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Arm & Hammer Ultra Max Antiperspirant Deodorant Review

Arm & Hammer
Why would I consider writing a review of a little thing like an antiperspirant? Because I found one that works great and I hadn't realized just how great until today.  Arm & Hammer Ultra Max solid antiperspirant deodorant does everything I want it to. And doesn't cause the problems I don't want happening under my arms.

Sweat in General

I am not a sweat expert. But after doing some research in an attempt to determine why Arm & Hammer Ultra Max works so well for me, I have found the following information:

  • sweat alone does not smell bad - it is the bacteria that joins it
  • deodorant and antiperspirant are two different things. deodorant is meant to mask or neutralize the odor and antiperspirant is meant to stop the sweat
  • menopause and pre-menopause can cause hot flashes and sweating
  • health issues such as smoking and being overweight are found to increases the severity of heat flashes (and sweating)

My Sweat Experience

I've always been the type that sweats a lot.  I like to sweat when I'm working out or doing physical labor. It makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something. And so refreshing to take a shower afterwards.  But the older I get, the more I sweat.  Even when I'm doing very little.  I imagine that is about my increasing age and weight.

I respond with keeping an antiperspirant or deodorant with me at home and at work.  I typically bought what was on sale. My only thought was to try to avoid many of the over-powering scents. Recently, I noted that I had - for the first time in my life - developed arm pit stains on my clothes! I was mortified and sad. I assumed it was just about my age. I accepted it as the new normal for me. 

The big news is that after switching to Arm & Hammer Ultra Max, the sweat stains are gone! The shirts that I had put aside, expecting to have to treat them again, were not stained. In addition to already having noticed that it seemed to work better at helping me feel drier and fresher, I have less work to do with my laundry.

Antiperspirants and Aluminum

Apparently, antiperspirants are considered to be more along the lines of a "drug" in that they change what your body does. Deodorants are considered to be along the lines of a cosmetic in that they just mask or neutralize the smell. With antiperspirants, aluminum is the active ingredient that helps stop the pores from sweating.  

Active ingredient - Aluminum 

In relation to stains, it is thought that the sweat mixed with aluminum is what causes the stains.  I am not sure if I fully believe that since I am familiar with folks whose sweat stains bed sheets. And I'm quite sure they aren't using antiperspirant on their entire body. But I am aware that whatever brand I grabbed from the shelf last time is what caused noticeable stains.

While Arm & Hammer Ultra Max contains aluminum I have no stains since starting to use this product. I guess I should according to reports on the internet. But I do not.  And all other factors are likely the same: same shirts, the heat of the summer continues, same diet, and etc. In fact, it has been very hot over this past week or two. All that has changed is the antiperspirant brand I am using.

What a great feeling to not have to spend extra time on my laundry today because I've found something that works well for me. That excitement is what caused me to consider sharing my good armpit news with you.

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  1. Good information to know, my other half seems to stain his shirts especially under the arms. I will try and look for this for him...thanks for the review.

    1. The theory is that this will still cause stains ..because it has aluminum. However, it doesn't for me. Let me know if you try it and whether or not it helps.

  2. Glad you found an antiperspirant that you like. There are so many choices and I've discovered that even within the same brand, some work and some don't. Glad you don't have to deal with the stains anymore!

    1. I had really given up...and like I said, just grabbed what was on sale. It is good to find one I like.

  3. I have been using Arm & Hammer Antiperspirant for years now. The main reason I started using it was because it did not stain my shirts. Now I know why, Thanks for a great review!!

    1. Oh thank goodness! I'm glad to know someone else has experienced it. It was such a profound difference (from the prior one to this one) that I wondered a bit if I was imagining. Thank you for your comment. The validation is good.

  4. I've used Arm & Hammer brands for several years (toothpaste my favorite)and have always been satisfied with their products. So it is not surprising to learn that their antiperspirant is just as good. I will definitely be trying it out. Thanks for the review, Dawn Rae.

    1. I love using Arm & Hammer baking soda for a variety of things... cleaning, bee stings, room deodorizers...but never thought to use their other products. I will surely try other things (including their toothpaste).

  5. Arm & Hammer to the rescue again! I have several things I use the Arm & Hammer baking soda for, so I can easily imagine they would have a great antiperspirant too. Like you, I can't tolerate the strong scents or perfumes in a lot of products. This sounds like the perfect solution and I love the fact that it will not stain clothes! That is a huge plus!!!

    1. This has some scent. And I was a bit concerned because I'm sensitive to scents too. The last deodorant I grabbed nearly knocked me over...between the scent and the stains. This is a powder scent, and I can smell it, but it's not strong enough to bother me. I love baking soda..but never thought to try the other products.

  6. You posted this at just the right time. I'm about out of my current deodorant brand and I was about to buy more. Now I'll try Arm & Hammer. Thanks for the review.

  7. You posted this at just the right time. I'm about out of my current deodorant brand and I was about to buy more. Now I'll try Arm & Hammer. Thanks for the review.


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