticed that the denture bath is referred to as the European style which at first did not mean much to me. As I looked at the options, I decided that I liked that it was deeper than the other styles and that it is curved in on two sides with leaves plenty of room for the denture and water.

 I also liked that it has a removable basket! That may seem silly but now that I am using it, I am so very glad that I have it. The other styles of cases or baths would require either sticking your fingers into the cleaning solution to remove your denture or pouring the solution over your hand as you turn it upside down to get the denture out. That just seems kind of gross to me! After having soaked your denture in a cleaning bath that solution has all of the icky stuff from your mouth in it. I know, it came from my own mouth but it just seems yucky. With the denture bath that I purchased, I can just lift the basket out and rinse my denture and then place it into my mouth. I really like that!

The lid to this bath or case is not hinged and I believe that is a better design. The reviews that I read on the other styles of cases all complained about the hinges breaking after a couple of days. My husband said that he thought it would be better for travel to have the hinges. I disagreed with him. About the only reason that you would need the lid to stay on during travel is if you were going to carry liquid inside of it. I don't plan to travel with my denture in its case, it will be in my mouth. So, a hinged case is not necessary.

I am really happy with my choice of a denture bath. As I am adjusting to having a denture, I am finding that I use the bath several times a day. At night, after brushing my denture I place it in the bath with an effervescent tablet that kills bacteria that may have started to grow during the day. Once the tablet has worked for 5 minutes, I rinse off my denture and place it back into the bath in clear water to sit over night. During the day I brush my denture after meals and place the denture in the bath as I brush my real teeth on the lower part of my mouth. It is important to keep the denture wet and not let it dry out when it is not in your mouth.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Do you know how to keep your Gal happy?

jewelry pieces
All the girls I know love bling!  Moms, Grandmas, Sisters, Nieces and any other Gal in your life will love a special piece of jewelry given for a special occasion.

You know all the pretty shiny things that catch a girl's eye and keep them fixated on that sparkle until it is theirs. There is only one problem with aforementioned fixation, and that is, in a few weeks the sparkle on that gal's bling, is starting to wear off.

Now most of the fellows I know can't just keep on buying bling, week after week, just because the original is not quite as sparkly as it was just coming from the jewelers. So what's a guy supposed to do. You want your gal as happy as the day she got that piece of jewelry, but you can't afford to re-buy it just to keep her smiling....
a collection of rings

Enter to the rescue, a handy dandy, not so fancy Ultrasonic Cleaner! It may not be fancy, but it certainly has a place in almost everyone's life. If you don't have one yet, I would strongly suggest getting one. You will be amazed at what this little machine can do for you and those you love. It will help to keep all your gal's fine jewelry sparkling clean and shiny. The stones will look like they did on the first night you gave them to her. The rings and earrings, necklaces and bracelets, will all sparkle like they did in the jeweler's showroom. Her eyes will need sunglasses to admire the shine and sparkle that is now on her cute little hands and around her wrists and neck.

But WAIT just a minute! The Ultrasonic Cleaner isn't just for her jewels. It can be used by many members of a household. It is great for cleaning toothbrushes, combs, eyeglasses, small parts for hobbies. It can clean anything that you can submerge in water, and only takes 10-20 minutes to get the object clean and germ free. Grandma and Grandpa could each use one for their dentures. Added to the nightstand, they can put their teeth in the container and in the morning, their dentures are clean, fresh and sanitized using utrasonic sound waves to power out the most stubborn of stains. No chemicals are needed to have this machine do it's work! You will be amazed, I'm sure.

These little units are very affordable, and look really neat and tidy in anyone's powder room, or on a nightstand. My daughter and Daughter in Law will both be receiving one of these units, for their Christmas gift. They may not appreciate it right away, but I know that both of them will be smiling when their beautiful rings are sparkling and shiny as the day they got them. It is so much easier than using an old toothbrush to try and get between the claws that are holding all those beautiful stones in place. I already know that they will call me afterwards and tell me that they always meant to buy one of these for themselves, but never got around to it!

Well isn't that what a great mom or MIL does? She makes sure that her daughter and DIL have great things that they never seem to buy for themselves.......I'm sure to score a touchdown with this gift.

Note: The author may receive a commission from purchases made using links found in this article. “As an Amazon Associate, Ebay (EPN) and/or Esty (Awin) Affiliate, I (we) earn from qualifying purchases.”

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