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Reviewing A Denture Bath

A Must Have: Denture Case

Over the course of the last couple of months I have been going through the process of getting a denture to replace my upper teeth. As I did my research for the supplies that I would need once I had my denture it became apparent that a denture bath or case was an important item to possess. I looked at the different options both in the local stores and online. My selection was a Denture Bath with a basket.

The denture case had features that I felt were important and after having received a case from my dentist, I am so glad that I purchased the one that I did. I noticed that the denture bath is referred to as the European style which at first did not mean much to me. As I looked at the options, I decided that I liked that it was deeper than the other styles and that it is curved in on two sides with leaves plenty of room for the denture and water.

 I also liked that it has a removable basket! That may seem silly but now that I am using it, I am so very glad that I have it. The other styles of cases or baths would require either sticking your fingers into the cleaning solution to remove your denture or pouring the solution over your hand as you turn it upside down to get the denture out. That just seems kind of gross to me! After having soaked your denture in a cleaning bath that solution has all of the icky stuff from your mouth in it. I know, it came from my own mouth but it just seems yucky. With the denture bath that I purchased, I can just lift the basket out and rinse my denture and then place it into my mouth. I really like that!

The lid to this bath or case is not hinged and I believe that is a better design. The reviews that I read on the other styles of cases all complained about the hinges breaking after a couple of days. My husband said that he thought it would be better for travel to have the hinges. I disagreed with him. About the only reason that you would need the lid to stay on during travel is if you were going to carry liquid inside of it. I don't plan to travel with my denture in its case, it will be in my mouth. So, a hinged case is not necessary.

I am really happy with my choice of a denture bath. As I am adjusting to having a denture, I am finding that I use the bath several times a day. At night, after brushing my denture I place it in the bath with an effervescent tablet that kills bacteria that may have started to grow during the day. Once the tablet has worked for 5 minutes, I rinse off my denture and place it back into the bath in clear water to sit over night. During the day I brush my denture after meals and place the denture in the bath as I brush my real teeth on the lower part of my mouth. It is important to keep the denture wet and not let it dry out when it is not in your mouth.

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  1. Good information for future reference, Beverly. Thanks for your research and recommendation.

  2. Oh the things I know nothing about....glad to have this information should I ever need it. Good luck with your new teeth. I know they will make a big difference.

  3. What a great review! Most of us simply take what the dentist hands us and use it, never really exploring what other options are available, or what might be better. Having the basket to lift out your dentures would be a lot better than just dumping them out into your hand. About the hinge, I would worry that they would rust or deteriorate since they would be exposed to liquids. Rubber bands are great for the occasional need to keep that lid on.

  4. Hopefully I'll never need this information, but if I ever do need dentures or a partial plate it's good to have a first-hand opinion of which denture bath or case is best. Your conclusions make a lot of sense. I actually like the look of the case, too.

  5. Definitely good information for future reference. I would have never thought there was such a thing with a lift-out basket. That would definitely be my choice too.

  6. I'll keep this in mind for future reference. Fortunately, we don't have any dentures in our family yet.


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